Busy But Productive

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
And what, if anything, did you do this fine, fine Saturday to get Ye Olde Shytte together for the probable, if not now certain Shenanigans that are in play this upcoming week?

Me and Sapper… it was trigger time at the outdoor 100 Yard Buttes.

I forgot just how difficult it can be to mount a brand new scope.  Got a 1X6 Patrol Optic as a gift from a friend for an early 52nd Birfday.  Nice too… about $300.  Its been a LONG while since I’ve mounted on an AR platform, and the quick lock mount was a new one too.  Red Dots are quick n dirty… this I hadda dial in like old school.  Got it on, but man, I was WAY fucking high on my first three.  The rangemeister has a really nice spotting rig to call shots, and he did me a solid b/c Sapper was busy with his workup.  Seems I was ‘trimming the top’ of the 3 foot by 3 foot target, and after ‘down 20’ and ‘right 5’ I was decorating the center mass.

Then I dialed in Mr. Long Shot 7.62.
That ALSO was shooting waaaaaay high.
And no, I ain’t poastin’ the target pic.  I was off.  No need to further embarrass meselves.
Still, after a goodly 9 shots, I got it dialed in too.
Set out some clay pigeons… the nice orange ones that blow up nice if’n ya tag ’em right.
Blew the fuck outta them.
Which, 100 yards?  Not a long shot.  But, for a 52 year old dood with extreme nerve damage (think “Shakes the Clown” palsy level), pegging a 3 inch disk at 100 with two long arms is enough to make ME happy.  That and the script on me eyeball correctors is off… over two years old.  I’m in dire need of either lasik or new peepers.  The lasik I’m not sure of b/c I got severe astigmatism in both eyes.  Makes it harder to do the beam correction.  Either way, for a shakey half blind fucker I did aight.
And then, home agin.  Gots MOR stuffs to do.  Supposed to go over Ranger J’s place tonight, but not sure if’n I’ma feeling it.  Mah belly be a bit off.  Sketchy Chinese’ll do that.
And before I can party, I gots to gits this done:

Up at 6

Range by 8
Home by Noon
Cap, Prep and Pull by 2.
Blog at 3
Finish the load after whenever-the-fuck I gits dun squawkin’ here.  Also gotta run a snake down the bore of both rifles.  NOT detail cleaning.  Just a wet/wipe and lube.
Might leave it til tomorrow.
In fact… fuck.
Jes realizamated… the party at Ranger J is more n’likely a Halloween Party.
I am in -no mood- for that currently.  Wifey is up at the ‘rents, and Sapper has to work at midnight, and I’m fucking beat and tired.  Been a looooong fulfilled week, and this upcoming one looks sketchy as fuck all. Not really up for dealing with a lot of people I don’t know well, who’re gonna be acting like retards.
Rather sit with the dawgs and keep the house safe.
Oh well… times a’wasting.
Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I mounted a new scope using one of those funky forward offset mount and ring set ups. It wasn't too bad but now I need to go sight the damn thing in. I bought one of those cheap bore mounted laser bore sighters I gotta use first though.

  2. Phil, how do you like the off set forward mount and ring? I have looked at them, but they look too exotic and fragile to me. What say you Big?

    1. OK Offset Iron or scope? I've got an offset 45degree iron sights installed. The forward mount and rings are great. Solid billet like Phil sez. Locked in tighter n'A ticks ass

  3. I recognize the range. I'm usually over on the 600 yard range. I'll be over on the main line pretty quick – a new barrel will have to be sighted in.

    1. Nov 14th Blogshoot with Borepatch there… I'll be there w/Sapper and possibly the Serbian War Criminal as well.

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