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Greetings and Salutations Me Droogs n Droogettes!
So… back to the grind.  Day in, Day out.  Job apps ALL over the place and nary a word back.  Methinks I’z become a bit ‘unclean’.. say ‘untouchable’ to the generalized work farce around Here.  In fact, I’m of mind to question whether or not if there’s some HR database that gets you ‘blacklisted’ ’cause I sure as shit ain’t been hearing back from folks as of late.

Of course I -have- been getting the robomails from Pujabistan asking if I want work as a package forwarder or whatever the scam of the week is.
So, other things:  The trip to St Augustine was interesting in that I saw for the first time ever a Biden-Harris sign in someone’s front lawn.  Like 3 different signs at 3 different locations.  

What was odd was where they were.

Out in the Boondocks of Central-Central Florida…
Farm Country.
Which surprised me.
Usually the country folk know which side the bread is buttered on.  Now it was ghetto-ey in the area I will admit.  Ghetto-ey in that the houses were falling the fuck apart, and the only thing some of them were farming was weeds and meth from the look of it.  Think “Black Sharecropper Farm”… THAT I can see supporting the Biden Brigade.  
Another thing was how bad the tourism is being hit… I mean everyone knows that CoronaChan fucking nuked the country, but it was exceptionally obvious in St Augustine.
While we were there, it seemed that ALL the houses were for sale… like A SHIT-TON of them.  
Zillow shows over 1600 listings in the Area.
And these are multi-million dollar homes… carrying multi-million dollar mortgages that were reliant on the Tourism Gig.
Which just done got blown the fuck away.  Like COMPLETELY because the bullshit stacked so high, there was no escaping.  So now?  Evvabody gotta sell… it was one thing to own and run a successful restaurant on the shore, but since that shit the bed because of the Bullshit “15 Days to Turn the Tide” has turned into “Evvabody gotta be made poor so Orange Man Bad gets the Blame”.  So the Koof is here to stay until November 3rd or 4th, or however long it takes to count the votes enough to get Creepy Leg Hair Man and his Social/Political Climbing Slutbitch Girl into their respective orifices.
And it will happen, leastways by the Media and the DemoncRats that are running around loose, without their sleeveless sport jackets.  The trick to this I believe is not letting them drag it out like they tried under George the Second.  Took ’em months of ‘hanging chads’ to clear up that bullshit.  Also.  In order to form a more perfect union, Team PATFOR is gonna have to dust off ye olde hands, raise the black flag, and start cutting throats.
Lawyers involved in the shenanigans.  Kill them.
Law Firms local to you involved in shenanigans.  Burn them.
Local Democrat Orifices and Prominent Mover and Shakers in ‘The Firm’.  See above.
Once those bodies start stacking, team REDFOR and the legal minions are gonna start going after, well –everyone- on the side of the PATFOR.  I imagine they’ll consult the ‘lists’ for ‘the usual suspects’ 
There’s a couple of advantages the PATFOR has.
Masks:  It’s a joke, we all know now CoronaChan, leastways for whypeepo, however, I’ve been seeing a LOT of redonkulas masks out there, from ‘Venom’ to full on Stormtrooper Helmets, and no one bats an eye.  
Talk about an advantage.  Full head covering?  So much for security footage.  Daub any exposed skin with a nice water soluble browning coloring agent (wrists/forearms, back of neck you get the idea) and viola! Instant Black man burning down ‘The Man’ for BLM… leave some fliers even and spray paint the building with the right slogans and logos.  If you really want to get creative, go local, find out who the local BLM movers and shakers are.  Steal a license plate, and use on the night of fun, thereby adding to the confusion.  Pre-Operational Intel gathering has a purpose donchaknow? 
Ah yes… the heady lessons of the OPFOR Academy… back when it was a real school for budding terrorist of the Krasnovian Military Separatist Movement Comrade!
Another Advantage: Random violence.  The streets are so full of it… need a distraction, it takes a bit more planning, but set an IED at a location… a fake one if you want…. but enough to distract the local Authorities and get them invested in the scene.  A Large Propane tank (BBQ sized) with some wires and a timer should be enough… Lord knows you can rig up a seriously scary one… leave it by, I dunno, a local Synagogue…((they’ll))) make sure to insist ALL of the FUSA kids show up for that…
And whilst they be distracted, you can mosey on over and burn the local Democrat HQ down to the ground at yer leisure.
The fuzz are on a hair-trigger tho, so move fast, strike quickly and fade.
Acetone in your friend.
So is the Salvation Army store and the Goodwill to get one-use clothing and shoes.  Buy those masked and gloved and leave NO evidence once it’s bagged up.  Get 2 sizes bigger so you can wear it OVER your E&E outfit.  Wear plastic bags over the sox in whatever footgear yer using to leave no fibre traces.
More Later, I’m the Plotting and Planning Intrepid Reporter
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  1. They (.gov, blacks, ADL, SPLC, etc.) really don't know what is in store for them. It will be epic and told around future campfires late at night.

  2. DO NOT print signs off a printer. Make one by hand-work and get copies anonymously. ALL digital printers have a code of micro dots they print on every page they make, you can be traced

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