Bleeding Pennsylvania

Morning Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not even a wet fart.

No –real violence- thankfully…. not sure how I feel about that…
But now the fun begins…
For the definition of “fun”
Amazeballs how all them votes started turning up AFTER the fact in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania?  The other thing that shows the fraud being perpetrated is the numbers I’m seeing on the overseas news… The Daily Mail is reporting that in Michigan, it’s 120,000 votes that ‘turned up’ in favor of Grandpa Stinkfinger… Wisconsin: 120,000 for him as well… 
Funny how it’s all the same exact amount.
Not sure.
Add on the fact that, from MY gnats-eye perspective, the turnout was OVERWHELMING for re-election of Orange Man Bad.  Now, the count, which was Trump ahead of Grandpa Stinky, is now inverted on the popular vote side… which I have issue with.
The single. worst. campaign in history.
“Valium Joe” versus Trump “Mr. Energy” who was like a ferret on crack from the get-go.  How did people vote for him?  Is Orange Man Bad that unpopular?  Methinks it’s a rat… a big fucking rat.  Not sure tho, but they sure as fuck are gonna try to steal this shit.
Problem is, it’ll go to the Supreme Court.
That Trump has now flipped.
To which, strategically, Pelosi stated that the new judge, ACB is illegitimate.
Well played, you gin soaked fucktard.
WE are gonna have to settle this shortly.
Either way.
Historically, “Bleeding Kansas” was a forerunner to the Civil War… 1855+/- til 1861… a complete shitshow… If you’ve seen “The Outlaw Josey Wales”, the very beginning of that movie is during that period.  His fam becomes casualties pre-civil war, which has him pick up his guns and join the Confederates.  Long of the short, it was a bad bad time…
What I see is going to be a modern day version.  
Statists like that piece of shit Shapiro in Pennsylvania… assholes up and down the political spectrum are gonna find theyselves in the crosshairs LITERALLY.  Mainly because our side is –sick- of their shit.  The continual disenfranchisement, the misbehaviors, the “laws for us but none for us” dual just-us system.  The frustration is palpable.
It’s going to lead to shooting.
Sooner rather than later.
The media too.  
I’d say some of the “talking heads” are going to become the “exploding heads” shortly, as it’s a LOT of their fucking fault because they’re fucking stupid, willfully so, and deranged because they want ratings… to them it’s a fucking game.
They’re playing God and getting high on the rush and stench of their own hubris.
What they fail to realize is that they’re expendable.
And that the dot gov.. they ain’t gonna lift a finger to protect them.
In fact, they’re going to learn the hard way that they’re touchable…


They no not what they do….
I figure after I dunno? 5 or 6 of them end up like the accountant from “The Untouchables” movie that shit’ll get really realz for them, and things might start getting realigned back to what they were SUPPOSED to be, which is a non-partisan delivery vehicle of genuine news.
But they ARE fucktarded liberals.
Which makes them Communists.
And the only good commie is a dead commie.
Make of it what you will.
Me?  I got Borepatch’s Range Day coming up on November 14th.
Looking forward to that.
Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. We ALL knew the left was going to cheat…on a biblical scale. Even MY DOG knew it. The problem is the system is SO CORRUPT that the left no longer even TRIES to hide the fact they are cheating. They have only one rule. WIN! And ANYTHING they do to achieve that goal is acceptable. The notion of "rule of law" is a convenient fiction to the left. A tool to use when it serves them, an archaic pointless notion to ignore when it doesn't serve them. And normal, honest conservatives are too polite, too honest, too enslaved by the loyalty to the idea of "rule of law" to realize that no matter what we do the left always wins…..because we follow rules and they only follow the one rule…..WIN! If NOW is not the time to "pop P Mags", "step off the porch", begin the "Boogaloo" then the time is never going to arrive. And being polite, honest and lawful will be the epitaphs that end up on our graves and the slogans the left puts up above the gates to the camps they are planning for all of us who dared oppose their divine (satanic) right to rule.

    1. Amen. The time is coming VERY shortly. Think I'm going to have to re-think my strategy over the next year…

    2. You're right Dan.The reason WE lose is because WE subscribe to the rule of law, have a fight a fair fight ideology and will only fire when fired upon mentality. As you say the left has only one rule "WIN" and win by any means necessary, take no prisoners. Lie, cheat, and steal. Do what needs to be done in order to win. And the left has been doing just that for a very long time now. A stark contrast to OUR wait and see strategy.

  2. There won't be a next year. The fuckers have proven to the world they'll fuck us and we'll do NOTHING about it. People woke up this morning and acted like nothing is wrong. "Gotta pay the utility bill today, and the house payment next week. Oh, and Susie has soccer practice this sfternoon". And not one thought about how you're not gonna have that shit to worry about in a year, because President Harris has promised "equal outcomes". That means, your shit will be given to fuckers that were too lazy to work for their own shit. How's that for a country where a California whore can become president by knocking off some brain-dead old white guy that was too demented to realize he was a patsy. I wonder what Dr. Jill was promised out of this shit-show ?
    I'm going to the fucking range. I paid for the shit, may as well burn it away. It's not like it will be used for a good purpose, other than my entertainment.

    What a bunch of dumb fucks we are….

