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They’re -Not- going to lay it on the Condo Association from the look of it.  The smear is starting in overseas stories already. What I’m talking about is the Miami Building Collapse.

Of course, the Surfside Building Management Company has come out and said ‘repairs were imminent.’  That “18 million dollars was slated to be invested in ‘deep repairs’ to the infrastructure.”  Yep… talk about the gall.  Sh’yeah.  Two and a half full years AFTER being told that the place was falling apart.   Shoulda Coulda Woulda Oughtta… fat lot of good the hunnerd or so poor bastards who got ground to dust have to say.  

And it is “dust to dust”… after 9/11 they did a LOT of studies on building collapses vis-a-vis human remains.  Apparently when huge heavy piles of rock cave in like that, it’s like a grater… literally grinds remains to dust and paste.  Only way you’re finding anything is if there’s a piece that didn’t get ground to powder… which in this case the whole “yelling your loved ones names” and thinking people are still buried alive in that shitshow?  Notsomuch.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad new gang.
But very telling that the blame is going to be thrown on dead dood and his other dead dood partners.  Going to be interesting to see if the families put up with it, if payoffs are involved, or if any claims after the fact get thrown at them.  I mean a building completely falling down?  Jeez.  Not so good.  And the whole claims of “we wuz juuuust that close to starting repairs?”  Puh-leeze.

The only thing that was going on on that property was “do I sell and make a shitton of cash in the overheated market or stand fast?”  I’d say that the smart money -literally- Got The Fuck Out anytime BEFORE that particular market collapsed.

MomUnit’s been following and digging a bit… seems that some of the condo-for-sale ads out there for that Addy, the backside away from the beachfront view places started at $800K.  The front ocean view?  Yeah, in this case the rich took it hard in the ass.  I feel bad for them though… talk about shit-luck.

I mean if –I’d– paid umpty-dumb miiiiilllions of dollars for a ocean front crib, I sure as hell would -expect- that the fucking building doesn’t collapse under it’s own fucking weight.  Then again, millions or not, a fucking building shouldn’t collapse in the way this joint did.  No wind, no external forces… just a ‘Out of the blue’ fairy-must-have-farted and WHACKUM!!!!

Christ that would’ve sucked.  Like mad suckage.

So, other things:  I was pointed in the direction of Princeton for researching Milley.  Good place to see if “Skull and Bones” has anything in there around this guy.  Somewhere, someone played “Rabbi” to him, and helped him significantly.  Sapper and I discussed this at great length last night.  I mean this guy showed up at sort of a really fucked time for the US Army… they’d just gotten their ass handed to them in Nam, the troop morale was nonexistent, race wars were common in the enlisted side, and a leadership was barely there… we even discussed if that was the why of how this guy got the plum assignments.

The fact he showed up even AT ALL speaks to the positive.  And if he showed even the slightest motivation or competence that -might- have raised positive flags that he needed to be nurtured and ‘raised up’ into the rarified ranks of ‘higher-higher’…That or he had dirt on someone
Dirty dirt.
Who knows?
We sure as hell never will.
What we do know is is unquestioning ability to say what needs to be said to please HIS higher higher.  He’s an asskisser nonpareil.  When Trump was in orifice, it was all “Yes Mister President!”  Same shit all the way through his career.  Offend no one, make no hard decisions, and go with the flow.  Now that CRT is -the thing- with the current Higher Higher, he’s fully on board… of course he is.

Which means in a shewt’n nut-cuttin’ time, he’s gonna do whatever the people who hold his leash order him to do, and to hell with ‘right and proper.’  Just as long as Mark Milley and his perks are safe, then it’ll be all good, despite whatever is right… a man with no moral center, or impossible to determine moral center? 
Bit O’Danger there Aye?
So, More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. the condo building looks to have had weight bearing pillars in the garage level. The pictures I saw of the pillars showed that kind of damage. So every time some yahoo hit one with their vehicle it caused cracks in the ce ment, which exposes the rebar to the salt air and moisture the cement starts spalling, the rebar corrodes and expands, that can substantially weaken the structure.
    In fact iron rebar can substantially decrease the life span of concrete in an near shore environment.
    Over on wake island the old Jap fortifications that were built without the rebar, because Tojo had no rebar, are in better condition than the later US construction built with rebar.
    I wonder if it was a case of some nimrod hitting the wrong weight bearing pillar at the wrong speed, or more like the snow flake that finally causes an avalanche, the degradation of the pillar hit the critical level.
    Aa for Milley, he and that racist idiot Sec Def, and the Commode in Cheif, they are rapidly degrading the military to the extent that it’s soon going to be worse that the late 1970s version. The longer it goes the worse it will get.
    As long as the US avoids a conflict with a first world adversary, they can paper over the decay, and I suspect that as long as the people in charge are degrading the US military, such a conflict will probably be avoided, unless Zhou Xi Den starts something with Russia, the reason that a near term conflict will probably be avoided is that the US’ adversaries will allow us to do as much damage to ourselves as possible before they take us on.
    As the man said
    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
    As long as the US military isn’t interrupted it will continue to weaken itself, if it continues to do so look for the next major military action it takes on to be a disaster..

  2. Don’t know how true, but I’ve heard reports that a sinkhole opened up, possibly in the pool area, just prior to collapse. If true, that’d do it–sudden failure of support.

    1. Sinkholes don’t occur at the beach front, they occur because the water levels have dropped and the karst becomes unstable. That close to the beach the water levels would be stabilized by the ocean.

  3. Re: condo collapse,
    As I understand it, an engineering firm was asked to look at the building five or more years ago due to tenants reporting freaking noises. The firm found evidence of an interrupted concrete pour during construction ( this type structure gets its main strength from a solid constant concrete pour) and then found evidence of water damage further weakening the structure. The investigator e recommended the building be evacuated and repaired . They provided a written report to the owners and the City.
    No action was taken, probably because it looked okay and evacuation would have bankrupted the owners. That liability still pays on the owners at that time and they the magic of due diligence on any subsequent owner to present day. It probably also falls on the City government for failing to act.
    Incidentally, there is a twin sister condo building a couple of blocks away , same design, same construction company, built at the same time, same original owners. Want to get it also had an interrupted concrete pour during construction? Who’s going to order it evacuated?

  4. Creaking not freaking noises, and liability still lays on the owners at that time and thru the magic of due diligence..

    I hate auto correct!!

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