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One minute you’re fishing, just saaaaailing along…

The next?You’re sleeping with the fishes.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer greaseball.  Fucking took CNN long enough fer sure though.  So Things are a bit more stable.  A good rip-roaring-shithouse drunk with Ranger Jay was what was needed.  I apologize to Borepatch, your email about recoil therapy went in the junk folder for some reason?  Not sure… my email accounts have been squirrely lately.

Now:  That kid who shot up the school.  Not sure what to make of it, ‘cept that man, going after the parents as the persecutor is charging them with four counts of involuntary manslaughter.
Wonder if Jonquilicious is going to have the same issue(s) in the future?

With this as a precedent, wouldn’t that ALSO mean you can go after the feral pavement apes parental units? God knows if we did that, you realize our prison population would veritably explode with Dindu Nuffin and all of his/her immediate fambly members… those who weren’t already in ‘stir’ to begin with…

In fact I hope they do really push this, ‘cos it’s only going to make Clownworld accelerate.

Also, over at Art’s House: His take Here:

And one of his commenters states: “They are charging the son as an adult. If he is an adult, how are his parents responsible for his actions? Charge him as a minor and I might listen to charges against the parents.”

Clownworld indeed.

NOW:  Questions about this whole shewtin is that I’m not hearing any rationale, not that there ever is a valid one, BUT… normally there’s a story line here of abuse, or ‘outsider aspects’ or whatever… the pic of the kid shows a fucking messed up autist looking motherfucker, and it seems that Mom and Dad were cool with him having a piece, as this was supposed to be an early Christmas Gift.
Now, what’s hilarious and proof positive of Clownworld:

‘Member this feral ape?

Lil Dindu Nuffin, AKA Timothy “Fried Chikin” Simpkins was released from the Tarrant County jail in Fort Worth on Oct. 7, 2021, the day after the school shooting, after paying a $75,000 bond. His case is pending, with a court date scheduled for Dec. 10, 2021.  The Excuse for this?  No one died in the school shooting, and Simpkins faces much lesser charges of aggravated assault.

Uh, LOLZGFADIAFKenosha Kyle Rittenhouse, in self defense kil’t two fucking felons 

He got 2 months in jail and $2 million bail. I think it’s pretty evident that white privilege is a myth.

Current Case included.

Also, notice how said feral got hit with “aggravated assault”

That’s what I got hit with for ‘supposedly’ aiming a weapon at the X.
I didn’t… took two years and lot of money to get it cleared up, but sheeeeeeeeeeee-it.

This fucking POS shot and wounded like 4 people… why isn’t it at least attempted murder… murder one for that matter.  And where did lil Dindu get the gat?  He’s 18.  No pistola allowed til 21.

Yeah… dis be Clownworld.  Guess we got to make the best of it.

Now…Things here are MUCH better FYI.
Wifey N Me are cool again.  Things got heated and she pulled the “I’m leaving fuck you!” shyyte.

Told her not to let the door hit her in the ass on the way out
Next morning, “I’m sorry I was wrong…….”

Ahhh… take the small victories guys. 
Hell, someone the other day was bitching that I’d strayed from the normal, but I’m trying to get back to the reg’lar stuff, and NOT make this a drama-dump.  HOWEVER, y’all ALSO have to unnastand, I ain’t got no outlet.  My best friend here is Sapper, and he unfortunately has to live in this shyttestorm as well, so when the chicks go sideways and hormonal, we both end up sucking on the fuzzy end of the lollypop Aye?  No venting to him, as one of these days, I’m afraid –he’s– gonna snap over Wifey, me and Dumbunny and waste the whole fucking house LMAO.

Can’t says I blames him.

But, this is not getting crosspoasted to the other site.  In fact I’m letting that one run silent and run deep for a week.  The Troll Partol for some reason came back dumber, stronger and louder than ever… yah know what?  Fuck ’em.  I’m crosspoasting.  I’m getting hammered as I poke dis here oot, so fook ’em.

