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Spawn came by today to assist with more household rebuilding that his ancient crippled assed father unit can’t do.  In the process of said-work, I managed to chop off the outer 1/2 inch of my left index finger.


To which GranBebe dutifully repeated, and caused Wifey to melt down on me.  Until I came out of the bedroom where it happened, squirting blood -all over- the place.

Lil Quik Clot, a shot of Lidocaine, and two stitches later with a bandaid or three and I’m good

Tho pecking at the KB like a Ree-Ree worse than evvar.
No hospital run here

I ain’t got time to deal with that particular foolishness.

Especially at the VA where you pretty much need to be in MOPP4 to get in the door

Like I said, ain’t got time for that.
So, despite the current “Year Zero” on shytte, I got a ‘customer’ who wanted me to build him an AR-10.

Been working on it, but dude has sorta-kinda disappearedThis was a ‘friend of a friend” sort of connection.  I went down after a week or so and had the serial number run on the lower to make sure it was legit through County, (not stolen, reported as such etc) and have been continuing to build what’s going to be a really nice Designated Marksman’s Rifle (DRM) which was also known as the M110 in the DotMil

Since the lower was actually transferred to me via the FFL, well… if dude is ‘in the wind’

So be it.

For those of you questioning, first I got it Xferr’ed to me via FFL.  It was after two weeks of zero comms that I went to County…  I got $$$ I can’t afford tied up in this now, and if this guy vanishes, welp… At least I now will have a DRM to add to the collection.

Or I sell it to one of you Gomers out there.

DPMS Gen 1 Low Profile Upper, (no fwd assist) w/a 20 inch 1/10 inch Stainless Barrel, SD Tactical Stainless Muzzle Brake, Front Grip is an Aero 15inch MLOK low profile lightweight forearm.  Trigger is a Stainless steel clean break Aero aftermarket Trigger, with a DotMil A2 buttstock and buffer/spring.  Lower is a DPMS Pattern PSA marked for a 6.5 Creedmoor, but, I’m doing it in 7.62X51mm.  Markings don’t matter when you have a cold forged 20 inch barrel and a full on DotMil stock.  Also a low profile Stainless Gas Block, jes’ sayin’…Pics to follow when done

Provided the fucker ever reaches out to me… otherwise Wifey done gonna be pissed as the barrel was 300 on it’s own.  The forearm was 200, and the sundries were about another 300.  That’s also with new style locking assembly/disassembly pins… all new shytte I ain’t used before, but were part of the project outline.

In the end?  Currently an Ar-10 DPMS patterned rifle is going about $2k on GunBroker

That is IF you can find a 20 inch SS barreled one

Which you can’t… rare as fuck

I ain’t gonna lose money if’n I sell.

So, More Later if it doesn’t hurt too much

I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. I have basically the same rifle. DPMS with the 20″ heavy barrel. Put a Sheppard scope on it. It throws pretty consistent out to 800 with a few misses on the 1k. I standardized my BR’s to x51 years ago to make reloading easier. I was thinking of getting a 6.5 last year. I kept seeing ammo on the shelves long after everything else was gone but now that’s gone too. I think i paid $1100 for it 9 years ago. Had some snob give me guff for my “Cheap ass DPMS garbage”. A mag or 2 later changed his tune.
    If it works, it’s good. If it works reliably, it’s better. If it works great, who cares who made it. Look what they sent us to the box with. I’ll take my great DPMS any ol day.

    P.S. I hear if you slam your pecker in a drawer, the pain in your finger will go away. Let me know if it works.

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