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Greetings and Such Whatnot to All my Favorite Reprobates!

Whelp… I started at $16.00 an hour… last Friday.  Got paid today and apparently Bossdude realizes what a -stellar- commodity I am already.  I’m now making $18.00 an hour.

Now to all y’all in the hinterlands of High Prices and Lower Expectations that payrate is probably on the low end for the kind of shit I’m doing.  That maybe in some A.O.s nationwide, but for this area?  Thats fucking good.  Leastways in what I’ve been seeing over the past few years.

For example:  Years back, when I first got out of the Army, I caught a job that was ‘rent-to-own’ (read temp position thru and agency).  The company took me on, and I was there for a year plus and mind you, this was pre-the Hindu Invasion.  The “Train your replacement or no severance!”

Have no Fear, Punjab errrr… Jimmy is Here!

As I recall (mind you, Too Many Years, Too Many Beers) I was paid around $15 an hour and that was pretty good cake at the time.  It allowed me to keep the X at the house w/the kids and -not- be overly worried about cash.  The rent was paid and things were cool.

Fast forward a number of years later.  I had relocated from The Peoples Socialist Republics of New England to shall we say the Warmer more Gun Friendly Climes of Central Florida.  I, being new to the area, and –trying- to find new work outside of getting my ass shot off, found out that the company that re-introduced me to life outside of the Green Machine still existed… in fact it had prospered.  I went and got hired on with them in a New Yawk Second.  I got on at $16.50 an hour.  7-8 years later garnered me a $1.50 raise.


Quick humorous aside:  When I was in the training class, the instructor on day 5 (of a 3 week course) gave out the employee numbers to everyone.  He went down the list alphabetically, and on getting to mine, he was like totally puzzled.  He was like “That ain’t right!”  I was like “Whats up?”  He’s like “This has to be a mistake… your employee number is 2314.”  (At that point all the numbers being given out were in the 50,000 bracket…)  I was like “Dude… check w/H.R…. I’m an OG-Old Skool Rehire!”

So here I was… dealing.  The COLA (for the pencil necks out there: COLA = Cost Of Living Adjustment) was barely enough to pay the mortgage and bills… I ended up blowing that Particular Poverty Producing Poor Paying Popstand for another contract after 6 months in… it was either that or go broke.

Thats About Right…
So… cut down to a few years later.  Out of Contracting, knowing I had a job available immediately, I called Ye Olde Company and got back on w/Them.

At $11.50 and hour.

At a comparable job… in fact actually a higher level position that I used to jockey back for $16.00 an Hour.

THIS IS WHAT IS GOING TO CAUSE A REVOLUTION.  Mark my fuckin words me boyos and sheilas.  Fucking Oath.  Aye even. (a quick shout to my man Black Poison Soul, who’s been verbally kicking me in my Arse to do this and blog again… between him and Phil, i.e. The Vulgar Curmudgeon, I’d still be twiddling my fucking thumbs).  But yeah… Outsource all the gigs to Punjab, Pandit and Pulljob, and then Insult to Injury, cut the fucking pay to a ‘starter job’ level that actually requires a certain amount of brainpower, and not pay for it.

“Dat You?  Yeah, Dat Me.” (Name the Movie in Comments)
Corporate Assraping is getting far out of control.  Any wonder these become “The jobs no one wants to do.”  It’s not that we’re unwilling or unable, on the contrary, it simply this: 

“We refuse to do these jobs at the meager pittance that you deign to offer us. We, the serf class as you see us, are expected to treat you, the ELITE as if you are sooo far above us.  You seem to think that we should be oh so grovelling and thankful for the opportunity to debase ourselves in the midst of your Outrageous Awesomeness.  Let me be the first to tell you:  WE HAVE THE GUNS, THE ROPE AND THE WILLINGNESS.  This will not end well.  For you at least.”

If it kicks off tomorrow, it’s going to be relatively hysterical.  I have, and I refuse to offer any intel beyond this, but I have a very good friend who’s former Alphabet Soup Dot Gov.  He’s been hired as an on call security guy for some insanely wealthy people.  Bunker-owning type people.
He told me during some of the meeting with the “Post Disaster Protection Team” that it was pretty much unanimous that, in the eventuality of a Zombiepocalypse he and his are going to ‘play nice’ until its time to take over.  Guess just short of some sci-fi movie shit, there really is no way to guarantee the loyalty of the security folks. Especially since the people in charge act like complete douchenozzles and act as if their shit don’t stink.  Gonna be a big fuckin’ surprise when the day comes and the Rich Bitches are all:
“Wow!  We sure scaped by by the skin of our teeth!” 
Security Team: “Whats this -we- shit motherfucker?”

So… took me two days to ping this one out.  I was fucking spent.  I’ll try and get another one up tonight.  I’ve got it on good authority that I’m (barring floods, locusts and or biblical plagues) that I’m off Sunday. 

More Later
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  1. We have the same problem clear across the country up around Portland. The average price of a house across the river here in Vancouver Washington is OVER 300K. It doesn't matter if it was built in 1942 or 2012. You are doing pretty good to get a decent job making much over $20 an hour around here for Blue Collar type stuff unless you are in a union.
    Gas is high, rents are high and the cost of living in general is high around here. I seriously don't know how people do it. Given what even used cars cost, insurance, cell phone, utilities and shit like cable television and it's no wonder everyone is living check to check. There is pretty much no way someone can afford to live by themselves around here anymore out of necessity. Something has to give eventually and I have been waiting on the Everything Bubble to collapse for at least three years now.

    1. Got that straight Phil… my best bro of 35 years has lived in Portland for the past 20 years and the -only- reason he's able to live -in- the city is that he works for the dot gov of the City itself… they pay pretty damned well (of course they do!) so he's ok until its time to bail.

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