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Mid Morning Me Droogs and Droogettes
Holy Hell I’m hung over… half a handle of Finlandia (courtesy a gift from the Sapper) and Jesus… the body is still smashed… guess this’s a good time to get some range time in.  #1 Son (Based, Extremist Type One Each) is coming over.  Gotta LOVE having a kid even more subversive than myself.  Spawn #1 is beyond based.  Motherfucker refers to himself as a Member of Generation “Zyklon” and OMFG… if even one quarter of his age group are that hardcore, the Elites are in for a really rough ride in the future.

And then EVERYONE was surprised when Hitler came to power…
Sooooo… Numbers Crunch time!

Corona Chan has now gone to:
28 January 23:30
6057 Infected
132 Dead

Then 29 Jan as of 21:00  I waited alllll night but didn’t get a good update past that, (and truthfully I was completely shitfaced at that point) but we have a jump in the count:
29 January 21:00
7783 Infected
170 Dead

So for today, we’ll see.  Interesting that “they” state that within 10 days we’re going to see a leveling off of numbers, and then BOOM.  A slight decline in infected.   However a slight increase in KIAs. 

Make of it what you will.
Join the Army “THEY” said.
See the world “THEY” said.
Hot Girls will dig you in uniform “THEY” said.
Go to college and get a degree “THEY” said.
You’ll make a shit ton more money with a degree “THEY” said.
After college, with a degree, finding a job will be cake “THEY” said.
“THEY” keep telling us the economy is doing well.
“THEY” say we shouldn’t worry about Corona-Chan, it’s only in China…
“THEY” also said that it’s for our own good that “THEY” keep taking away our rights.
“THEY” also tell us that “THEY” are from the government and “THEY” are here to help.
“THEY” lied.
I don’t trust “THEM” anymore.
With good reason I’d say.
More Later, gotta shit, shower, n’shave as spawn will be here soon.  Love getting to hang with my boy.  Until then, I remain, the Intrepid Reporter
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