If they keep this shytte up, I’m going to doxx the fuck out of ALL of them.
Yeah, you fuckers seem to not understand I have EVERYTHING on you.  
ALL the addys
Please, continue to piss me off.  I have NOT emailed, sent anything at any time,  nor contacted ANY of you.  I -did- hear a former buddy of mine tried to warn you off.  He’s a three letter agency guy.  He got your emails from HIS sources (think big datacenter in Utah) and tried to warn you off.   He knows what I’m capable of, and where my ‘line in the sand’ is, and let me tell you… it’s fun and games until I start cutting off heads.  Being a big fucking cumdupster-mouth online in comments to me is easy being a “keyboard warrior”… IRL?  Getting kil’t is permanent.  And those comments?

Will never see the light of day ON the blegg.  So, have a nice hot cup of shut the fuck up, and go play a game of go fuck yourself and die in a fire BEFORE I lose my cool.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. The stupid parents are being held responsible for their OWN screw-ups in the storage of the pistol and ammo because they left it AVAILABLE for him, and THAT isn’t QUITE legal.
    Which by the way is not outside their behavior profile, either. Both parental units are well known to several levels of LEO.
    In short, they earned this.

    1. What is “known to several levels of LEO”? I was a LEO, did intel for LEAs, and I dont understand that statement. Theres a chain of command, but no levels of LEO, meaning law enforcement officer Please, advise.

      Sure, they can make a case for improper storage, access, yada, yada. How come as in the case BC cited, or numerous others, like in the last month a couple of dindu babies in Pittsburgh either got a hold of a gun or drugs, that were the parents and died and the parents didnt get charged with anything? Cause theyre black and thats unfair, cause whatever fucking bullshit reason. Every fucking democrat run city is on the same marxist page now. BCs point is a salient one, with regards to how the pavement apes get prosecuted post-2020. the little hat tribe is doing this through the “justus” system as more divide in conquer, its what they do.

  2. Ya ask me, and from the photos I’ve seen, I’d say that the kid had one too many wedgies, motivation-wise. Call it the Farkus Syndrome. But, who the fuck knows; they are all dipshit wimps. All these “kids” born past 1980 or so have latent autist genes. It’s probably the fluoride in the water or sumpthin’ as Jack Ripper said, cause I’ve got two of ’em. The difference back in the “old” days was that the parents didn’t have many pistols as a common “piece”, definitely not stubby ARs, and dads usually had ’91 Argentines, or ’98 Mausers, or Win 70’s, or at best a Police Positive wheel gun laying around the house or in the nightstand or in the trunk. They bought that stuff out of a barrel in a hardware store, muzzle down, for 25 bucks together with blue patina’d surplus ammo and a hunting license. The ground where we would go to shoot were paved with black ’06 spr brass, and we never saw pistol brass. || I’m a bit confused on the charging of parents, tho, but who knows. I have my stuff locked up for security reasons (and that *.fed license shit that I expired on purpose), but I think the rules differ state by state and by *.fed if ya got **minors** in the house. They can charge you for your fucking dog for shitting if they want. This does, however, portend to be one of the best shit shows of next year ’cause they’ll have them a bonefide ‘lil white-trash lookin’ boy and his probably meth-head parents to go after and grind up, and no one is gonna start a go-fund-them for Darwin Award winning weasels. Remember that Nick Cruz Parkland shooter? Yeah, that fuck up by the Broward sheriffs department and Obama’s promise program burnt out real good, right? They got sumpthin’ better this time without all the baggage of a Hispanic surname.

    1. The media usually gets the story wrong or outright lies, but from what I read, the parents were both long-time dirt bags. Maybe they cleaned themselves up later in life, but I read they they ran and were caught hiding in a basement in Detroit, which kind of makes it look unlikely they were upright uptight citizens.

  3. As much as; the children of Mario being discarded tools of larger forces, lawfare, and the general state of everything to make us forget about Epstein, wants to command my response your situation has prominence.
    I get that this is your outlet. Please use it as such instead of trying to molest your liver. I’m here to hear you.

    Now straighten out and fly right. Shit is still better than any other time in history and if we can’t keep it together now, not going to get easier with the lights out and blood in the street.

    People gonna be what they want to be.

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