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Quite the discussion from the last poastage apparently. Whelp, I like a good discussion / argument, and man, the sparks in some cases flew, especially on the bigcountryexpat dot com page. I was especially tickled by a commenter “Chicolini” who said “Since you’re so prone to use bad language, I’ll follow your example. Fuck you Junior..”  
And yeah, I -do- use ‘bad language’ AND I also don’t censor or block people unless they’re trolling for troll sake.  But I will say, the reaction was interesting and telling

It’s telling in that the number of people (Boomers in particular) who jumped on the “You suck! You’re an asshole”  or more commonly “I worked my ass off to get where I am I earned this!”  Apparently, some folks took it personally.  Huh.  Don’t remember singling out anyone per se but indicting a group as a overarching example.  

Lets look at MY generation…Generation X, my gen? Sheesh. You want to talk about a bunch of malcontents? That’d be us. The first latchkey kids. Mainly because our parents, trying like hell to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, BOTH parents worked. We also were the first generation who suffered ‘no-fault divorce’ resulting in single-motherhood, and the degradation of the Family unit. The first generation where we were initially told that we too, could have it all. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t true. Call Gen X the first of the worst. We realized early on that everything was shit… that everything we were taught a lie. We realized our music was dogshit… “Material Girl”… Our anthem was “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and grunge became a style… disaffected, dissolute, disinterested. Our fashions? Cheap and plastic. MTV… say no more. Any wonder why we just didn’t give a shit?

Our ‘great escape’ were early vidya games…Atari 2600 became our virtual babysitter, and snackables and hot-pockets the gourmet choice of microwave moms everywhere. IF we were lucky enough to get wheels, our choices of vehicles were something less-than-desirable, unless you had the scratch for something hawt and new… and even then, anything over a 3.7 liter engine became extinct unless you were a motorhead and had the skills and cash to make it run.

We saw the largess our forebears had. We wanted it too. The biggest sin that the Boomers committed? It was they told us that we could have it through hard work and determination. That it was on US to grab that brass ring… the one that was placed at easy-to-grab height for them? It was firmly placed waaay out of reach for the majority of us X’ers, and no one warned us. The Biggest Problem was, a LOT of those brass rings and gateways were firmly barred/welded in place, unless you were connected. And as far as ‘taking over’ from the older generation?

Whelp… I still have not seen the changing of the Old Guard for the New Guard.

One thing you have to credit the Boomers with is tenacity.
They never give up, nor let go. 

Look at the politics of today.  This communist/socialist program that’s being instituted NOW is a product of the late 50’s early 60′ Hippy/Yippy Communist indoctrination.  When open revolution failed to materialize, scumfucker red-diaper Commies went to ground and became educators.  Why fight in the streets when you can program the next generation and incalculate your plans in them, and have THEM do the dirty work bringing the Socialist Paradise to fruition?  Bill Ayers?… That fuckin’ dude should have been executed for treason.  Instead, he AND his wife Bernardine Dohrn… who, not surprisingly helped raise Chesa Boudin, the communist District Attorney in San Francisco, are living the life of highly respected educators and the toast of the left wing set who, just by the by, were also responsible for King Obama. 

Funny how that works?

And if being associated with that makes you upset, don’t get mad at the messenger, be mad at the source.  It also ain’t on you personally.  Ain’t none of my doing, nor yours, per se.  I’m just here doing critical social analysis from my own point of view

As Oh-so-many these days like to say “It’s his truth!” I, honestly can’t do a buy in on that horseshit. Truth is truth. End period dot.
Who instituted 90% of the political changes that we’ve seen in the past 50 years?
Who is still running the show?
What is the single largest demographic of US Population?
Which US Demographic population, per capita, has ALL the monies?

Sure as hell ain’t Gen X.
If that upsets you?  My question is why?
It’s like I don’t give a fuck that they say Gen X is, as I stated before: “disaffected, dissolute, disinterested”… it’s because we are.  If you get all butthurt over me saying that the Boomers had it good, and left us dogshit, well, that ain’t on me.  The issue that you have is the “OK Boomer” issue… that people started dissing your generation… instead of being held up and worshipped, you’ve been relegated to the sidelines of historical measures as felonious greedheads.  Your parents were “The Greatest Generation”… their parents were “The Silent Generation” for quietly enduring that which should have never happened, but did.  They maintained their faith, and raised the Generation that quite possibly saved the world at the time… that’s open to debate, but go with the idea here…

Boomers?  Failed Hippies, Closet Communists and Socialists, New Robber Barons, Mad Greedheads and Political Psychopaths.  Gave birth to the most apathetic Generation, Generation X… with the lowest amount of kids born also in a looong time, thanks to birth control.  Far as I can tell, the only thing that Gen X is going to be remembered for is having the Millennials and fucking up the system oh so badly with Helicopter Parenting and “Participation Awards” because our Boomer mummy and daddies didn’t pay enough attention to us, so the X’ers overcompensated, making a Generation so fucking mentally and socially damaged that needs to realistically eliminated/sterilized.  There ARE exceptions of course, but few and far between.

