Clean Up for The New Year

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!

Time to start cleaning up all that ‘old biddness’ ya got layin’ ’round from the past before 2021 comes to bite us in the ass.  I mean let’s be real… Next year is gonna make this year look laid back and mellow by comparison.  So, the powers that be are ‘batting cleanup’ apparently.  

Seems everyone wants to get rid of old biddness LINK

Including Efrain Reyes.  
Who was Epstein’s last cell mate
51 years old
Of Covid-19 no less LOL
JUST announced too… been dead since November
At 51? That puts him in the ‘least likely to die’ grouping but
Nonetheless he’s a deader.
Amazing how that happens eh?
Guess Hillary wants to polish up things when The Kidsniffer either gets indicted, or is forced to retire.  I mean it only makes sense that Killary would be matched up to the Veep Slot under Insane Kneepads the Cocksucker.  I mean THAT broad?  How fucking brainless and untalented a hack is she?
Apparently pretty much worse than our worst nightmares
The Kwanzaa Tweet was soooooooo absolutely cringy as fuck
She’s apparently worse than ‘Lie-awatha’
“I’m a Hindu”
“I’m Jamaican mon”
Yet again
“I’m a Dindu!
Talk about genetically, if not morally and truthfully flexible
No wonder Downtown Big Willie Brown kept dippin his Lil Willie into Kneepads
That must have been some good pussy back in the day but now?
Step Off, Musty Charms, yer Vaginally Suspicious in my book
Add on her (((husband)))  
Good Christ
Talk about the melting pot… is there anyone or anything she hasn’t fucked?
I mean wowsers
Talk about bleeeech
Or is it bleach?  I know I wouldn’t want to be around any hot bicycle seat she’s been on recently
Probably why the cat keeps chasing her.
So, besides bad tuna jokes… It’s a day at work.  I’m short on hours this week again.  Really upsetting that the check, miss 4 hours, and I’m short $200… work 4 hours of OT, and I’m lucky to see an extra $30 in my pay
How the fuck does that work?
Really steams me how it always works in favor of whatever company you work for Aye?
No matter how much above and beyond, you always seem to get the fuzzy end of the lolly
Jes’ Sayin’
So, just a bit of a tidbit thats -slipping out- during the ‘Nashville Follies’
Wonder who else turns up with a bad case of the ‘deads’?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Nashville follies… I wonder if we will ever find out that Mr. Exploded IT tech was working on dominion software. Or if there is any truth to the AT&T is helping with the audit rumors. Kinda makes ya wonder…

  2. Anything over 10yrs OT, you're paying them to work longer. I had 766hrs OT and comp one year, lots of 20-24hr days followed by 20 and 24hr days and sleeping at my desk. I grossed $40K over my normal $70K yr, and averaged $17hr out of my $40hr normal salary.
    There's no benefit to overtime besides paying extra taxes (which you don't get back)

  3. Just got off the phone with my younger bro.
    He'll drone you, me, anyone.
    without compulsion.
    Hate to say it.
    Oh, and the things we say to each other.
    He's a millennial.
    There is no fraud.
    There is no stealing of the election.
    We're the bad people.
    Confused and conspiracy type. we are.
    That's his people.
    How dare we ask.
    Seriously, and I've no reason to believe otherwise.
    He's a contractor, he's told me that he will do what he is paid to do.
    Just so everyone Knows.
    I'm shitting you not.


  4. Pain. I have plenty of it. It's a way of life for some of us. I would be happy to share my abundance with those in need. Ohio Guy.

  5. nashville bomber had an explosives permit thru the '90's. no word on why an i.t. guy needed one. told ya it was high explosive, not home made…guys working in that building are saying it was hardened for just such an attack but yet it knocked out comms all over the south, more than the authoritays are telling. maybe att wasn't the target at all. we'll never know, like vegas. look for more clean-up on aisle 6 as the swamp preps for the last big push. this is it, 2021 is make or break for all concerned. god help us.

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