Could it Be Any More Obvious? UPDATED

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
It ain’t even started yet and Leviathan is moving in

Enrique Tarrio, Leader of the Proud Boys got picked up in route to the Shitfestivus in The District of Criminals.  LINK

“Tarrio was arrested by Metro Police Department officers Monday “upon entering the District of Columbia and pursuant to a D.C. Superior Court Arrest Warrant,” 
As stated, I think by Cederq, one of our prolific commentators a while back mentioned the whole “Licence Plate Scanner” toy the fuzz have.  Seems they either had this guy under extreme surveillance and were actively tracking him, or his plate on the car ‘pinged’ and they nabbed him.
UPDATE Apparently he came in by plane. Thanks to Grenadier One on Gab: “
my understanding is that he flew into Regan, and called one of his guys when he was walking through the terminal to tell them he was being followed by security. He was being picked up and when he got into the car they stopped him and the driver. Apparently he had two pistol magazines and those charges were tacked on. Now no real details on the mag charges as I just saw those last night on a news crawl and didnt hear about them from anyone close to the thing. Its possible that they were his in his bags, or maybe they were in the car and he tossed them in his bag when he got in? I am sure more will come out later.”
Knew he was flying in, and fucking nabbed him Johnnie-on-the-spot…
Either way, scary that they did nail him Aye?
Leviathan is not playing as we can see now.
This’s a prime example of Police State Horseshit
They knew what he did back in December and held onto the charge and warrant… leastways they haven’t mentioned when the warrant was issued.  Methinks aboot 2 hours before they picked him up.  It’d be telling.  It’s not like this guy is in hiding… in fact he copped to the charge “In a phone interview last month, Tarrio, who was in Miami at the time, told the Washington Post he was among the group of individuals who participated in burning the banner and that he would plead guilty to destruction of property, pay the church the cost of the banner and surrender to authorities if that criminal charge was filed.”
And file this under “I told ya so” 

They found two mags in the car
“He was additionally charged with possession of a high-capacity feeding device.”

Any bets he just overlooked them?
I mean shit… Wirecutter found a couple of hunnerd rounds in his truck one time that he forgot he had.  My car?  Sheesh.  Same issue.  So ten-to-one he missed these while getting ready to roll up there and got pinched for it.
Pure Charge Stacking.  They’re even trying to hit him with “Hate Crimes/Badthink” for burning the BLM Banner.  Pure Dee DotGov Police Power run amuck.
I mean damn
This’s just a preview
We ain’t even at nut-cuttin’ time
So… as I said, the Tacticool Kids are going to get in trouble.  I can feel it in mah bonez.  The whole thing now reeks of stupid even more… I mean when the next guy all tacced up decides that “Muh Constitution!” and “Muh 2nd Ammemint!” and all hells gonna break loose.
Avoid Crowds
Avoid Leviathan
Avoid Cops
It’s blatant to me that the shytte is about to hit, and Leviathan’s major concern is the continuation of the Grift.  Leviathan’s various minions, from dot mil to the fuzz are going to “Just following ze orders” in order to preserve the status quo.  Which means ultimately, it’s gonna be ugly.
Be Ready
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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  1. aren't cell phones great ! don't have one. and i need a older truck without a computer in it too.
    just one more reason why people like old cars and trucks.

    1. Yup. My old truck is doing fine. Althiugh I probably just jinxed it and the tranny will drop out tomorrow morning… at highway speed.

  2. DC is reminding people no one can gave a firearm in the rally area; want to bet certain groups like antida, blm and nfac will all get a pass?

    Rumor is the aryan nation is planning on thete own counter rally on the 6th in DC. Plus NFAC was talking counter rally but took their discussions off line.


    1. It wouldn't have been a problem if it had been his flag. The problem arises from stealing it from someone else. Which was stupid. He should have made his own and burned that.

  3. popo etc follow orders until a few dozen don't go home safely. then less and less show up and fewer and fewer follow orders. then the .mil gets the call. if they balk the blue helmet shooting gallery gets called. that's my cue. i owe them.

    1. That's the biggest hurdle. The first wave of people who act outside the law will end up in jails and prisons and graves. The first wave will almost to a man be caught, and persecuted to full extent of the law as an example. The first wave will have to be those with nothing to lose.

    2. No, the first wave will have to be better, harder, faster, smarter. Don't be stupid. Stupid gets caught.

    3. "until a few dozen don't go home safely." There will be more then a few dozen of us dirt, deplorables that don't go home safely too, only we won't get the all paid state pageantry funeral and memorial and we won't cry over it, I am sure if we could feel embarrassed when dead we would be. Blue helmets make good aiming points.
      Big, I am being prolific, gotta keep my blog cred up…

  4. Being the leader of an alleged 'white supremacist' group as a Black Cuban/Latino…good.

    Being that guy fingered for burning a commie BolshevikLeftyMaoist flag…priceless.

    joe tentpeg

  5. well, now… my eyesight ain't what it used to be, but my brain still sorta functions; so I did see things like this heading toward us through the windshield, as it were… sporty/spicy time is here, my friends. It's time to dust off the oath we took, and be ready to fulfill it.

  6. Damn if this don't suck – don't want it, don't need it, but whatcha gonna do? Shit is so blatant, so disrespectful. We will have to be the evil they make us out to be. No other way.

  7. You did call it, BC. A quick search of the DC Superior Court system shows everything about this charge showing up on 4 Jan 2021. Planned.

  8. Spot on as always Big.
    Thats what the "whats yhe big deal?" crowd flatly does not understand. If you don't stand up now, who's going to stand when they come for you?!
    Meh, couldn't happen here, they say.

  9. If you want encryption texting and calling, be sure to use Signal to make calls and text messaging. Look it up. The app is available for android, not sure about crack-a-macs.

    1. Signal available for iOS(iPhones). Been testing it out w/several like minded individuals and groups. Works fine – just follow the damned directions if you want to get all the messaging security it offers.

  10. The intelligence agencies can read / listen on Signal comms in real time – DON'T use your own phone. You're better off buying burner phones in the AO (NOT in your state) for cash. If using voice, have a cheap portable AM/FM radio playing in the background. It makes computerized AI voice recognition MUCH harder.

  11. Not on topic, but you really need to look at migrating your stuff the fuck off blogspot. Maybe see who helped WRSA move.

  12. Republicans have lost one of the two special elections, and are standing by to lose the other.

    Stand by, here it comes…..

  13. Fuckin hell – gl to the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and whatever else over there in DC. I agree that THAT shit is going to hit the fan real good!

  14. Making yourself an easy target in this environment is just dumb and stumbling into enemy territory where your opponents hold all the cards is insane.

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