So, ALL THE generations, post War generations that is, are inherently damaged goods.  Only thing is, The Boomer Generation take it as a personal slur against them.  Kind of funny though ain’t it?
Not so much anyone else.  The millennials seem to wear it as a badge of pride.

Whatever floats ye olde boat Aye?
I know I’ve done my best.
I’m sure you all have too.
No need to get all upset though for something like this.  
Tis whut Tis…
No more, no less.
More Later Tonight, and stay tuned.  The PSO-06 finally showed up from Russia.  I’m planning on mounting it and getting some pictures and doing a poast about it.
So I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. No real argument here I will say that on economics and affirmative action, and period of history the birth years of 1957 to 1964 had a very different “ride” than the 1946 to 1956 did, and more resembling Gen X. Demographers until the 1990’s didn’t include them in the Boomer category, and I think it was a mistake to do so, since job market was largely soaked up by the preceding birth years….I think you are right, and like your commentary.

  2. Pretty much sums up my feelings being a Gen Xer. Pretty much sums up my Boomer parents and other Boomers I know. People have a hard time looking in the mirror and facing reality. I don’t watch SNL because they stopped being funny when they started working for the DNC, but this was good.

  3. Spot on BCE. one minor correction, Boomers, generally, are the parents of Millennials. Us Xers are mostly Gen Zyklon parents. Of course there’s overlap, but in general that’s how it breaks out.

  4. Irritation with “Boomers” is pissing on the graves of your ancestors. Did they resist the confiscation of gold? Institution of the Income Tax? Establishment of the Federal Reserve? This list goes as far back in time as you desire. As it’s also pissing on your children.

    The ((Enemy)) terms are not accurate much less cause for action. The same con ran during the Vietnam War years when the authority of fathers was destroyed. Then that of the sanctity of families with the poor being bludgeoned with welfare, the working and middle class, with divorce.

    The action you OUGHT to take is to throw out the TV. Learn to read. Pay attention to nothing cultural that’s post-1963, most especially music. If you don’t understand that a thousand years of culture you ignore (white boy rap = anything electrified) how can you expect to know what’s being lost and what’s worth fighting for? It ain’t Xbox or Taylor Swift. Netflix or Fecalbook.

    America became a great place because men built — and their wives created — homes filled with music and laughter. Hearts, Hands, Hands, and Voices. Divorce & Welfare destroyed memory that had been handed down. ((TV)) did the rest.

    A house is not a home. “Home” is a difficult creation when traditions are trampled and lost. Made unattractive by soi-boys with their faggy tattoos and tee shirts. Women who intentionally set out to deceive — to lie — by cutting off their hair and dressing as men.

    Decide what’s worth fighting for. It’ll be Mozart over anything in your IPod. Titian over anything in your slave dwelling. Dickens over any website you frequent.

    While you still have time — before it’s erased — acquaint yourself with what any well-educated man had at his disposal, culturally, until 1963. There was no dissonance in going from church to school to home. Not in use of language, music (only two types: sacred & profane), or what makes good manners.

    What’s most important is what no ones talking about.

    Won’t find it on the web or in books.

    Bitchin’ bout’ boomers is pathetic.


  5. Thanks for being a good sport. Yeah, I’m a Boomer. I was born into a blue collar family one generation off the tenant farm. I was a couple of years too young for Viet Nam. I got a job at a small plastic factory where burning your fingers was part of the job. Then I got on at a local plant. But that went haywire with Carter’s recession. Fortunately I went to work in the steel mills of Gary and stayed there for 9 1/2 years until Free Trade sent my job and thousands of others to China, wrecking whole communities.. The asshole superintendent went there to help the Chinks set up. He came back with his name in Chinese characters on his hard hat. He was mighty proud of it. They closed the mill and let me go with 9 1/2 years service. 6 mos. short of being vested in any sort of pension. I lost my 1st wife and family and had a hard time of it for a couple of years. I remarried and got a job at a local foundry. After a couple of years the hot head Mexicans and negroes in the union decided to go on strike over Presidents’ Day as a paid holiday fer Chrissakes! We were out all summer and when I went back to work I got a shittier assignment. But wait! The company closed closed the foundry for good at friggin’ Christmas! I was smart enough to go college and dumb enough to take out student loans. My degree got me a small time job in county gubmint where I stayed until I retired. I’m not telling this story as a tale of woe but to explain to you pups that the majority of White working class Boomers led lives similar to mine, many with considerably worse outcomes. All this against a background of societal decay: civil rights,drugs, womens’ lib, break up of the family etc… So when you blame Boomers, qualify your statements. Rich and middle class Boomers, spoiled brats of rich and middle class so called “greatest generation” parents, are the ones that fucked up our country.
    Also, if your a working man don’t let them con you into thinking you are “middle class”. That’s just bullshit to keep you quiet.

