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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, when the training for the day from Peoples Glorious Tractor Factory is over for the day, I like to take Wifey out from her durance vile at the hotel.  I.E. getting her away from poolside where she’s been sunning herself all day, as we’re back to normal Florida weather, specifically back to mid to high seventies.

Must be fookin’ nice Aye?

Ah well.  Not like I’m having a hard day meselves.  The new role I’m being fitted for, Senior Widget Inspector is actually fun.  Not that they’ve discussed if I’m getting any more rubles for the effort, but hell, it’s a step toward Commissar, so I’ll take it.  My comrades, including the IT Commissar make it a bearable experience in the Factory.  Him, he’s been having a hell of a time lately, as he’s been burning the candle at both ends, as his Wifey is down with the crud, so he’s doing full time work at the Glorious Tractor Factory keeping the production lines operational, and then having to manage a 3.5 year old boy, and a one year old girl at his house (sounds familiar Aye?)

So, since I got Wifey out of the Hotel for a while, and one of her favorite things is to hit the small Italian and French and/or Spanish food shops… the lil boutique kind of places to get some of her fave snacks…in this case tonight it was an Italian place, and she got the fresh made cannoli, and a box of those thin, dry sesame breadsticks.  Not expensive, but a nice treat.  Now me?

I usually look for the hard-to-find ingredients… the real canned Italian tomatoes, the spices in the Middle Eastern and Indian shops… in this case?  I found a very old friend that some of y’all may remember from Iraq.

Namely San Benedetto Lemon Tea.

Now, those of you who weren’t over there, it was sold in liter-and-a-half big assed bottles by the case in the shoppettes all over Iraq.  The label has changed, and it seems it’s now all over the states, but it’s the first time I’ve come across it since 2011?  So, 10+ years since I’ve had it.

The grunts drank this shit by the gallon I swear to God.
The PX couldn’t keep it in stock.

It’s an Italian (natch) sweet tea.  Comes in Lemon, Peach and Green Tea.  The lemon tastes great.  I bought only two as a treat.  ($2 a bottle is a bit much, but then again, these days the 16oz Diet Coke I got at 7-11 was fucking $1.75, so maybe not that bad?)  Might have to go back at the end of this tour and get a case…

Maaaaaaan a tastebud flashback of a most pleasant kind.
Haven’t seen it anywhere else, but just as an FYI to all my fellow Vet-Droogs, check the local small Eye-Tie Specialty stores if you were partial to the “The’ ” as the Dagos call it.

Another memory sparked by this ‘rediscovery’ was it was also a favored method of smuggling booze back onto the base.  When they really started cracking down searching us Contractor Trucks for illegal hootch, we’d buy a case of the Peach Tea, and then buy 3 liters of bourbon, Jim Beam being the -best- color match, and then c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y cut the wrapping on the bottom of the case…. juuuust enough to get two bottles of Tea out.  Open the bottle again very carefully using a lighter to heat up the ‘safety cap’ so as to NOT break the caps seal  (yeah, they’d look at the tops to see if they’d been opened.) and the pour out the Tea

Dump in the three liters of booze into the bottles, dividing it evenly between the two liter and a half Tea Bottles.  Cap ’em, Then, put the bottles back into the case, seal the cuts on the bottom with mailing tape, and bam!

Worked like a charm.
Then a week or so later, wash, rinse repeat.
Yeah, 3 liters only lasted a week or so… OPTEMPO was a bitch
So, Good Times, Good Memories!
Hope some of y’all had a good throwback moment like I did.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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