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Had a minor interruption today when I got home to start my daily for y’all.  We spent the early afternoon up at that Antique Mall that Wifey scored her Vanity from… pretty cool place, and large enough that there’s always -something- interesting to look at.

Thankfully I’m sort of broke right now.  I have some $$$ but my ATM card got compromised and the account is locked for now, so no extra $$$ except what I have on hand.  Thankfully a kind reader recently sent me some shekels to the PayPal, and THAT account is separate and it’s card is still fully functional.  Can’t thank y’all enough who help me oot financially occasionally.  It really helps, and you have my undying gratitude.

So, being gone for the day, Mister Bob-The-Cat apparently hasn’t had enough attention.  I get to the ‘puter, and as soon as I start checking the Gab and whatnots, up hops Bob onto the keyboard.

As y’all can see, Bob’s doing very well here in Ye Olde Casa.  He’s getting to be quite the hefty lil furball.  Who thinks every keyboard and computer in the Haus is his own private domain for scratchin’ and rubbinz.  I ended up throwing on a YouTube vidya…Which was insane by my standards
Matt from Demolition Ranch is known for his dangerous gun antics.  Today’s was interesting as hell

I won’t go into it in depth too much, but man… I was -really surprised- at some of the outcomes.His vidyas are pretty cool, I just want to know where does he get the $$$ to do a lot of these?  Massive destruction tests, crazy ammo expenditure… must be nice to be that hooked up.

So ‘other tidbits’ right now is word of some poor girl named Lucia Bremer who got offed in Virginia… an Eighth Grader, which means she was probably about 13-14.  

No word on the suspect per se… just that he was ‘underage’…I’ma gonna go out on a limb and say mor’n likely a male with a distinctly heavily-melinated skin tone?  I may be wrong, but I’ve heard that some poasters on Gab from the area said it was a ‘gang related initiation.’

Fuckin’ savages Aye.

THIS is what we get.  Connor Hinant (‘member him?)  And this guy, Mohammed Anwar… UberEats driver KIA’d by two female Dindus, both under the age of 16.  In my world, they’d get what Stalin called “The Noodle”.. a low caliber pistol round behind the ear… as well as their immediate Mom and, if they can find them, “fathers”… I mean literally, there is no question what they did… They livestreamed it.  

The Washington D.C. Mayor, of course, with grace and aplomb, stepped right up with a tweet:

Nah, no she didn’t
She tweeted some retarded thing about #protectyourauto or some shytte. 

 Hey Mayor Fucktard, howsabout #diversityiskillingus and #gobacktoafricayousavages?

Fuckin’ Dindus…

I got no problem as I’ve stated numerous times with people.

Act like people, get treated like people

Act shady, do shady shit, behave like an untrained fuckin’ rabid animal, and that’s how you deserve to be treated.  Right now, as I see it, Whypeepo are having a fucking Pogrom initiated at us, by dint of the Ministry of Propaganda, who’re gonna memory-hole poor Lucia’s story the very second that it comes out that the perp was named D’Wanlichious or some shytte like that.  Now if she was (((Jewish))) the kvetching would be a two-week grief-festivus of shytte… BUT since she’s a disposable eeee-vil female Whypeepo, it’ll be off the news in 3…2…1…  in fact, any bets they try to use the ‘love triangle’ aspect to smear her?   D’Wanlichious was mad that she broke up with him/wouldn’t date him/spurned him or something… inserting the usual racial miscegenation in there, to provide helpful ‘cover’ that because she spurned a Dindu’s advances, she was a ray-cist and sheeeit.

I wouldn’t doubt the media does just that… nothing is off limits for them. 

In fact, w ain’t hoid mucho about our Three Named Jihad Jake from Colorado much now Aye?

‘Cept they stuffed his ass in Iso/Solitary as the word was he’s a deader in GenPop. 

Which I also predicted.

So, gotta go cook da dinner…
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Didn’t the white people in South Africa put propane flame throwers in their cars in 1980-1990? It supposedly stopped a lot car jacking and robberies.

  2. W Wilson I may have seen a couple of pictures of what you’re describing back in my Navy ASF training courses, looked to be 4-6 jets of 3 foot long blue flame shooting up along each side of the car from underneath the body. Impressive as all hell, and just the ticket for when you have to travel through Pantifa territory.

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