Burn Notice

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
“Send lawyers, guns and money…”
Just had an interesting day.  Thankfully the new job has started, and ALL my ducks are in a row, so when the Law showed up (politely) I’ll give them that, I called my lawyer, (politely), closed the door and waited til he got here.

I’m clean as a preachers sheets
Dirty thoughts only
SO, if I’m poasting incredibly lightly it’s per advice of counsel.
Seems mostly it was about that AR I mentioned a waaaays back, But they also has ‘other’ probing questions that I deferred to my mouthpiece.  Total time spent?  About 5 minutes once the ground rules were established…  

Otherwise… I feel wrung the fuck out.
The new job IS legit, it’s just ALL fucked up with the hiring process… seems no one told HR that they were hiring a total now of 250 people.  In a week,  Like zero warning.  So they got caught flat-footed and shit like everything being literally back-asswards with me was the norm, rather than the exception.

BTW: Anyone I owe $$$ resend me the mailing addy, for either items not received or ‘other’… The Computer that I had all that info on, for some reason the HDD first got hit with a bleachbit style virus?  I dunno?  And then the damnedest thing, a HUGE 240+/- volt shock went through it, essentially fusing it.  Burnt it up…  No recovery, so my a-polly-olly-geez for that.  The laptop was ok, as I had it outside the machine to run a diagnostic on it… damnedest thing Aye?

Smelled pretty bad too…
So, the news today?  Not sure.  Had me hands full.So, because of that, give me a day or so to get me shytte back together.More Later I Remain The Intrepid ReporterBig Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Do NOT ever utter one word to any LEO. Not one word. Let your lawyer speak for you. ALWAYS.
    I know, I was a Police Officer for 28 years. Your own words can be twisted enought to convict you of any crime the LEA decides to bring against you.
    Shtum. Be that way.

  2. LEO:Can we talk?
    YOU:Like we are friends are something?
    Got a warrant serve it, if not then fuck right off.
    The Taliban (CIA) just got a windfall and they are worried about an AR?
    No wonder pulling rickshaw carts and learning Cyrillic script are the future of the Kwanstain.

  3. Burn Notice, loved that show. With all the articles, videos, etc. out there, you’ve no excuse if you are dumb enough to talk to the police. They must be bored to be hassling you over that. Guess the Eye of Sauron must have noticed you. After all you are one of those dangerous possible domestic terryrists veteran types.

  4. Could be “Probing fire”, never take that bait. They set some surveillance up, maybe an IMSI catcher and wait for some paranoia induced “evidence”, sudden load being hauled out, flurry of cell calls, bonfire in the back yard… If they come to your door their at least watching if not tracking and listening, then again a karen might have discovered the site on her little darlings device history and wigged out. Being a smart ass and an asshole I’d be doing all that and dragging a rolled up carpet with an old pair of boots sticking out the bottom to my truck and throwing in a shovel…

  5. Search “don’t talk to the police lawyer” on YouTube for a series of vids by defence lawyers just why you should zip lips aroung cops.

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