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Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whelp.. half a jug of some good, nay GREAT Deutche Wein… specifically Schmitt und Sonne Reisling…  Oh how I love that particular jug o’gutwein LOL.  Realistically, the reason ye Olde Intrepid Reporter went ‘wine mode’ was that was all that was in the house, and I wasn’t feeling the whole ‘race out after work’ for beer and bullshit that goes with it.  Things here have returned somewhat back to normal, ‘cept shopping hours. Everything from the Publix to the Likker Store is shut down at 1900.  Real pain in the ass when I’m at work until 1900.

Normally I’d send the Sapper or the Mizzuz out for a resupply of class six, but tonight, the Mizzuz has been having some stomach issues… barfing, feeling generally shitty, and Sapper’s been grumpier than an 80 year old HIGHLY constipated old man…

Think its the lockdown/lack o’poontang that’s getting him down… especially since he has to hear me bangin’ out the Mizzuz out like I did the other night… the walls and insulation are good, but the Mizzuz is a bit of a howler, never mind screamer… “Raising the Roof” is more her style and she tends to scream the house down if’n I’m doing the right thing(s).

Sooo….. TMI I know…  Tonight’s adventure was more fun with guns.  Specifically I finished the Poly80 Glock 17 Frame.

$150 is what I got it for, ‘cept it –didn’t– come with the tools.  Thankfully I have an extensive tool chest specifically designed around gunsmithing.  So I wasn’t hurting.  Took me two days…

I got it in FDE as this time, I wanted the two-tone look… the slide, when I get it, is going to be a black standard slide….

You can sort of see where I cut down and removed the parts that needed removing.  All in all, I give it a 9.8 on an ease of use scale.  WAY easy for me, as I’m a highly experienced gunsmith… hell Expert level… and even the most re-re bastard could do this rig up with simple hand tools.

AGAIN I forgot the “before” pics…  I just get sooooo damned excited to do the work I forget until AFTER that I wanted to share… goddamned Buck Fever if you will LOL.  In this case, new-gun-build fever.

The Poly80 V2 frame is the shit.  Beautifully stippled without going overboard, simple and elegant, with 4 picatinny rails on the lower part of the frame.  Cut down and sanded, the metal inserts only needed a -bit- of hammerwork/convincing to fit, but I didn’t have to brute force it.  Just ‘regular’ tight fitting parts, as it should be… think I would have worried if’n they’d just dropped in loose… that’d be not good in a very doubleplus ungood fashion…

Soooo the next stage is to walk Sapper through HIS build.  He got one, but wanted to see how hard it was/see if I fucked it up with mine.  Now that I’m done and it worked out, He wants to do it hisself, which I highly encourage, provided he listens to me if and when he’s doing it.

So yeah, not a bad night.  Very productive, and I’ve intentionally avoided the news for the past two days to focus on my projects, as it seems that the shit I’m working on now -may- come in handy in a few more months, seeings how shit be sliding sideways in slo-motion.

So until Tomorrow, I leave you with  this:

Hells to the Yeah factor on that ‘un
Til the AM I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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