Good News (For Once)

Great News actually! So I did my interview yesterday at 15:00 (3pm to you civvies) and I thought I did rather well… Pretty much looked like a home run.  Asked the HMFIC when I’d be hearing back from him and he told me “Either tomorrow morning or no later than Next week, same Bat-Time, Same Bat… Continue reading Good News (For Once)


WOW!!! H/T Kenny/Wirecutter for this one: Apparently this asshole WAS a Anti-Trumpian Virtu-Signalling Self Hating White Soyman, and now he’s road pizza courtesy a Convicted DUI South of the Border BurritoGoblin. “…When he killed Buchanan, Ramirez Valiente was driving with a suspended license thanks to a 2018 DUI. He was also arrested for reckless endangerment… Continue reading BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

A Day Off…buuuut

Lite posting today… didn’t do and haven’t done shit… but I got one thing that I though of and has been getting thrown around a lot is the ABC attempted smearing of The Trump and the Kurdish debacle thats currently going on. ABC got caught out –this time-  b/c someone was on the ball.  Means we (unfortunately)… Continue reading A Day Off…buuuut

Go Woke, Go Broke

So much for Harley Davidson (link)… it was nice while it lasted.  I enjoyed the fuck outta mine when I owned it.  It went the way of the wind when the cost of my cancer medical bills started adding up, but I -did- get a number of looong enjoyable miles out of it. Let me ax… Continue reading Go Woke, Go Broke

Managed Two Days in a Row

Greetings and Salutations from the Beat to Death Intrepid Reporter. Yeah.  Day two in a row in the gym.  And today, I didn’t skimp.  The gym in about 4 miles from the house, so I busted out the bicycle and road the damned thing point A to point B and returned AFTER doing a back-and… Continue reading Managed Two Days in a Row

Part of why I hate my Ex

Salutations from the Land that Time and Work Forgot! Big Country back and jamming on a Monday Morning actually.  I’m doing something that I haven’t done in a LONG time and thats namely going to the GYM! Yeah time to get the fuck up off my ass.  Back in I think it was 2010 when… Continue reading Part of why I hate my Ex


Good Afternoon from the Intrepid Reporter of Fame and Legend! Eh…who am I kidding?  Its a quiet Sunday in “Big Country’s Home for Wayward Veterans”… tho its down to just me and the Sapper. Back when I first got divorced I had a dire need )like all other times?) for money, and had possession of… Continue reading Sunday…