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Broken… an apt word.  It describes so much in our lives these days, and yet we’re still in the ‘days of wine and roses’… leastways anyone with half-a-functioning brain could tell you that.  I read somewhere the other day courtesy of CA at WRSA that we’re in a time of the ‘phony war’…  that weird time between the ‘real shewt’n’ starts and our bucolic lifestyle takes a giant shit on the bed.

I mean right now?  One should be of good cheer and trying to see and enjoy the finer things (if you can)… I’m intending on having a great summer, seeings that the deprivation and worst case scenarios that’re -possibly- upcoming have the future lookin’ a mite bleak if’n you look at it.  I’m in no way going “Full Snyder”… as in Michael “DOOOOOOOOOM” Snyder.  Guy makes long-term preppers and doomers look tame.  I mean his head is sorta-kinda in the right place, but a bit too ‘grifty’ in the books, sales, hell the fact he ran for public orifice.  THAT right there is when I lost -any- respect for him.  “Donate for me so’s we can voat harderer!!!

Uh, no. 
Ain’t happening.
But broken as we be, the outlook is a bit good in the fact that what we have here going on is a very slow burn.  Despite the attempted arsonist tactics that seem to be going, almost nonstop from my perspective, the slide is slow, slow and slow.  Sure… Inflation?  Always happens when a (D) gets in the Oval Orifice.  Gas prices climb? Ditto.  I mean everything is damned near cyclical.  Even Hitler.  Before him?  Napoleon.  About 110 years between the two… before that, you don’t really have a “world conquering overall arch-villain”  I mean there were some doodz who took over vast swathes of areas, Like Genghis and Tamerlane… but ‘semi-modern times’ i.e. Industrial Level Conquerors, You got Napoleon and Hitler.  Now, some folks say the cyclical nature of history, the cycles repeat faster as things improve technologically speaking… meaning shit happens sooner.

So, be it about 120+/- years between Hitler taking control (1933) and Napoleon taking over (1805), and mind you I use the 120 +/- as the two of them both had significant roles before becoming El Grande Queso of the Day.  Now, basing on purely speculative time, that maybe things get cut in half or so plus or minus… lets use the mean of 75 years between last cycle…which means 1945 to now? 2020.

I mean purely conjecture, but we’re in comparable historical times in many respects, people just don’t realize it.  Either way, shit’s getting weird(er) and if you don’t have -some sort of plan- in place, don’t come crying on my shoulder.  

It’s part of the brokenness of things
People have it waaaay too comfy.  Like have never gone a full two days without food
do not count fasting as a two to three day break… I’m talking you ain’t eating cos there ain’t no food… Hell, I don’t think I’ve missed many meals even in my most austere times back in the day… maybe a day or two… and even then? 

Not so much. 

I -do know- what “water rationing” is… BT-DT… nothing potable.  THAT purely sucks and scares my shit green.  I, because of that, tend to be waaaay overcompensating to insure potable aqua.  Ain’t nothing like being told in Iraq, in the middle of summer, that you get a total of two liters of potable per day cos there ain’t no more to be had.  I sweat at least 1 liter worth a day in those conditions.  Used to have to eat Gatorade powder as my carcass sheds far too many of the needed chems in my system that makes me a heat-casualty too easy.  All the ‘essential salts’ and shytte.

So, the brokenness extends to the Political, Infrastructure (tiered to political) and the fact that for way too long our “Soviet Style” bureaucracy has gotten away without being called on it.

“We pretend to work, they pretend to pay us.”

Tell me that doesn’t describe -any and all- DotGov job out there these days.You can’t because you know it’s true.  The heffalump diversity hires, the lame assed nonfunctional folks who, under normal circumstances don’t warrant even an iota of time are the ones who, by dint of their skin tone, their (((religious affiliations))) and or their closeness to vast sums of Money/Familial connections (ahem! Hunter Biden) they wouldn’t be where they are under anything considered to be ‘normal times’.

I mean these are the people who tend to expect -everything- and have gotten -everything- and never been called on anything for doing nothing, because “that’s raaaaycist!!!!”

<Le Sigh>Just this week, the Metro in New Yawk, the guys who are supposed to do the safety inspections on the subway got caught out for not having done their job(s) for the past two years… as in “they pretended to inspect” and got paid OT and all the frills that go with a Union (i.e. Communist Oriented Bureaucratic) Position, and not a single one of them was fired.

Nope.  “Strongly worded letter of discipline in the ‘permanent record.’

