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Man… back in the rush of shit, and it ain’t stopping.  The work is retarded per usual, if not for the fact that its even MOR apparent that the higher ups are on a ‘extraction mission’ than even before.

I mean it’s bad enough that it’s all been pushing sales sales sales (NOT what I was hired for) but now it’s alllllll about the Standard Corporate Pandering Training.  I mean what large corporation can ignore this current chain of events?
I mean even Wendy’s jumped on full-bore-dirty-whore and spread her red headed legs to get pumped and dumped by Rufus and the Gang… I mean, hell… it couldn’t hurt to pander to BLM…
Uh…. yep.  ‘Bout as good as I’d expect it to…  
Rule #1: Never Feed the Beast.  It only encourages them. Just like welfare… giving money to fucking dirtbags only encourages dirtbag behavior.  I mean hell… how many companies are going to keep paying the Danegeld?  I mean it’s more like “Nig-geld” at this point… 
Point is, it’s getting worse.  Work today, hell all week the fucking monks have been on the phone ‘tryna gits whuts minez!’  This being free products/services… even when they haven’t paid their fucking bills in over 18 fucking months.  It always happens.  The -second- the Free Shit(head) Army starts, the coons come out of the woodwork looking for their ‘gibs.’  Saw it under Obamahussien (piss be upon him)… the niggers (not blacks) getting all ‘uppity’ towards whypeepo.  Demanding ‘respect’ where there has been none earned.  Now?  It’s the niggers thinking they can demand goods and services from corporations, via calling and threatening us on the lowest end… the front-line phone worker.  Which in itself is hysterical.  
Person:  “Yousall best gibs me my -Product A- hea rights now, or I’z calling an tellin yo soop’vizer y’all called me a nigga!” 
Me: (questioning my life choices) “Thats your prerogative, but understand these calls are recorded.”
Person: (now revealed to be gibs-me-dat trash) “don no nuttin bout no recordin… Gibs me whut I want!”
And then the very fact that it doesn’t register with these cretins is that I’m a glorified moron-in-a-chair.  A trained monkey could do this gig.  Hell, I was a grunt… that IS a well trained monkey (Gorilla War anyone?).  Bad puns aside, fact is, they can’t conceptualize  that I can’t give them what they want.  I have to explain (if I even feel like it… depends on how hostile they are… the slightest bit of ‘tude’ and its DIS-CON-NEXT!) I have to explain I’m no one, gots no power, can’t gets ’em anything free, and pay your bill if you want us to turn the service back on.
Yeah… dealing with all flavors of morons.  I can tell almost who I’m going to be dealing with by the location that the call comes up in.  New York -proper-, usually High End yuppies or whatever the fuck they’re called now… generally nice folks, but want shit done right the first time, no tolerance for fuckups (which I like) and boom off the phone cause time-is-fucking-money-gotta-do-the-blow-off-my-hookers-ass-Bye!  The Brooklyners… the hispanic/black/ethnic mix… wide and varied.  Lots of jews.  Not too bad for the most part… I can always tell when someone is scamming me, and while I can’t call ’em out on it, I can make their lives a bit more miserable.  Like ‘accidentally’ closing/locking their accounts… changing their phone number associated with the account so they lose the phone access to the info… small petty revenge shit that can’t really be tracked, as there’s literally MILLIONS of transactions on MILLIONS of accounts daily.
So, as of Thursday I’m solo for a full week or more.  Wifey hopped the only car we got to go to see her spawn who’s having surgery.  Told her to be back by the 4th, as shit might be getting “jiggy wit it” ’roundabout that time…  Might be longer tho as we just got some shocking news that her BFF friend’s Husband and buddy of mine cashed in his chips yesterday morning.  Massive Heart Attack.  No pain, dead before he hit the floor apparently.  Wifey was gonna spend two day with them scheduled…but now?  It’s up in the air.  
More Later as I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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