  3. Mr. Chuckin is dead nuts on! It's right out in the open what happened with the CIA and the FBI and not one thing is being done to correct that treason. The dumbocrats have openly said what they plan to do with the supreme court as well as the senate and as I write this the last 6 states still counting are leaning Biden. Our founding fathers would have taken up arms long ago. Doesn't anyone in the alley end up dead anymore?

    1. Only Seth Rich fwiw….

      We are well and truly fucked either way, b/c the second this's over with, all hell is gonna break loose

  4. Remember when Joe Biden said he had the most extensive voter fraud organization in political history? Turns out that was not a gaffe.

    Trump's smartest move may have been getting Barret confirmed. The violence will go big if and when the SCOTUS declares Trump President. We can't let the bastards get away with this crap

  5. Please let Claire know that the time is NOW. We turned the corner last night and it's going part two soon. Know who in your area of operations needs known….and know their intimate details. Everyone needs to join the Secret Six. Quit trying to be civilized, well bred, and polite-that died in 1865. Remember what happened to General Lee's farm and what it became. They want your stuff also. They have no idea the ferocity of the coming wildfire season in the west.

  6. I am not sure what Trump can do LEGALLY. And I highly doubt that the Supreme Court will get involved in this issue. There are very strict guidelines and precedents governing what subjects, when and how they involve themselves in things. A real shyster could say more definitively but I don't see this as an issue they would address. Ultimately it is almost certainly going to be up to "we the people". Either we mumble, grumble and accept this putsch…..this open coup, or we sack up, step off the porch and water that tree of liberty.

  7. I am an old fucker in my 60s. I am no longer an active duty Marine, but the oath and attitude does not change. The skillset is sadly not what it was, but I keep after it physically; so at least I'm better than "you". (choose wisely). My prayer in all this, would be those who know, get ready to rumble, combat vets – we've been here before. And to all those who talk down (J.H.Eden) – yes, it is big talk. Most of us use it to encourage, let our brothers know they aren't alone. You, however; Mr. Eden – it is Mister, isn't it – can either step up yourself, or shut the fuck up. We are nearing very dangerous times, and cunts like you should just be quiet. Trust in the fact that very serious motherfuckers are talking now; and you are not one of us. – Grandpa

    1. Right on Grandpa…moving slower but can still shoot move and communicate (11H10/11B… 0311 to you LOL)

  8. Like us, the commies are keeping their powder dry for the moment. Regardless of the outcome they will hold off until around Inauguration Day when they will unleash a spasm of violence the intensity of which we have yet to see. Should Trump prevail the professed motive will be "rage against as stolen election." Should Biden be declared the winner, the masks will come off and the motive will be obvious as revenge against political enemies. Either way the ugliness is just beginning.

    Keep in mind that Trump is just the interim target, an obstacle. The real target for destruction is the Republic itself and your freedoms it protects.

  9. Back in the day I was a teacher and taught American History & Government/Civics to high school kids…. I even did it for a short time on an Indian Reservation – that was a challenge but I met it and the kids I had really understood how “government” worked and how American History was a major part of their situation. Anyway, at this point today I give up. The whole process has been co-opted and corrupted with the America I knew and grew up in fading away. I had a Government teacher as a high school kid who got to America from Czechoslovakia by crawling under the wire and working past the landmines – he taught me and my class what “freedom” really was.

    I retired last year and am now sitting it out. I only hope that my eventual death has some meaning to somebody someday. I am an old fart who hopes to take some of them with me when it finally comes to pass. God bless America and our founding fathers along with those who still remember and respect them.

    1. Anon: Yep…I was lucky enough to study 'real history' (of which I throw nuggets here n'there 'round here as pertaining) I dropped out of college at year 4 when, no bullshit I saw the future and the indoctrination that was going on… my senior's thesis was "Political Correctness: A Danger to Us All"… I got called on the carpet for that, and shortly bailed after as the Advisor was -less than pleased- with my ideas (fucking commie bitch… hope the worms ate her eyes). Welcome my pad! Hope you'll stay a while

  10. No 'right wing violence'? We all got jobs, family — we got something to lose. Even an over-night in jail causes problems. A night or three in jail waiting for processing when you have no job to worry about, no little ones who will miss you and your sig other thinks it's cool is no big deal. You still get your EBT card recharged and all that free shit from others. But, if your job gets fucked with, your family gets fucked with, when you have nothing to lose, then once hidden skill surface as you get in touch with your inner Kosovo/Rowanda/[insert your favorite mayhem here]. Never thought going down range was going to be so close.

    My family tree has too many branches pruned by socialists after gun control laws. There's my red line. I can sleep with plates on, a shotty on the floor next to the bed and rifles in the corners. Time to get proximity alerts for the driveway and approached ot the house. Got to see if I can sleep with ear protection on and still wake from alarm clock cause flash bangs are no way to wake up at dark thirty. May be easier to get a 3M film to 'hurricane proof' the glass. Would love to see a flash bang bounce right off the window back to sender….

    Hope to make Borepatch's shoot Saturday. Got my side gig on Saturday's and trying to get out early. My off hand shooting still needs improvement.

    1. Trust me…..when you get past 60 life still is pleasant and worth living. But eradicating evil so my progeny has a decent future isn't a bad way to go…..

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