Break Them On The Wheel

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!

As I said in my last poasting, the way things are going… as a reader commented and I have said…
Welp… El Fucknutto, one Mister Jim McLaughlin, put out there on how we need to be driven from any sort of ‘his civilization’… cut off from life as it were.  I put it out there to get a response, because of the baseline cowardice of people like him I asked who protects him when the shooting starts?
Of course, no response.  Nada. Bumpkis. 
Well… to be expected.
And my guy that I was having the discussion on FB?  Well -he- answered back with what I consider to be the standard line vis-a-vis the media and how we’ll be ‘demonized’… to whit: “Just remember the media is on their side. The right are the insurgents in their mind.”  
A reasonable concern for reasonable people who are afraid of what other people think of them.
My response: “A couple of newsrooms hit with 3-4 deathsquad style hits and that’ll shut them down quickly. Target the local newsmen/wimmen with precise assassinations and they’ll shortly get the idea. Right now, they feel impervious b/c -no one- has legitimately targeted them. I think if Don Lemon’s head were to be blown up by a 7.62mm round on a random Friday night, then the message might be received a bit better. The Media backs who -they think- is running the show. Feed a few, live, thru a woodchipper, record it, and poast it to Youtube or Bitchute, and watch them become VERY neutral VERY quickly.”

That coldness is in the air.

And when it comes time, people like Osita Nwanevu, a writer at The New Republic, who states HERE how essentially they need to eliminate the Constitution, primarily to institute THEIR new-wave LeftLoveFest O’Doom.   Hat tip to Liberty’s Torch for the heads up.  Now, dude there mis-identifies the fuck who wrote it… he calls the writer a chick, when in fact it’s an ugly dude…and it’s amazeballs to me how it seems like ALL these fuckers from other countries come here and get off on bashing the place that’s given them succor.  Much like Omar Ilhan and her ungrateful ass.  Ingrates.
That steams me more than I care to acknowledge. 

Like I take that shit personally.
But yeah, Osita, seen here:

Lives in Woodbridge Virginia, where the median income is $109,196

The average income is $47,052
For perspective, the average national income is $28,555.
So, he’s -already- living large, yet bashing the shit out of the system that’s so graciously given him the opportunity to make out so well, he lives in essentially a gated community…
So, Mister Nwanevu graduated with a B.A. from the University of Chicongo, and had the money to go for the M.A. at the same Uni after the fact and graduated in 2016.  Since then he interned with Slate, and Harpers, worked then for Slate and now runs around in the rarified Libtarded World of The New Republic, spewing his anti-constitutional and frankly anti-American viewpoint.  He’s also hooked up with a chick named Kiara Nerenberg, Ashkenazi, BTW…who’s a PhD candidate at John Hopkins in Baltimore and studying Sociology.  Her idea of a reading list is such: 

She’s fucking Cray Cray IMO.

They Doxx, We Doxx.
Nice life.  Sure would be a shame to see sometin’ happen to it Aye?
Because these fucks and the fucks just like him are going to find out that when the stench of their own “Smug” runs out, that there’s gonna be Hell to pay, and that bill is coming soon.
They Used to Break People on The Wheel.

That’s where they’d tie up a criminal on a wagon wheel all spreadeagle, and commence to bashin allllllll his limbs until they either were completely broken and/or torn off.

A close up:

If the target was lucky, they’d die before that second act, which was usually to build a fire underneath the wheel and torch the broken motherfucker on it.

Make Wheels Great Again
Especially in the Media’s case.
Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
*Note: ALL the info I got was from open-sources.  FaceBook and LinkedIn.  Amazing how open some targ…er… People are huh?

By BigCountryExpat

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  1. ah,Catherine's Wheel. Forgot about that one.
    right up there with Vlad the impaler.
    sometimes old is new.

    1. Oh, you can burn them…

      But I like the other Catherine's Wheel.

      Break their legs and arms, feed them into the spokes of the wheel. Put wheel on a pole, mount pole slightly not vertical.

      Every time the wind blows, the wheel rocks back and forth. A good gust will make the whole wheel spin. The wheelie gets to experience his/her/its broken bones grinding against themselves.

      Sentence was usually 24 hours. If you lived? Okay, fine. Remove from wheel, give to family, survivor has a great future as an oddity or a jester…

      Yeah, baby. Western Euro Civilization, fucking assholes up in new and unusual ways since the time of the Roman Empire!

  2. Hi Bubba!!!!!,
    YUP….. It's called "4-G" and the left doesn't know it….yet!!!
    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,

  3. The corksoakers on the left are gonna be in for an rude wakenin, both in your wonderful country and the one that sits on the Northern border!

    Chutes Magoo

  4. The more I read the more I love this blog. You are absolutely correct on the best way to deal with the media. Probably the only one to say it out loud. Too many people screech about that hearts and minds BS.

  5. The wannabe dictators of the left are pontificating about what THEY intend to do to US. They do so because of their belief that the media, the swamp and LEO are on THEIR side. Unfortunately for US that belief is mostly true. ALL of the swamp, 95% of the media and the majority of LEO actually ARE on their side. That means those opposing this ongoing coup are like the French Resistance of WW2…..operating in the shadows in fear of stoolies and the swamp's American Gestapo….the FBI, who are FIRMLY in the camp of the communist left. It's becoming quite obvious that the resistance to the current corrupt regime…Trump and a few being the exception…must be patterned in many ways as a guerrilla resistance. Any person openly opposing the plans and actions of the left will get the Kyle Rittenhouse treatment. If they survive.

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