Call Them What They Are: Traitors

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!

You know what?  It’s time to stop being nice.
Fucking Traitors.
That’s what they are.
Just like that miserable Piece of Shit “Johnnie Taliban” Walker.
Ex-Soldier Piece of Shit Bowe Bergdahl
Media Douchecanoe Keith Olbermann
And now?
Washington D.C. National Guard Major Adam DeMarco
The story is at Big League Politics  Seems there’s some Leftist Fucking Commie Lawfair group calling it “The Orders Project”.  Seems they’re actively and seditiously telling troops to NOT obey orders IF the Trumpster tells the Nasty Guard to fucking crush the fuckers that’re gonna rise up.  It’s run by Eugene Fidell, director of The Orders Project.

Bowe Bergdahl’s lawyer… funny how dat works huh?

He’s also, unsurprisingly a member of the (((tribe))).
Funny how dat works too huh?
Soon-to-be Ex Major DeMarco is a fucking traitor

I called the DC Nasty Guard P.A.O. orifice and left a VM
The Public Affairs Office is
(202) 685-9862

Feel free to blow that number the fuck up…
And what with the shit that’s being spewed… Holy Christ.
And they keep getting away with it.
If I said even one tenth of the shit these people do/did/have done, the fucking Feddies woulda busted my door down a waaaays back.  However, since I would never advocate preemptive violence against those who have openly declared war on me, mine, the people I associate with, primarily because they disagree with how I think, I’m strictly a defensive sorta guy.

That being said tho, Orange Man Bad, IF and ONLY IF he gets re-elected, he’d better get his shit together and go “Full NAZI”… 

I mean ALL of them, from the smallest shitty local newspapers, to just about every Deep State Media and ALL the fuckers who’ve been against him… they’ve been calling him a Fascist and a NAZI for years.
I say go for it.
I’m good with it.
Fuck ’em all.
Go Full Retard and round them ALL up and kill. them. all.
Because, from the sounds of it, that’s exactly what they have planned for us.

Karma my friend is a stone cold motherfucker.
They, from their rarified heights, the self styled Elites and supposed “Betters” have sorta kinda been a lil too honest.  Hell.  I tagged Old Keith on Twatter when he started calling for “Truth and Reconciliation Courts”

No answer of course.

I’m meaningless to him… I don’t matter.
Until I do.
And at –that– point, it’ll be too late  for him except to maybe think about just how stupid he was as the blood races out from the hole where his chest and spine once was.  If he’s lucky, it’ll be a short time…
Unless someone is feeling frisky.
Knees and Elbows…Lower Lumbar Spinal shot… just like how Doc J and 8-Ball from ‘Full Metal Jacket’ got shot apart piece-by-piece by that V.C. Sniper…
Of course I’d never say that anyone should do anything like that…
Be the Gray Man.
Be Quiet
Avoid Crowds
Be the Gray Man.
(It bears repeating)
Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. The media whores are the absolutely worst of the traitorous left. And until they start suffering personal, physical consequences for their conduct they simply will not stop aiding the American Communist Party nee Demonrats in the quest to destroy America. When they start exploding in a rule 308 powered mist on live TV then and only then will they back off.

  2. I think we screwed up by not going after all the people on the Soviet payroll living in the U.S. and subverting our system back when the iron curtain fell.

    How many traitors did we know about who suffered no consequences?

  3. Dang dude, not all members of the tribes are like that. I mean, what self-respecting Jew names their kid Eugene? There's a tell right of the bat that his family tree changed teams and prays to dead leftists.

    On a TDY in BFE, I drove out to a synagogue… the nice rabbi had placed a 'no weapons allowed for your safety"sign up. went up to him and said "watch out for splinters in the box cars" and left for the range to get in touch w my inner Macabbi.

    And in the spirit of the upcoming holidays:
    What's the difference between Santa and Jews?
    Santa goes down the chimney

    And that is why I have a parking meter next to my chimney.

    1. Ya know, my issue isn't with the run-of-the-mill tribalists. It's the -connected- ones that seem to place themselves in positions that cause problems for the rest of us. ESPECIALLY the tribalists who 'aren't part of the Club'… Great Joke BTW. Glad to have you here.

    2. meaning the Elites (like ALL of them) who trample on those 'not in the club'… Causing problems for the rest of us (meaning the fuckers who'd assist the bad guys in throwing ppl onto the boxcars) I mean the Kapos and such whatnot who were MOR than willing to sacrifice their own to protect themselves. Fuckers… I LOATH traitors (as you can well see)

  4. The Public Affairs Office is
    (202) 685-9862
    Feel free to blow that number the fuck up…


    Keep the posts coming…thank you for all the work in serving our country, prepping your AO, and keeping us up to date.

  5. Please consider this TRIBE member as being on your side as well. (And please do check out my blog.)

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