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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
22:00 last night Gran#2 spiked a fever, AND what we thought was a small bug bite (thanks daycare!) well, -whatever- it is/was, we ended up in the ER until 0800 this AM.  I’ve had 2 hours of sleep.  Turns out that waaay back when she had that black widow spider bite?  She (and we, the Grans) didn’t know this, but she’d developed MRSA (recurring) and Ye Olde Bite?  Now back w/ a vengeance.  Did a minor surgery, they put in a drain and she’s doing –much– better thank God.  She’s high AF right now, bless her lil self…

Now, the expose, hold onto the popcorn…

I’m going to keep going with my expose, I’m just too tired to do anything other than this.  Mike’s site and Phil’s seem to have issues right now, and our local nutjob Sarah has taken credit for the outage, so I guess IF that’s true then we can add a federal rap to her on top of her -other- shit.

Personally, the outage report has a bunch of -other- stuff on it, I don’t know nor have the intel.  I know MY sites are up, and unfortunately Mike’s the only one with the ‘keys to that castle’…  so have to see how it progresses.

Quick update, the page takes –forever– to load, which tells me maybe a DDOS attack?  Not sure.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid and TIRED Reporter
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  1. FYI. The Feral Irishman talked to Cederq, who helps run Bustednuckles. Cederq reports that they think it’s a local internet outage. I’ve tried to get on periodically at Busted and Cold Fury since 6:30AM EST. Just tried again `5min ago. No Joy.

    I actually dialed up Big Country just to see if you were down too, given what all three sites have been reporting about Nutjob Sarah.

    Good luck with Granbebe

  2. I wish I had read a comment on the other blog about the honey months ago…I tried everything in the book for a brown recluse sneak attack, and the only thing that seemed to work was peeling the skin off as it dried up. Nice shit, eh? That’s a kick ass toxin, not bacterial. Anyway, it’s healed over but giving that commenter at yer other site a knowledge base hat tip here cause Google hates me and I hate them back.


    Take a look here: https://idmp.ucsf.edu/content/antibiotic-stewardship-and-spectrum-guide

    Notice clindamycin and doxycycline over at the right side. Now, she’s under med care now, but let’s just do a hypothetical for perhaps another patient in another time and another place, and perhaps, a topical use to nuke the shit where it grows instead of systemic (diffusion of antibiotics does happen). Suppose you had some KY jelly (read: methylcellulose; vehicle) and you made up a 1% w/v solution of *both* of the above antibiotics. There are a bunch of papers out there on the force multiplier of combined antibiotics to fight some super bad shit like MRSA and MSSA. Of course, the M.D. types, being the checklist final exam med school worthless robot fucks that they are, freak out and go all Karen even discussing such a thing as combined antibios. But remember…empirical is empirical. And, as House once said…”We need plumbers with more buttcrack, not doctors.” ‘Nuff said.

    Carry on.

  3. For brown recluse bites I have prescribed dapsone with quite impressive results. Yet another off label use for a drug, previously used in Vietnam for resistant malaria

  4. Black Widow venom is neurotoxic, Brown Recluse causes tissue destruction by dissolution, and both are prone to secondary infection. Glad to hear she’s on the mend.

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