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Busy Busy and MOAR Busy.  Also, been waiting to see how it -shakes out- in Kanukistan.  Turdoo ain’t voluntarily going anywhere as his lilly-liver coward ass keeps dumping metaphoric fuel on the fires in Ottawa.  Guy is a completely retarded example of the Pareto Peter Principle.  Promoted far above his genuine abilities.  Hell, I’d have to call him “Best Supporting Actor” for the World Economic Forum, seeing how he positively loves to dress up.

I mean sheeeeeeeeeeeeeit
How can you take a guy like that seriously?
THIS is supposed to be a “Highly Respected World Leader?”
Fucker loves his culturally appropriated costuming.  Especially Blackface, which he’s got quite a few of those out there Aye?

And now?
Well… it’s fittin’ ta get interesting up there.
RUMINT is that half the cops in Ottawa turned in their badges.  That’s helpful.  Makes it easier to tell the sheeps from the goats.  ‘Cos the goats?  They’re the genuine Gestapo that Granpappy used to warn you about.  The guys in “Fury” that War Daddy and the infantry separated out from the kinder and old-guys-in-uniform and capped out-of-hand.  “Only following orders” goes out the window when they started acting like the Geheimstatzpolizei and under what I’d call illegal orders started collecting no, fuck that, stealing critical fuel supplies from the truckers.

Those guys have to keep their trucks running.  Some have families with them, ‘cos that literally is home to them.  Cutting their fuel in sub-zero weather?  Tell you what.  The Gestapo live somewhere.  Be a damned shame if the powerline and/or gas supplies to THEIR motherfucking houses were cut, leaving THEM to freeze the fuck to death.  I see it going kinetic soon.  First oldster trucker who dies, first lil kid who dies?

First thing they’re gonna do is lynch every motherfucker with a badge and a gun there.
Then, the media, who Oh! So Helpfully has been doing a frame job.
Then anyone else who gets in the way.
The Saxon in Canada is awakening, and he’s not going to miss out on his due.

Hell, even the Head of Turdoo’s Personal Protective Detail turned in his badge
He didn’t get to where he is by being a ‘stupid cop’
Stupid Cops in these instances end up on a slab

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Gotta meme in my head. Chipman posing at Waco but instead in front of a burned up semi, “What the RCMP want”. (Also a tag as to why there’s not going to be a US convoy. Because that’s what will happen to the organizers before anything happens.)

    Maybe of Blackwater bridge as “What they are going to get.”?

  2. Yep, just yep.

    I was only guaranteed a life, not a long one or a good one, just a life.

    just like every promotion i took, i always said this rank is the highest i ever thought i would attain and have no qualms of making it of use or giving it up, if thats a problem then dont promote me.

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