Yeah… sounds like that ‘permanent record’ they used to scare us back when shit like that mattered when I was in Junior High… gawd… what a bunch of maroons were were believing THAT load of tripe.  What a waste of good, prime party years.
And you know what, even IF a train had suffered a catastrophic failure resulting in lawsuits and death, I’d bet a cop’s last donut in a dozen that nothing still would’ve ever come up vis-a-vis the fake inspections and inspectors.  I mean it -is- only taxpayer money doncha know?
We’re in a Pre-Soyviet Collapse…
Or maybe “Prolapse” would be a better term.’
Cos when this particular shytteshow goes, it’s gonna take a giant shit.
For better or for worse, the US used-to-be the preeminent power on the planet.
Now, we’re a lot like the current resident in power
Old, decrepit, the best days (if there ever were any) far in the rear-view mirror.  Lucky that he hasn’t sharted himself live on tv.  The very idea that IRL that Slo Versus Putin is going to happen is like fucking nil, unless they get a superior cloned stand in.  I really think that they’ll do it too.  The hubris and lack of baseline intelligence among our theoretical betters is astonishing.  This’s what you get for inbreeding with each other and ‘keeping it all in the fam’ for too many generations.  Inbred chuckleheads.  

“They Pretend to Be In Charge, and We Let Them, (as long as they don’t go too far)”I just wonder how much longer is that going to last?
I know I’m lazy.  I’ve admitted it openly many many times
Comes from having already done my Time.  These -were-, ostensibly, supposed to be my “days of wine and roses”

Reminds me of Jane’s Addiction….
“Me and my girlfriend
Don’t wear no shoes
Her nose is painted pepper-sunlight
She loves me
I mean it’s serious, as serious can be
Well, she sings a song
And I listen to what it says
Well, if you want a friend
Feed any animal
There’s so much space
I could cut me a piece
With some fine wine
It brought peace to my mind
In the summertime
And it rolled
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, summertime rolls
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, summertime rolls”
One of my favorite songs… Love that one… good memories in the field back at Campbell.
So, I’m no where near wanting to get dirty.  I’m just as content as the next guy to chill out.  
Doesn’t mean tho, that I’m not ready.
As all should we be.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

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  1. An excellent book. Society will either get back to based values, or be forced into it. When the roses are dead and the wine has turned to vinegar, then the majority will wake up. BTW, saw the video of Macron getting slapped, awesome!

  2. I remember when I wasi n High School I had a firend whose father had fought in the desert in the Eighth Army. He said they had a water ration of 2 Imperial pints per day when they were at the front. That is 1.14 litres to give a conversion. I remember him saying that it was not very pleasant and they stole water wherever they could source it.

  3. Gents,

    What is happening is all in the Bible. Some of us will soon see his guy and worship him, he will fix everything for a while

  4. Days of “wine & roses?”

    Few years ago, I had me a great kid brother. Was the runt of our litter and kinda bow-legged as a kid scurrying around, so we nicknamed him “Monk.” Every sibling had a nickname. Well, he took to learning all the computer shit and was real handy with motor skills (especially pistol shooting) and took some college courses, but wound up in a Vocational Trades course -special training and expertise in repairing gas station fuel pumps, valves, lines–the whole nine yards–even the exotic shit like airport fuel lines.

    So, Monk gets hired forthwith by one of the petro “7 Sisters,” (Anglo-Iranian Oil Co.) and he’s making beaucoup d’argent, bennies up the wazoo, massive OT and they give him a rig that looks like a fishing trawler with three radios and enough pipes, valves, and tools to fix a Space Shuttle in distress. And he’s got the skills and balls to do just that!

    Only problem: Monk is on-call 24/7. A drunk at 0300 backs up into a gas station pump and shears it off–Monk’s gotta go fix it. So he deals with the Store Manager, pipe and valve suppliers, 7 Sister higher-up the food chain, and even some big-cheese execs at corporate.

    After many years of this, Monk realizes that he is one of the few, the proud that actually knows what they are doing and gives a flying fook. He sees various “peoples of color,” dykes, flaming LGBTQ weirdos, and just plain arrogant and stupid types running the show, but never getting their paws dirty (or, overalls drenched in #2 diesel, such that Mrs. Monk immediately incinerates same when he does get back to base.)

