Billionaires in Space and Rifle For Sale

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Suppose I’m a bit of a pessimist.  The ‘new’ cat, Nook woke me up by sitting on my face at around 0700.  Nuthin’ like a nasty cat butt to get one to wake up on the double Aye.  She means well, and is getting along with the original animals.  Stella the Sausage Princess and Bob-the-Cat at first were -very eager- to welcome the new cat, but it took a while to get them all on the same sheet of music….
Anywho, started hitting the intahrwebz early.

Found that “Blue Origin” was launching.
Billionaires in Space.
Tuned in with the hopes (I know, ghoulish) that I’d be ‘breaking news’ here of them becoming a hole in the ground.  Wasn’t hoping they’d crash.  Just hoping to be live-on-the-scene IF something went sideways.
Well, guess they done did it right.

10 minutes, 24 seconds.
Pretty cool.
Art Sido the other day did a writeup on this.  His poast is HERE:
And his writeup is –good– 
Dead on the money IMO.  Growing up, having been born a few months after moonshot numero uno, and then, as I grew up in that time of ‘we went to the moon’, it was inherently understood that there was a damned good chance that I’d have a shot at visiting the moon in my lifetime.

Aye… aboot that…
Any wonder that Generation X was the first Gen to say “Go to hell… we no longer believe –anything- you tell us?”  Literally promised the Moon and the Stars.  Work hard, get the degree(s), the trophy wife, yadda yadda.  Heaping pile o’shytte that eh wot.  I remember vividly one of my favorite books was a guidebook, for kids about visiting a space colony on the moon.  I was what? 7?

Then I remember watching the Columbia go all ‘bottle rockkity’ live, while in High School.  There were literally hundreds of TVs alllllllll over the school ‘cos it was New Hampshire, and the ‘teacher-in-space now scattered to the four winds’ was from New Hampshire, so we got to see it live.  Be honest with y’all… it blew and went it did, I started giggling… thought it was the funniest, most absurd thing I’d seen up to that point.  The Guidance Councilors sent me home because they thought I was ‘traumatized’…  Ha!

Notsomuch… it was an early manifestation of a really -sick- sense of humor.  I lern’t early on that whoever was running this galactic shytteshow has one hell of a sense of humor… so all I could and can still do is laugh my ass off in the face of death.  I also knew it was the final nail in the coffin of Space Travel in MY lifetime, leastways for common dirt-folks like meselves.

Now, if’n yer connected or a Billllllllyunaire? 
No problem… seems 3 mil will buy you a ticket on this thing.  Which also brings me to the -other- side of the coin… ten minutes, 24 seconds in total for what appears to be a hyper-glorified carnival ride. 
Literally 624 seconds of a thrill-ride.
At 2.8 MILLION dollars, that’s a $4,487.17 a second ride.
Bit much for that IMO.

Which also means, seeings we are talking about Bezos here, I fully expect that going onto the Zon in the next day or two will be the “Buy a Ride on Blue Origin” with Prime Members getting free airfare to the launch site.  Any bets?
Also:  An EDIT: 
Something that Art made me think of:
Growing up, an “Astronaut” was a big fat hairy fucking deal

Now?  The baseline is going to be the ‘cheapening’ of the term “Astronaut”… Neil and Buzz? Those guys worked their asses off to go, and now? A fucking Russian Mobster could literally slam cash-on-the-barrelhead for him and his whore, and then both get the honorific “Astronaut”… fucking pile o’shit there Aye?

Closest I’m getting to the Moon is reading that to GranBebe in a Christopher Walken voice (which I do, and she loves)
So, back to more ‘earthly’ problems.I need to sell a rifle in the next two days.The HOA, well, apparently I fell behind on the fees without realizing it, and yes, I know I done fucked up.  I’m selling the AR-10.
Damn it.Any takers, Email me at rakkasan101st@protonmail.comPrice for the Rifle, no optic is $1400.00. With optic, well we can discuss which one.  I have 2 to choose from.  One is a 6x25x56 MONSTER ADE tube with mounts ORThe Dragunov scope I profiled.

Total, with scope, $1600 including shipping to your FFL in a hard case.TBH: I really don’t want to give this up.But, fuck me and my dumb memory issues.  6 TBIs’ll do that to you.  Too many things and bills and whatnot.  My own damned fault.  
Specs on the rifle is a stainless 20′, with the Space Shuttle Gunner Palmetto lower, with a single stage AAO AR-T trigger.  I had to put a bit of locktite on the trigger pin to get it to stick, as it didn’t want to stay put.  Anywhoo, I need to get this by Friday, or they’re gonna add MOR shit $$$ wise onto me.

Email me.  Lets talk.
Yeah, the blood sucking lawyers got involved.  I owed $300 (two payments) in fees, and they tacked on an additional $900 to the blood-sucking fucktards… and don’t get me started on who the lawyers are… lets just say:

Goddamn it.
One top of that as well, I had a trip planned courtesy a FANTASTIC reader here who was going to fly Wifey and Me out to his place… I was going to do a Blog aboot it while there as it was going to shape up to be a very good time, and a LOT of gun-fun, BUT:

His Significant Other got the COVID. Like -for really reelz-

Prayers Up and Out if you would for her. I’m bummed about the shit going sideways of course, but fuck me, all I hope for is a fast and speedy recovery as she’s already been through the grinder a couple of times already. She literally don’t need this shytte, nor Our Bro.

I can not WAIT for this fucking month to be over.
So, let me know.More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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