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Bit of a clarification.  Lots of comments on the last poast, talking about how the support of the troops can only be done by the civilians and elements that made the shiny fun toys that we got to play with.  I completely concur.  Not going to say I was off… I mean I was but I wasn’t… 
What I was –trying- to get across is the point that so many people take their freedom for granted.
It’s getting old.

Too many keyboard warriors

Too many gun-geeks who’ve never actually pulled a trigger on another human.
Those people
Jeez… liability/cannon fodder?
Hope not
Only thing I can think of is that they mean well.
Combat is a completely Darwinian process
Only. The. Strong. Survive.
You’ve never going to know until it happens
One kid I know, froze the fuck up.   Airborne qualified, Infantry.  First rounds whiplashed past his nugget?  Froze in place.  Had to be tackled by his squad leader.  It ‘woke him up’ but man… that first time?  You never forget it.  Me?  When the rounds snapped past?  I didn’t know what they were…was all thinking “What’s that Buzzing noise?” <ZZZZZING!!!ZZZZZING!!!>
No fucking D’uh!
That’s the major difference.  It can help.
But… as far as earning your freedom?
Yeah, one commenter said 
“I still don’t have to “earn”it. It was bestowed upon me by all mighty God. To keep it, I may have to defend it, but I don’t have to earn it.”
Completely agree.
I think that was more succinct in it’s delivery than my poast.  Are you willing to do what needs to be done?  Too many people hooked on the Hopium…

Too much belief in The System

Hate to be the one who’s been floggin ye olde dead stallion, but man, the system is dead.

The courts?  The same courts and persecutors who’ve been fucking over -anyone- and -everyone-?  The courts that put that poor fucking shmuck in Charlotttesville who ‘supposedly ‘ran over’ that hambeast Heather ‘Heart-Attack’ Heyer?  Yeah… check it out.  Fat fucking bitch died of a heart attack, NOT being run over by a white supremacist.  Dood got like 400 years…
In the meantime?
AntiFa run around like Hitler’s Brownshirts, either no charges filed, or bail given.
The cops?
Fuck the thin blue line.
Economic extortionists and enforcers of the elite, WHO by the by, want all cops fired or gone anyways.
How can ANYONE justify being a cop now?  I mean for real?  You can’t do –something- else?  I mean I dig the concept of keeping real criminals at bay, but these days?  Shit is out of our control.  The MAGA rally, the Cops actively funneled the Trump Supporters INTO AntiFa’s hands, and then didn’t stop the assaults.  They only arrested MAGA folks.
Does that sound like a “to serve protect” moment to you?
Me either.
So, I’m just going to do my job, until I can’t.
Then we’ll see.
So, for now, apologies for the mis-communication, but hey, I’m trying lol
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I'm not going to be the one to fire the first shot…maybe…but I'm damn sure awaiting the chance to fire back to show the commies that America, especially Southern Boys, are for reelz.
    I won't kill a human in cold blood, but those who act like animals have forfited their human status. I'll plug them and sleep like a dude after banging the hell out of a hot piece of screw meat.

  2. I was raised by my Marine Grandfather. As a very young boy (10?) I remember being at a VFW Chicken BBQ and he was talking with a bunch of the old guys and some really young guy was talking about how exhilarating it had been to drive a tank (M46 I think) and my Grandfather chuckled and replied, "Not as exhilarating as being shot at without affect, not by half." All the other old WW2 vets quietly laughed, and one guy, "Especially the first time."
    IN 1991 I found out what he meant. I remember thinking, "WTF are hornets doing out here, and WHERE ARE THEY? They sound HUGE!" Then I realized what was happening and ran giggling to cover.

  3. Sounded more like a very loud hiss to me. I'm skeptical about the gun geeks. I'm sure there are some that are dedicated. However majority of them strike me as people with a lot to lose. Either going to be a lot of Gucci gear at the "buy back" or lying out in the street. I got nothing to lose at this point. Other than my 80 Yr two bed room crap shack and 14 Yr single cab shit box. Besides the Thunder stick collection. What have I got to gain? A better tomorrow.

    Know what you mean on some people freezing up. One of the loud mouths didn't utter a single word when we rolled into a very spicy location as QRF. Guys there had four vehicles down. All of them almost black on ammo. Haji throwing every bit of IDF he had into the valley until fixed wing gets there. Don't know until it happens. Then it does. Next thing you know you're sleeping through IDF one morning and pissing off the top of an MRAP in Espandi at night.

  4. I understood exactly what you meant, like you I had bullets snapping past supersonic and yes they do "zing." I too, froze and then in less then new york second realized what it was was and you couldn't pull me off of that dirt until I had my weapon up and was practicing two way rifle range.

  5. They quit doing the Infiltration course at Benning? I went through in '85 and the Infiltration course was supposed to be designed so soldiers would know the sound of bullets incoming, as they said during Grenada too many didn't recognize incoming fire…They had M60's that were supposedly locked down on their tripods firing a fixed height. I say supposedly, because during the night phase, tracers were bouncing off logs directly in front of me. I was able to roll over out of the lane and could have walked up to the end instead of low-crawled.

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