Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Well, at least the week is -almost- over.  Been a long week.  I swear to any and all that’s Holy I’m wore out.  Between health issues and whatnot, I’m about done in.  Work isn’t hard per se, just continual.  We lost a lot of folks in the call center, (even tho we all work from home) and because of this, the call volume is such that we only get 30 seconds between each and every call.  Barely time to take a breather, never mind a drink of water.

Meh.   It pays the bills.  Barely.

The people are nice… at least I got that going for me.  The problem is when I have to deal with the Streetshitters from India.  I’m doing healthcare, and man, I swear…

Now, to be fair, the majority of them are really nice folks…  Those I can deal with.  It’s the arrogant 20% that do not speeky good engrish and are pretty much incomprehensible.  And in health care, looking up medical shit?  I mean –I– have trouble with some of the terminology and I’m a fucking ‘Murican and it’s my primary language.

See, it’s gets into the whole ‘exploit the turd-world’.  Medical Billing here in the states can get expensive, and it’s annoying enough that I actually called up the provider’s office on my own cellie, on a break so it was on my time, and told ’em that the Hindus they hired were A) Illiterate and B) Lazy as fuckall.  They were calling in to get authorizations to submit the billing waaaaaaaaaaay outside the timely filing (180 days) and I knew that when the claims get denied, that the Vishnu Lads would blame us instead of the fact that they’re slacking the fuck off. 

I mean calling me and asking for over 40 individual preauths over 8 months old?  Sure, the guy there is paying his Vindaloo Vibrants prolly $0.25 an hour, but I’m sure his invoice for the MedBilling is a sight more higher and profitable.  And when the ‘Murican Companies get fucked over, he points to US and blames eeee-vil insurance MegaCorps.  Normally I wouldn’t give a rats ass, but I don’t want to see the company take it in the keister for Easter anytime soon, as I like the gig.

Get fucked Aye you fucking goons.
So, anyways.
‘Nother thing I have issue with is dealing with -some- of the folks on the phone who’re flat-out hostile.  Now, it isn’t too often but I have had racial animus thrown at me.  Like you can not not hear the tonality and ‘attitude’ when dealing with some of the people on the phone.  I mean lets face it, if you have a dialect, and an accent, you can kinda-sorta figure out what or whom yer talking to.

In one case, it was a omfg black female Karen… couldn’t miss the accent -at all-.  Immediately started in on me, being abusive, demanding the manager.  A for-real Black Karen.  Or is it Felicia?  Dunno.  Either way, I got the lead on the phone, and then I muted and listened.  The lead happened to share the same racial characteristics, and maaaaaaaaaan… I didn’t say anything when the lead tried to get me written up later… I “stood on 17” so to speak.  Never use ammo if possible… save it.  I document everything, and in this case, names, times and the lies and bullshit, nevermind the way that they talked about me when they thought I’d disconnected. 

Thankfully my boss knows I’m a straight shooter and professional as all get the fuck out.  I just bide my time and wait.  Of course though, when I do run into one of these people, I start using the word “nigger” in my head as a non-verbal punctuation mark on everything I say to them.  I have to be careful though, as if ONE time I slip up, I’m fried.

Some whypeepo people say black folks aren’t/can’t be racist.  Them folks? They obviously never worked with, been around or had to deal with them.  It’s out of control.  Fucking Chicongo had a cop beaten and strangled half-to-death by 3 blacks for the sin of pulling them over for running a stop sign:

The cop?  Whypeeo from my understanding, and in this case, it’s so blatant that the persecutor is actually referring felony assault charges.  Not that’ll go anywhere, a ‘jury of they peers’ will insure they get a slap on the wrist.

Dunno ’bout y’all but I’m tired.

And the hilarity is only going to get worse.
Because all involved parties have no real clue as to just how tired the average Whypeeo are getting.
It’s going to be a close thing.  ONE more summer of dis fukkin shit, and man, the blacklash is going to be spectacular.  Some shit that even out of the worst nightmares of their little fevered brains they can’t or won’t imagine…  They. have. no. idea.

ONLY in the US could we be doing a move backwards culturally and educationally speaking.

Fucking ass backwards… They’re literally and figuratively enshrining a fucking criminal drug addicted nigger…  the Canonization of St. George of Fentanyl.  A boot-lipped moron with a intellectual ability of a toadstool, who’s only claim to fame is robbing a pregger chick at gunpoint and doing low grade BBC porn… and how stupid can you be?  I mean Jesus Christ, eating the Meth?  What. The. Fuck.  For fucks sakes, throw it out the window and wait for your lawyer you retard!

But no, we’re going for “Full Retard” and Enstupidization to the MAX:

The new ‘Murica:

Blacks too stupid to do math?  Claim it’s Raycist and Sheeeit, remove AP classes from the curriculum.

