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Early Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Haven’t been near the computer all day.  Actually sort of refreshing seeings that everyone is in “De-Nile” and it just ain’t a river in Egypt anymore…

Yeah.  They be fucking up by the numbers so I avoided the news today, if only to insure ye olde bloode pressure don’t go supercritical.  Not that I didn’t have some fun shit to do today tho… Seems the Ole Lady’s BFF was in town with her band.  The bands name is “The Broadcast”

Her and the Lead singer Caitlyn have been besties for about 20 years… they met when the Ole Lady did hair n’makeup for a Rolling Stone spread a few back…  Cait is fucking like a reborn Janis Joplin with her voice… OMFG she’s unreal… Not many white chicks can ‘do’ Aretha Franklin but she nails it… whats really funny is she was born, no shit in Motown in Detroit…  she’s got the chops fer sure…

So her and the band were in town, over in Clearwater for the Sea-Blues Festival… they were the opening act this afternoon, so we went over and Cait told us to tell the gate guard “We’re with the band.”

Shades of the Blues Brothers…

So, we go up, and kinda push our way in until we find -someone- in charge… Initially they were all like “Why didn’t you show earlier with them (the band arrived before us)?”  “We got caught in traffic DUUUH!”
So we get whisked over to the Main Head-Shed and get issued our “All Access Artist” backstage passes… no checking w/the band, no checking with anyone… Oh?  Yer with the band?  Great!  Here’s your backstage all access free food and all you can drink (booze) passes!

Are you fucking shittin’ me?
At 11 am.
Oh hellz to the fuck to the BOO-YEAH BIIIITCHES!
Best. Sunday. Breakfast. EVER.
Not only that, only -one- joker asked who the fuck I was, to which I replied “Personal Bodyguard to Caitlyn…now just who the fuck are you?”

 We got there waaaay early, in time for the sound check, and got our seats in the VIP section.  This was -after- noshing on the free brunch… I must have eaten about a pound of bacon n sausages (a porks a day keeps the Muj away!) and a fuckton of other shit before settling into our couch…

Yeah… a fucking couch… with big comfy cushions… under a tent… in the front row area…

Yeah… that was how close to the stage we were… I coulda slung my dick onstage from there… in the shade, waiters bringing the Ole Lady Mimosas and me beers… a fell day had by all… Sweetness to say the Least.

Now, BTW: Gotta tell ya, they got a new album dropping in May… Get it and all their others… they do damned good for a North Carolina Band…

So, for tonight, I got this so far… I’m not bothering with the 20:30 checkup as it’s not going to change… I got better odds on a Leopard turning into Zebra stripes than this fuck-all numbers Joe Chink is Producing these days:  Besides… I gotta go get some more drinks… not wasting this party-day eh?
As of February 23, 2020 @ 19:15 hours
Infected: 78989
Dead/KIA’d: 2469

ONLY 359 MORE infected and ONLY 9 More dead?

On what fuckin planet?  Planet Bullshit?  Probably.
OK I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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