Amazing Huh?

Greetings and Salutations to All who are the New and Old I.R. Followers! Just a quick one. Because I’m -newly- ‘back on board’ with the blogosphere, I’ve been following my stats pretty closely.  I was to know just how many folks are following, what I need to do, and how I’m doing in general. A… Continue reading Amazing Huh?

An Oldie But a Goodie

Greetings my Fellow and Fae Psychopaths!  Thew I.R. here with one that dates back to August 2007… when I was still in Kuwait, Dead Dad was Live-but-Cancer-Infested-Dad, and shit was dry as a bone.  I present for the studio viewing audience a blast from the past:  Enjoy and feel free to tip the waiter! OK… Continue reading An Oldie But a Goodie

The Deep State Defined…

Greetings to all My Minions and Camp Followers!  Big Country’s on deck for the moment and lets drive on until the Monday late night waiting-for-the-sleep-meds-to-kick-in.   No booze tonight as I have what may be a decent interview tomorrow.  Its (the job itself) in my bailiwick and I’m hoping it’ll work out.  I was able to… Continue reading The Deep State Defined…

Why Even Bother?

Greetings on this Monday Afternoon! Well today was a flat the fuck out BUST.  What a crock of shit.  I had an interview… >supposedly< for a Management Slot.  Got up, got showered, got shaved, broke starch on a new white shirt, buffed up the dress shoes and even got the suit out as the Interview… Continue reading Why Even Bother?

Sunday News Notes

Good Morning to all the loyal readership, New and Old. Ye Olde Intrepid Reporter of Infamosity and Epic Ego is here just doing a small post of some of the more entertaining News Notes from around the world.  I usually start the day off (even when I’m working) by cruising the major News websites.  Fucksnews,… Continue reading Sunday News Notes

My Apologies and -Other- Fuckups

Still learning how to navigate this fucking thing and looks like I nuked all y’alls comments.  My bad!  I -do- appreciate any comments left however… it’s the reason I’m doing this is to vent and entertain, so again, I’ll try not to blow out anything I shouldn’t… Christ, whatever happened to “Easy to Use?” The… Continue reading My Apologies and -Other- Fuckups

Time to break shit…

OK… Greetings and Salutations from Florida, the land of Shitty Drivers, Swamp Ass and the Infamous “Floridaman!”  Not much bangin’ ’round here on this Saturday afternoon.  Been trying to find a job and have a bunch of interviews coming up this week.  Yeah, the Olde I.R. has been down on his luck for like… oh… Continue reading Time to break shit…