  6. I gotta go along with Chicolini – I am a “boomer” too but – (ah yes, the big qualifier) I sure didn’t go along with the hippy set and growing up in small town/rural mid-west gives you a different outlook. I missed the whole Viet-Nam thing as I had a high draft number and they never got to me. Worked as a small town/small county cop, got college educated, got another degree and did the whole dot gov bureaucrat thing with a bunch of private sector crap in there too, then retired.

    Grew up with a sister eight years older than me and thus appreciated the music from the 40’s & early 50’s a lot more than the 60’s stuff. I still listen to a lot of the Big Band stuff. I worked as a high school kid as the weekend DJ in the little radio station where I spun records… Sunday I did classics and the label Deutsche Grammophon was my favorite and most of those LPs came from my personal collection. I did some Saturday nite shifts too and we sure were not “Beeker Street” or KAAY but did ok with “top 40” and keeping the local kids interested. It also helped me figure out I could get a job pushing buttons and talking that paid almost as good as welding livestock trailers (did both).
    Point is – there are a ‘lot’ of the Boomer group who don’t fit the popular image. Sure in general the movers and shakers from that demographic were/are idiots and helped create the mess but like Chicolini – that ain’t me and there are a large chunk (many vets too) from the Boomers who a just a tad to the right of Genghis Kahn. As for me, it ain’t personal at all… I just think there is a (big) sub set of Boomers who would be/are walking nightmares to the ‘progressives’.

  7. The first latchkey kids? Try again; thanks for playing. Broke white trash families always had kids taking care of themselves until both parents got home from work. Sometimes both were working because they were working their way out of white-trash raising & wanted to give the kids a better chance.
    Not bitching nor pissed at you, just talking about my childhood and others’.

  8. I have a hard time making up my mind about who to blame. If I blame baby boomers I only blame the assholes that were radicals and hippies who subverted capitalism and the power structure of the middle class. I’m glad that you mentioned asswipe Bill Ayres. Every time I look at his mug shot he’s got that head cocked and a grin on his face and I really wish somebody would smack him and wipe it off his face. He’s an evil SOB who had the audacity to say that he would like to see 25 million Americans die to bring about his utopia 50 years ago.

    My only other comment about this is we’ve had quite a few generations that all contributed to the near communistic state were in today. The communists used to be in the closet in the 20s and 30s and then they became more successful over time and learned how to infiltrate our institutions, corrupting them from the inside. So if you wanna talk about a generation, the simple truth of it is that it’s been a culmination of a few generations that have got us to this point. Most of us boomers didn’t even expect we would be in the position that were in today and this is all a big surprise that it has happened so suddenly. So when we didn’t warn you, it was because we weren’t expecting it either.

  9. Being in Europe and born in 1963, I don’t exactly fall into either of the categories, but one thing that occurs to me when I hear the Boomers being blamed for everything including badly made mash potatoes; You generally don’t have much influence on policy before the age of, say, 40. If the first boomer was born in 1945, then they will not really have been making many changes much before 1985. I guess the previous generation still had the steering wheel up to that point. Just thought.

    1. Right. That was my point yesterday. Want to blame Boomers for Reagan and Thatcher? Knock yourself out. Turns out their rhetoric was better than their results, so we got played. Maybe even R&T got played.

      Yes, a lot of us have a fair chunk of scratch. Comes from a lifetime of living below your means. And, of course, we inherited the wealth saved by our parents who lived through WW2 imposed scarcity and saved everything, including aluminum foil and newspapers. Guess what? Most of Gen X will have a fair chunk of scratch pretty soon when they inherit from their parents.

      Though to be fair, most of the early Gen X aren’t a whole lot different than the late Boomers.

  10. Any post about the Boomers is guaranteed to trigger a host of NAXALT rejoinders (i.e. a fallacy). Stereotypes exist for a reason. You don’t match the negative stereotype? Great. Good for you. Your anecdote does not disprove the stereotype.

    1. Exactly, but being narcissistic Boomers, they just can’t help but get butthurt when the moral failings of their g-g-g-generation are pointed out, even if it doesn’t apply to them personally.

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