Blacks refuse or can’t use proper English, never mind read/write? Claim Ebonics is their “Culture” and that anything ‘proper’ is Raycist and Sheeeit

Blacks can’t pass the SATs because they’re stupid/illiterate?  Eliminate the SAT requirement for colleges because it’s Raycist and Sheeeit

Police Promotion exams, Medical School Entry Exams?ALL Raycist and Sheeeit… eliminated for ‘justice and equity.’

Leastways to hear it from Donquarius and De’yonkay.

Shit like that, that tells me is that in the future, IF I need to go to the ER, and I see a black face, I’ll take my chances at home with a sewing needle and aspirin.  The odds of my survival would be increased tenfold methinks.  Better to bleed out than be possibly kil’t by some Socially Aware Muh Diversity THEORETICALLY Edgeahmucated  Negroid.

And to say that?  OMFG I’m now Raycist and Sheeeit.

Leastways to all them limo-libtards who’re pushing this dynamic.  Fuckers who are the real racists.  Whitebread Motherfuckers who’s only interaction with blacks are the ‘clean cut and literate’ ones that Slo Xi Den mentioned, like the Obamamessiah.  Another issue with the pig-ignorant niggers though that hasn’t really been observed, is that because all the Whypeepo have been bending at the knee, washing the feet, kissing the ass, and buffering the buns of allllll these subhuman illiterate cretins, and the fact that for the most part, outside of being able to count money, numerically speaking, they’ve got no idea just how badly they’re outnumbered come the race war.  Maff ain’t a nigger’s strong point as mentioned before…

Race War… ugh.
Sadly, it’s going to happen methinks.  MUCH sooner rather than later.  The niggers are feeling cocky, and think that this’ll all keep going one way, and that whitey is on the run. The very fact that black mobs do as they please without consequence has put them to thinking that they’re running the show.

Silly that Aye?
When the whypeepo get really angry, genocide follows.
The near-continual racial discrimination against the very people who invented nuclear weapons and real civilization, well, IMO, not very smart.  But, then again, what can you expect? They keep pushing though, and pushing, and pushing, and pushing.

So yeah, I’m tired.
We all are.
We’ve got many miles to go too.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. my wife is starting to see my point of view. for years been telling her we were headed toward a race war. who wants that shit? nobody sane… but here we go anyway. whypeepoe do crazy real good

  2. Lol, a bunch of us were just talking about this recently, we are all done, redlined, maxed out kind of done, its FAAFO mode now. I send out the daily “subhuman scum” news to a bunch of bubbas, its all you can do to keep sane these days. Yeah the three NAPA’s that beat that cop were primetime today.

    I think they have been fishing for something that they can not only have as a political agenda, whitey being racist isnt enough, but something they can build up to a pogrom (look that term up if you dont understand it) with. CRT I think might be that mechanism they can do this with. they will codify CRT into all areas, environment economics, gov, social, etc…pass laws, then have thousands of regulatory actions, push, push, push that all opposition to the regulations and laws which we be ubiquitous makes you an enemy of the state, a DVE, WSRVE, or just plain white terrorist then they will treat as a target, (i use the term very specifically, SOC NORTH likes that term), not a citizen, not a person, not as a political dissident, but a target. Then the killing starts they’ll bring some sort of pogrom out that clears them to get kinetic and not for purpose of arrest, it will be called internal conflict or some shit, which gets rid of law enforcement type response, and they get a sort of war type authority to stamp out the terrorism, and then they can target you as they would a terrorist. Deputy FBI, Brennan, already said they need to use the procedures we developed for dealing with terrorists against this threat. Very sophisticated. I saw this developing immediately post jan 6 events. Partly why i left the E ring gig.

  3. Thing that really pisses me off is this reparation bullshit. Been getting it here in Aus too. Why the fuck should I have to pay for someone who is too lazy to get a job. Fuck we should be suing the English for that case as most Aussies didnt exactly have a choice after being busted stealing bread to feed their families. Other thing is the fucking natives get everything handed to them on a silver platter while whitey has to pay. Fuck them if they can’t get a job and survive like the rest of us let them starve

    1. SA, you’re looking at it wrong, in the US every tax payer is on the hook for $228,000 due to national debt. So whats a few more billion or trillion matter at this point, its all fiat and worthless anyway? Imagine these dunderfucks all the sudden coming into $50k, $100k , hell maybe a million bucks, the more the better. it would be amazing! They would be killing each other left, right and center, knowing every black person has, money. They would be blowing it on expensive champagne, hookers, drugs, cars, guns, and gold. I would be popping popcorn and watching the fireworks, a real live purge in every demonrat shithole city. The after effects would permanently change the landscape of society for decades. This isn’t me being hopeful, just realistic. So, reparation on, I say.

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