    Monk starts to fume. And I mean -REALLY FUME. When we go to the range and pistol shoot, he empties a mag smack dab into the X-ring. I ask him: “Balls ‘afire! Where’d ya learn to shoot THAT good?” He says: “I just pretend it’s that smiling incompetent’s face of “X” at corporate, who doesn’t know his ass from a massive hole in an aviation fuel pipe going into JFK Airport and he’s telling me what I can and can’t do. Dozens of flights and business fooked up because of these idiots whose only claim to a paycheck is their skin color or other preference.” Pissed him off greatly.

    It finally got so bad that he actually entertained thoughts of “cleaning house” at corporate a la “going postal.” I always counseled the Bro to forget violence as a solution. But–fate intervened–the “Big C” got a hold of his jaw (he drank Jim Beam like water and smoked like a chimney) and it was a very aggressive cancer, virtually untreatable. A quick but terribly painful end, even with massive opioids. Saw him wasting away in his recliner at home one day, left, and an hour later, Mrs. Monk called to say he left this world.

    I often wonder exactly HOW MANY Monks there are out there–totally fed up with the shit-sandwich we are all being fed daily, ready to snap? Just askin’.

    Days of “wine & roses’ may come to an end sooner, rather than later due to “environmental conditions.” A man’s gotta breathe clean air–no pollution of the mind, body, or soul.

    1. Sounds like what happened to the anti-hero in the 1993 flick, “Falling Down” starring Michael Douglas. One of the best movies I ever saw. Check it out, it’s going to piss you off.

  5. @CPL Antero Rokka
    Sorry to hear about your brother Monk.
    Hope he got some time to enjoy life somewhat before he went.
    “I often wonder exactly HOW MANY Monks there are out there–totally fed up with the shit-sandwich we are all being fed daily, ready to snap?”
    How about ready to retire and take the money and let the monkeys try to run things?
    Forget about ready to snap and going postal over work related stupidity. It’s not worth it.
    If you have many years on the job, unless you have been really unlucky with special needs children or have had multiple divorces and endless child support, you should have some ability to weather the storm and quit if it’s a matter of your sanity (or committing slow suicide by heavy drinking and smoking) even if it means living in a mobile home for a while until retirement benefits and/or savings kick in.
    On a personal level, living well is the best revenge.
    On a society level, BCE is right on the money when he talks about “broken”.
    Move out away from the blue hives cause things are going to start breaking down. It’s going to be epic.

  6. Was at Publox, I told the bagger, who was one of my contemporaries, that he looked like a bad guy extra from an old episode of the lone ranger, what with the way he was wearing a bandana as a mask, we were talking about how we could watch the old shows like sky king on YouTube.
    Anyway the checkout girl, who was a blond why gilr and wasn’t more than 21said she only watched movies in Mandarin, she is studying the language in order to be ahead of the game when the Chinese became our bosses.

  7. If we are lucky we get a Hitler. If we are unlucky we get either a Stalin or a deeper descent into a Weimar Republic.

    We need to stop thinking the Left is incompetent. If they put a thumb-sucking moron in charge it’s for a reason, especially if you believe the theory that its not really Biden. If it’s an actor/deep fake, why not have them act competent?

    There are a number of reasons why the Left would do this, none of them good. At the top of the list is him being set up as a patsy in some way, like do something terrible even by Leftist standards, he gets hit with the 25th Amendment, and its time for everyone to accept the newer new normal because the only guy responsible for [Final Solution to white problem, nuking Beijing, nuking North Dakota, repealing Bill of Rights, mass assassinations, etc.] is in the nut house.

    1. The right refuses to believe or understand they’re the subjects of a giant psyop, they just keep listening to their favorite news and following along. Arrogant ignorance is their credo.
      Stupidity is a self curing problem.

  8. None of the shyte going on is is an accident. The plan was laid out by Saul Alinski in Rules for Radicals. Overwhelm the system with incompetence (bureaucratic diversity), leftists, take over all institutions, welfare, political correctness, time and you have the perfect recipe for a collapsed, once great civilization.
    BCE, I fear for you, you’ve taken point position as Canary in the Coal Mine. I pray for you. Too poor to send $, hope the prayer (and alt you’s) makes the difference. Nobody is coming to our rescue.

  9. Yup, it’s all broken, all right. It’s a little dream-worldish right now, because so many of us know about the man behind the curtain, and all of the flying monkeys looking for a place to land. I don’t think it’ll have a happy ending, for people alive right now. If it does, it’s because they just know how to be happy. I know how to be happy in sub-zero weather on guard duty, with the wind blowing, and having to go straight to duty the next morning. That’s because I made up my mind to do that. Same with this oncoming shit sandwich. Take a bite, and keep going. Audentes fortuna Juvat.

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