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Afternoon (Morning to me) Ye Droogs and Droogettes!
Big Country’s coming out of a fucking coma this P.M… feels like the A.M. to me… and nope… no chemistry involved.  Apparently, my carcass can go days and weeks on end under spirit-and-soul-crushing tension, without any real obvious side-affects.  That being said tho, when I reach the end of ye olde knotty ropeage, I shut the fuck down.  Used to happen every 4 or so months in Iraq…  I’d warn the Boss that I’d be ‘down’ and not to worry.  I’d usually plan it for a 2-3 day period when I knew nothing was gonna be happening.  Then, I’d go to sleep, and sleep anywhere from 48 to 72 straight the fuck through.  Maybe get up, piss, then crash again… nothing significant to interuppt.  Hell, I slept through a bunch of incoming one time.
In this case, twas the fucking moron kids and all the other shit I’ve been dealing with.
Out like a fucking light last night for 14 hours solid.
I feel like I could crawl right back in the bunk too.  But, this lil blog helps pay the bills, so’s onwards!  
Now, one y’all, Anonymous, commented a guess of Hello, Kitty for the pistola build.  Nailed it in one man.  Wifey loves that weird assed Japaheno Character, so I figured for grins n giggles to do one up.  Seeings that one thats NOT near as cool as -mine- is gonna be is selling upwards of $1800 on GunBroker!

And that’s –without– the optic.
Bit –rich– for my tastes.   
But, that being said,
Since I’ma using ‘on hand parts’ I can’t do the adonized alum that the other one has.  The Pink Cerakote cost me a few bux, but not a biggie.  AND If I need to go a make it ‘tactical’ again, a quick soak in acetone’ll take off all the coating without fucking up functionality.  The white is ceramic enamel, rated to 900 degrees theoretically.  I’m doing the barrel and foregrip today, so, that’ll finish the built hopefully by Wednesday/Thursday, depending on coats and curing.  The Pistol grip I have on order… it’s a pink laser engraved Hello Kitty… we’ll see.
So, on Zuckbook today, I hadda memory from many many years ago pop up that I’d thought I’d share.  I’ll Make that the next post, as this ‘un here has gone on a wee bit mucho.  In fact, I’ll throw that up now so’s I don’ts fergits.
Now, besides weapons, the latest poly tick oh-pin-onion.

Whats hysterical to me is talking to MomUnit with her TDS in full swing.  She keeps talking like Trump and his people are all getting rich offa being Da Prez… and I’m like “Your people aren’t doing the same?  “THEY ALL get rich while in orifice, and even after fucking leaving.”    

I mean Jebus!  
Politicians will always keep becoming richer as long as we let them, and there’s no accountability.  This despite whether they win or lose elections.  The “fix” is in… and like I said before, it’s a big Club, and we ALL ain’t in it.  They’re people who can’t hold a real job if their lives depended on it.  Small time grifters, conmen and thieves.  Alexandria Occasional Cornhole slid through BU or BC or wherever the fuck she went to school on her titties and girlish charm.  TELL ME that some put upon underpaid shmuck of a Teacher’s Assistant didn’t give her a sold “B” on them titties alone… she sure as fuck didn’t get her degree due to her intelligence.  

And the new “younger generation”… the fucking millennials?  The morons who can’t handle being ‘misgendered’ or use ‘pronouns’?   Irrespective of race, these latte-filled lame-assed losers are not enthusiastic for voting for anyone who have no interest in making their lives better.  They’re all about the gibs.  
“Free College!”
“Free Healthcare!”
Right up to being loaded into the boxcars because “You’ve exceeded your usefulness to the party comrade.  You have expended your allowable allocation of resources for this lifetime.  We wish you well in the next.”
And they’re genuinely too stupid to understand that that’s how it works!
Mainly because ‘bad things’ only happen to ‘someone else’…
Not to them…
Because their late-to-the-party Boomer Parents always told them “You’re special!”
That is one wake-up call I’m not wanting to see.
Unless –We’re– the ones doing the loading of the boxcars.
Jes’ sayin’.
So, More later… food for thought.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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