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DAMN I’m busy today.  Like Busy Busy… so much going on… GranBebe tonight gets to go see a newborn Colt.  Reader Cowboy, who I did some gun work back before things got -really stupid- vis-a-vis partswise and others is a Horse dude.  Raises and breeds some really awesome looking horses apparently.  Now me?  I don’t know jack shit about horses really.  I can sorta-kinda ride, leastways I used to back in the day, but now?  My biggest memory note-to-self sort of thing is to never, ever, ever find yourself in a parade marching behind them Equine Hayburning Sumbitches.  Had that happen when I was a kid in Cub Scouts… no idea who the sick bastard was who thought it was funny to put the scouts behind the State Police Horse patrol, but man, dodging dookie was the order of the day.

So got word this A.M. that Cowboys got hisself a new itty-bitty Colt.  So, of course we gotta run GranBebe over to see the newbie.  It’ll tickle her sideways I think.  Gonna make sure I get some pictures too, as that’s gonna have some of the same joy and wonder on her face that I love to see and cherish.

And speaking of Joy… Man, I’m beginning to realize just how old I am, as it’s Spawn #1 Birfday today.  20 fuckin’ 3.  Engaged, and making more money than me.  Go Spawn!!!

OK: So. Too much to talk about these days.  Things seem so out of control.  I mean never in my life, even during the dark days of Saber Rattling during the 80’s Cold War stupidity, have I seen so much shit apparently seem to be coming unglued all at once.  It’s like the very fact that the old saw about “America is the glue that keeps the World together!” seems to be on the mark.  Now that we’ve managed to shoot ourselves collectively in the metaphoric head, the rest of the world has decided it’s “Game the fuck on” in many instances.

I’d love to know which member of the Biden Goon Squad decided it’d be a good idea to tell the Ukraine that “it’s cool to poke Russia, we got your back homie!” about the Crimea.  I mean these fucking people… holy God.  No fucking clue.  A reader poasted a great link in the comments to the understanding of Vlad the First, new Czar of The Greater Re-Risen Russian Republic… that link is here: https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/how-to-think-about-vladimir-putin/  It’s an egghead analysis, not to explain Putin, as it’s more a treatise on the how and why of Putin, and his apparent demonization by the West, and why his people Worship and Adore him.  After reading it, it’s pretty apparent that it’s his choice to insure the Primacy of Russia, over bending the knee to the bureaucrats in Brussels, or the Bullies in D.C… I mean sheeee-it can’t says I blame him… After what happened in the former USSR?  The money quote from an Average Russian:
“Most Russians have come to believe that democracy is what happened in their country between 1990 and 2000, and they do not want any more of it.”

They like having a Strongman in Charge.A Take-No-Shit-Fuck-Y’all-Motherfuckers Boss in charge.

What do we have?
A fucking Corpse who hasn’t realized that he’s fucking dead yet.
A goddamned sock puppet
An asshole who’s only staying in place so’s him and his don’t get hung for the traitors they are
Nevermind the bennies of all that sweet, sweet lil boys and girl flavored adrenochrome

And the rest of the World knows it.

At the rate these cardboard cutout retards are running things, World War is becoming a reality again.  I mean for fucks sakes… did y’all see that picture of Slo and his Personal Ho with the geek in the Masked Easter Bunny outfit on the White House balcony?  No?  Well here it is:

According to the Huffington Post, thats US Navy Cmdr. Richard I. Lawlor… who used to be one of Trump’s Naval Attache.  He’s one of six military Attaches to the White House.  You know what else he does?  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

One of his nominal jobs is carrying the nuclear ‘football’.

I don’t know what to make of this.  I mean Jesus.  What the fuck ever happened to Military Bearing and Dignity?  Nevermind the fact they published it.  Noormally it’s some second string White House Aid who’s looking to move up via asskissing and whatnot for volunteering for some bullshit jobs to get ahead.  

This guy?  Wonder what the fuck he’s atoning for?  Must have been a leathal Officer Evaluation Report for him to do a slobbering knob-job on the dessicated corpse of the pResidential Kidsniffer.  That or he’s banging that withered husk of a First Hole.
Speaking of which… dig this:

For 4 years, we had a First Lady who was an International Model of Some Repute, and gorgeous in all ways, elegant and hawt.  Before, it was 8 Years of the Media slobbering on “Big Mike’s” carefully tucked manhood… and fashion sense of, well, a fucking hood-rat nog.

Now comes “Dr Jill Biden, Fashionista”
I think I just puked in my mouth a bit.1980 called you fucking slore, they want their fashion back, and I need a bleach eyewash after that shit.  She’s pushing fucking what? 72 herself?  Dressed like that?  Good Fuckin GOD.Please let Putin Nuke DC…Just. Make. It. Stop.More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Dude your Patreon link is no working. You might want to check that out can’t offer support if we can’t find it.

  2. My worry: Chinks and Vlad know Murrica under Biden is weak. Ruskies have started moving divisional units (30+ SPG on trains from the pics) into Crimea. Meanwhile the Chinks have 2 fleet carriers, 2 LHD’s similar in size to our Canberra class in sea trials and dozens of other amphibious landing ships. I fear a coordinated push. A small spark and Russia will annex eastern Ukraine followed up by the chinks landing in Taiwan. Should the 2 Carriers in the area be put to battle their proximity to China would near on certainly result in their demise after the chinks overwhelm them. From it would only escalate I fear

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