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One of y’all asked about the potential for seeing the Cadillac-Gage LAV 3 on the roads and byways of ‘Murica.  I’d say it’s a waste of time going over it (no offense) as it’s primarily a Marine toy, and the DotMil ain’t got many of them at all.  But it -did- get the thinking meat cogitating, and I realized there -is- something that fer suuuure is gonna be out in force when the Times of Spicy kick.That’s the Lenco BearCat SWAT Truck.

Good News/Bad News

It all depends on yer perspective.  Quick aside, DeadDad got a call from a buddy of his nicknamed ‘Phantom’ back when I was a kid at like 0200.  VERY unusual to get a call on ye olde landline at that hour, we’re talking mid 70’s, 77 or 78… when the gas crunch was in full swing… I’ll never forget it though:

Phantom: “Hey, I got good news, and I got bad news.”

DeadDad: “Ok……”

Phantom: “Bad news, the Martians have landed in California.”


Phantom: “The good news is they’re eating niggers, pissing hi-test, and headed east.”

Yeah, DeadDad had some real characters for buddies.  But that joke always stuck with me, but hey, 10 years old and my first ray-sist joke?  Of course I remembered it.  Anywho.  The BearCat is the #1 selling SWAT Truck out there apparently.  Starts at $2000K and goes up in price from there.  Used world wide.  And nation wide as well.  ALL the bigger cities got ’em apparently.  They got the big time publicity under the specious Boston Marathon Bombing.

Now, that’s the bad news.  The good news?  It’s based on a Ford F650 truck, suspension and powertrain.  Uses a 6.7 liter diesel engine, and tips the scales at around 17,000 pounds.  Considering the Base F650 comes in at around 8,000 pounds, that means they loaded an additional 9000 pounds of bullshit and armor.Now the good news?The armor at max, currently is 1.5 inches rated to NIJ IV+ Which means it’ll stop a .50 BMGA -regular- .50 BMG.  If you remember your lessons, the .50 has Armor Piercing, and SLAP rounds that’ll cut through that like nothing, never mind EFPs or explosive force penetrators.  Those were used in Iraq to great affect, as seen here:

That’s the right side door of a heavily uparmored M1114.

Kuwait, 2006

They had to hose the LT out of the passenger seat.

That’s -at least- 3 inches of armor

Punched through like a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Using nothing more than some RDX and a copper or steel plate

Not so much.
So, wiki that shit… might be useful to know.  Mainly since I think the majority of shit that’s going to initially go down, knowing about what’s in your local A.O. is going to part and parcel of the intel that you need to start gathering now.  Thankfully, so far Florida, for all it’s fuckedupedness, seems to be leaning towards the side of Angels.  For now that is.  Shit changes just like the wind, so don’t get comfy nor cocky about your area.
Best to know early -where- they park those beasts

Are they under guard?

Just how secure is the location they’re stored in?

Fenced? Patrolled? Dogs? Cameras? Thermals? Night Vision?

Plan ahead.

Recon is a good thing.  

And a can of homemade thermite on the hood is better

Jes’ sayin’

Best to incapacitate before the shitfestivus starts, better for you, better for them.Less death that way.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. Terracotta planting pots for thermite. Rather than the can melting and it sort of smearing over the hood, the pot will hold out long enough to get a nice stream the size of the hole in the bottom of the pot to bore a nice clean hole right through the middle of whatever. Found worldwide in convenient sizes for less cash than you have in your ashtray.

    Put it on the hood, and you take out the engine. Put it on the trunk lid of a squad car, and you get a show.

      1. Aluminum 320 mesh and iron oxide (rust). Both can be scrounged and processed. Fuel and oxidizer. You can google the percentages. Won’t start with a match. Will start with a 4th of July sparkler or some magnesium shavings.

  2. IIRC, some of those machines have very, very exposed air lines for the air brakes. Be a shame if someone crawled under them while waiting at a stoplight, or parked somewhere.

    1. There are tons of lines running in the wheel wells. In Basrah 2006, the Triple Canopy Bearcat took a mag of AK rounds in the driver’s windshield before the driver turned Mohammed into a speed bump. So don’t try that.

  3. Thermite oxydizer=rust. A small fish tank filled with water and (salt solution?). Run 9/15 volts through it. Hot wire one end and iron rod like railroad spike on the other end for ground. Periodically remove spike and scrape rust off it. Air/ blow dry the rust in the amount you want and mix with filings of aluminum and magnesium. Ignite with road flare or such. Test mixture for effectiveness. Works great for repairing cracked blocks, anchors, I beams, cat frames, railroad tracks, anvils, gym weights, ship screw shafts, etc.

  4. A new format! That was the good ol’ days 1977-78 in the former USA back when teevee was actually good like In Search Of.
    Pappy had a 6×6 truck from the Army during a once in 100 years blizzard at that time and we got people out of snow drifts and some even came off a couple bucks!
    Now the diversity has improvementated the area, diversity is our umm readiness or some horseshit. Bwahaha!
    The collapse of the Kwan is going to be EPIC.

  5. THE US MILITARY has been raising VELORAFTERS in underground labs,YOU KNOW, big chickens,they hunt in packs,eat anything.and I heard they even taste like chicken,it just takes a good gun to kill one…And there maybe four or five of them,enough to feed the whole team..They say these birds can smell a child a mile away,and will eat them in a minute…NOW something to look for,..8ft,X8ft.X8ft. cargo containers,custom made to stash weapons in one,and ammo in the other,always in pairs,painted in camo or desert tan..found in walmarts,truck stops,police stations,gas stations,just about anywhere..LOTS of fun toys in them…TAKE notice when you see them,where their at,then later…

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