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So, whilst getting up and operational this A.M. for the training/not training for the new gig, I surfed the Brit News as they ARE a few hours ahead of the US time wise, and I find a lot of shit that ‘pops’ on their radar a bit sooner than our C.I.A. managed media.  One tidbit that came up was that lil Kimmie Kartrashian turned 40.  
Who woulda know?
Not me by a long shot.
However, seems lil Kimmie, the pee drinking attention slore than she is, couldn’t keep quiet.  I mean after all, it is her 40th B-Day.  That tends to be the big one for most folks as most of us ain’t making to 80, so 40’s the halfway marker for going tax free.
She sent out her usual glam-shots and some absolutely tone deaf shytte about being ‘blessed’ and yadda t’yadda.  What was epic was the backlash. Hence my writing about it because I was just tickled by one of the responses…

I literally spit my energy drink all over the laptop.  Thank god it’s a waterproof Toughbook Model.  The quote is from her stupid ‘I’m soooooo blessed fer suuuure’ bullshit.  ” I realize that for most people, this is something that is so far out of reach right now, so in moments like these, I am humbly reminded of how privileged my life is.”

Most People?
Well… the very fact that she got famous by drinking some nog’s piss doesn’t exactly speak to her intelligence.  In fact, the “Sky People” as Zman calls them haven’t a fucking clue.  What I DO find interesting is that outside of the “Lucky Sperm Club” a LOT of the “Sky People” are products of cross breeding families… I’ve noticed, that just like back in the time of World War One, ALL the ‘top folks’ are so cross bred, in-bred, intermarried…
We’re seeing it again.
And with it all the problems that go with it.
See… one of the problems I’ve seen in my time.  I spent so much time over in Kuwait and the Middle East that that’s one of their BIGGEST problems.
Inbreeding and Intermarriage
The ay-rabs, in order to maintain the Power and Money all do the ‘first cousin hustle’ and even some step-sister action out of a bad porn.   Saddam had one of his sons with his half sister.  Think it was Uday, (who was crazy as fuck)  All this cross/in breeding comes with the luggage.  Genetic disorders, Mental health issues.  Fucked uppedness of unnatural proportions.
And here?  The shit we know of?
For a small taste of it:
Adam Schiff’s sister is Married to George Soros’ son
Chelsea Clinton is married to Soros’ nephew
Governor Whitmer (Hitler in Panties) worked for Soros
Gavin Newsom, AKA Newsolini is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew
James Rothschild is married to Nicky Hilton, Paris’s sister.
and on and on…
Two names keep cropping up tho…
Rothschild, the ancient Jewish Banker family who used to, or maybe still does, own the world.
and the newer version, 
Soros, the Jewish Banker who’s trying to, from my perspective, take over the world.
Funny what (((tribe))) that they belong to Aye?
Humor time for a brief sec:

Sent that one to Spawn… he’s a bit of a pothead these days.

I need the humor… the depths of fuckuppedness that we’re looking at is kind of frightening.
DeadDad who was Military Intelligence back in the day… he called it “The Ten Men Who Rule The World”.  He, seriously was one of McNamara’s dudes who did deep deep deep intel research for old Robert Strange… said some of the shit he saw… he wouldn’t talk about it but he was absolute in sayin’ that there were powerful men ‘behind the curtain.’

All these families… well, we’ve only had it going on here in modern times in the States as part of the “Old Country” leftovers but the “New Breed” if you will is post World War Two… this’s because the old order was overthrown and re-ordered.
The inbreeding is done to keep the Power and Money…
Can’t have it getting diluted, both the blood and the cash.
And in the Arabic World?
There’s a reason the majority of the Royal Families aren’t seen, and that the guy actually in charge is a dude sort of removed from the ‘regular’ line.  Usually the product of the ‘main line’ i.e. the Inbred part of the clan, who marries an complete outsider.  Fresh blood so to speak, which usually… like currently, King Salman Al Saud is Da King.  However Prince Mohammed bin Salman is runnin’ da show.  The others, like in Kuwait and alllllll the other families and Royalties in all the countries… they be inbred like a motherfucker.
Like Downs Syndrome is HIGHLY prevalent… Microcephaly, retardation… they hide ’em away but even with the poor people they have these issues.
And eventually these problems come to a head so to speak.
Like now.
All the “Elites”.
All the same pedigree/relations
All the same schools
All the same goals
Which is their own self empowerment and enrichment
They do not give a fuck who gets hurt.
I mean shit… lookit Hunter Biden.  Brother Beau not even cold in the fucking dirt and Hunter’s banging his sister in law… Now, I can see if it’d been a ‘she got drunk and reminiscing with him’ and oops! His dick fell into her but it wasn’t… It was a full on fuckfestivus for quite a while.  From what I can tell, it stopped when Hunter decided he was gonna go for the Family Hat Trick… His Wife, His Brothers Wife and then His Brothers Daughter…
And from the text messages that we’ve seen the only reason that it stopped was Mom found out Uncle Hunter was tryna shlong out her 14 year old daughter, and she was either jealous or something?  I’d say jealous as the fact that she had no issue getting the hot beef injection from her dead Husbands brother…Just why hasn’t someone found this kid and done something about it?  Talk about “The Good Son” dyin’… leastways the good son in that we haven’t seen as of yet anything about Beau, but nothin’ would surprise me.
Sick bunch of motherfuckers Aye?
As Wirecutter would say “That’s some white trash shit right there.”
Who knows what else is going on behind the curtain?
So, later Today/Tonight I’ll be going over some stuff vis-a-vis defensive stuff… maybe put out some other stuff.  My immediate concern this week is re-networking with the neighbors…gotta knock on some doors.
Local Local Local.
Until Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Hi Bubba,
    'Ya made mention of the Genetic Disorders and such in the 'rab population!! Funny thing you should mention that!! 'Was over at the "Grey Man's" site "Nobody Asked Me" and he told an interesting story along those lines… Seemed he was "Over There!!" Saudi I think, he was working with 'rab C-130 pilots training them to fly the planes!! He said that flying "AT NIGHT!!!" They would never wander very far from the "CITY LIGHTS!!!" because flying in the Black Dark, No Moon type night they were >>>>>>> (Fanfare!!!)>>> "NIGHT BLIND!!!!!!" from all that "Cousin Copulating!!!!"

    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat!!!!!!,

    1. Hey SB! Yah… knew a Zoomie (retired) who hadda train some Saudis. Took 'em up in a Cessna for a 'familiarization flight'… apparently this was a Pressurized -really nice aircraft as the kid who was supposed to be getting trained was related to Da King… Brotherman gave the stick? control? (I'm not a pilot, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express) but dude apparently put the plane in a steep dive. Brotherman calmly tried to get control back buy Ay-Rab Bro was deathgripped. Guy had about ten seconds before playing meteor, so he had to pistol whip Ay-Rab dude to get him loose. Told me THAT was when his what had been jet-black hair got shot though white at age 34…

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