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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Got a package today from one of you Droogs who I’ve been in contact with over the past two years.  Early B-Day Gift is what I’m calling it.  And what a surprise it is!  Heavy as all get the hell out.  Had no idea what it was but since it went USPS as opposed to UPS I figured it wasn’t gunfood.  
It was however a shocker

The box was chock-a-block for of them…What appear to be hand made Damascus steel boot knives.

All different
All handmade
No “Made in China” bullshit stamps. 

In fact, there are very minor imperfections that show these were ALL “Forged in Fire” handmade/home made with care blades.  And sharp as fuck.  Sapper said he could use one to shave his grape when we were unwrapping all them goodies.

And, as we got to the bottom of the box, again, Surprise #2:

Four original still in the wrapper M-14 20 Round Magazines for my M1A.

Needless to say, they ain’t ever getting used, unless the shit hits the oscillation device.  They’re going up with the ‘other’ DotMil collectibles I have, as a November 1960 new-in-the-bag M-14 marked magazine?  I mean where the fuck did he find these?  The one on the far left in the pic is the 1960, and the others are 2X January 1962 and one December 1962 date of manufacture. 1960 mag was also made by H&R.  The others are marked R&G but I’m unfamiliar with that.  More research to be done.

But to my benefactor, me most ‘umble thanks and gratitude.  This’s waaaay above and beyond, and Sapper and Wifey have already gone through the pile to find the one that they wanted… guess that takes care of stocking stuffers for this year Aye?

Now, other things.  Dumbunny got us allll sick now, although I’m recovering.  Medicated with beer and a LOT of vitamins.  Zinc, D, C and lots of water in between.  Slept ALL day too, between the “Quil” and all the other stuff, I was out like the dead.

So, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Rittenhouse Trial.  It’s readily apparent that the Jury has been tainted by all the niggers and attempts to Doxx, so I’d say Mistrial, and then NOT fuck around IF they try to riot.  Just go in for mass incarceration and arrest, authorize massive lethal force mandates and call it a day.  It worked here in Tampa back during the bad ole days of 2020.

So, besides the obvious bullshit  there, I’m beginning to wonder what’s going on with “Willy Brown Breath” Harris… it’s becoming obvious to me because the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies that they’re setting her up for a fall… maybe firing?  Has that ever happened before?  I know they usually dump a worthless Veep during election times, see Roosevelt’s going-into-his-4th-term when they brought Truman in to replace the universally hated Wallace.

How do they get rid of Willy Brown Breath?  Impeachment?  Or can the Biden Cabal just -fire- her?  I’d say if they did that, it’s be a precursor for the much wanted Race War they’ve been pushing for all this time.  Shitcan the first whammenz pseudo Black Streetshitter Veep?  Yeah, that’d cause a Feminazi muh Diversity Chimpout of EPIC proportions.

Not that us reg’lar folks’d care
Unless they try to bring that shytte here to my street?
Then it’s open season on retards, no bag limit.

So, last thing, I did a “Glen Filthie” style pic.  His website is here and has been re-added to Ye Olde Blogroll of Equal Opportunity Offenders.  He’s got some great pictures of classic stuff from the past.  I highly recommend and a-polly-olly-geez for the oversight on addi ng you here to my miscreants and thugs.  The page is here:

And My Homage Pic?

Amazing what a couple of filters can do to some stuff Aye?
So, More later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Man if they’d “go in for mass incarceration and arrest” there wouldn’t be a Rittenhouse trial. So yeah, figure they’ll Burn Loot and Morder no matter.

  2. (forgot to mention last time…those polished/rehabed screw slots/heads are what separates the boys from the bois).

    I’ll go with Aesop’s solution on those phucks up there.

  3. Honors to the blade Smith!

    The knob gobbler backup is still loved by the ’81 million’ and not going anywhere. It’s a distraction like, “the storm”, “two weeks”.

    Let’s say Kyle has at least one rogue juror, either politically motivated or of the type that thinks everyone should, “lay back and enjoy the beating” (as long as it’s not them getting raped….)

    The soapbox is owned by them.
    The ballot box is owned by them.
    The jury box might be owned by?
    After seeing how Antifa had FBI droneS as top cover, our share of the ammo box looks a bit smaller.

    It’s been a long week.

  4. There was some scuttlebutt that Brownscumbucket might be kicked up to SCOTUS, and that would pave the way for The Wookie to return this to a de jure rather than a de facto Obama-Biden administration.

  5. Nice blades. Bought some like that in Alaska. Years back. Whoever made them put time into them, theres culture there, appreciate it where and when you can. Like a old Willeys Jeep, or a nice Browning Hi-power, or an old-man that everyone dismisses that has good advice or stories of yon. Style, form, function and culture are everywhere and in many things.

    Have a good turkey day all. Enjoy family time, the sands are running out.

    “I’m not quite dead yet”…

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