Been a LONG time since I Rock N Rolled….Originally was supposed to be posted in 9/12

Never Got to post this… this’s an old one.. Update to follow

What. The. Fuck, over.

It’s now been a Year since I returned home… Iraq is a lifetime away… 

I still can’t believe I >made< it so to speak.  Hell, It’s been almost 3 years since I last hit the blogosphere, but then again, that was 5 computers ago and a metric fuckton of lost data, braincells and the rest, never mind the rest of ‘missing shit’ that I can speak of.

Well now, those of you who were following me, (and a damned sight small number of folks that there was admittedly) but I owe it to y’all to answer:  “Just what the FUCK happened to you Big Country?”

Well, rumors of my demise are highly overstated.  Albeit it was a fucking close one, (closer than most ever want to experience… more on this in a few)  but I’m still on the ‘right side of the dirt’ to use an old SF line and hell, I’m actually tickled to be back on the line writing again.  (Bout fuckin time is what my brain is saying… it’s been FAR too long since I been doin the do so to speak.)

Well, to sum up the past 3 years.

Iraq:  Survived that bitch physically, but psychologically?  The jury is out but my shrink said I’m good to go.

Home:  Still with Household Six and the kinder, despite the MAJOR drama of me coming home.

Health:  Well, lets see, a bit more complicated there. 
    1)    Necrotic Pneumonia, that was caused by:
    2)    A Previously Undiscovered ‘flavor’ of a Staph-Lung Infection:  Beat it (with 45 minutes to spare LITERALLY
    3)   Lung Cancer:  As of now,8 months after radical surgery and loss of 1/2 of my lower left lung, well, I’m >theoretically< cancer free.  Shy HALF A FUCKIN AIRBAG, but alive LOL!

Finances:  Fucking stone cold ass broke.  Cancer treatments ate the fuck out of whatever I had that had me ‘ahead.’  Fuck it… it’s only money, and hell, as long as I got a gun, and there’s banks, I’m OK… (Note to Feds:  just kidding!!!)  Hell, ain’t no different than ALL the rest of the ‘former middle class’…..

One THAT note, sociologically speaking, 7 years out of country… fuck…  This ain’t yer fathers Oldsmobile, never mind his Goddamned U.S. of A.  Sure as FUCK ain’t da same place that I left….God Help Us All is all I can say.

Also, just as a F.Y.I:  I AM working on a book… Yeah… a Summation of the time I was in Iraq, because realistically, I was there from the beginning, all the way up to the end, with a few breaks in between, but overall, I had

2,149 Days In Baghdad.

To put that in perspective, for the United States, World War Two Lasted about 1340 days….

Long fucking time eh?

Well, Thats it for now, I done run outta steam, so until I get hit again with the latest and greatest, I remain, now and forever more, the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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