Greetings Everyone in the Studio Viewing Audience!
The Intrepid Reporter of Fame and Fun is back with a short update.  It’s going to be short as my ass is COMPLETELY kicked.  As in Wasted.  Beat.  Curb-stomped.  I ache in places I forgot I even had.  Serves my nasty lazy ass right for not PT’ing worth a shit over the past few millennia.

So far, Just in one day, I’ve done a 14 Hour shift.  It’s been years since I pulled a shift that long… and almost 3/4 of it was physical labor, humping gear, demo’ing shit and doing all the shit one does in dealing with a Disaster Recovery Company.

House Flooded?  We dry it and fix it.
House Burned to the Ground?  We’ll rake n scrape the remains.
Dead Body?  We’ll clean up after the fact.

No joke, I’m looking forward to that last one… the certifications are paid for by the company, and Carcass Remediation is MAD bank!  One of my former co-workers from back in the day did that part time on weekends and bought a brand new 32 foot boat with the $$$ he banked cleaning up stiffs.  Of course, being here in the Sunshine State means that if no one finds Grandma for a few weeks, it’s gonna be really grody and all, and a lotta work, especially if she bloats and pops like a balloon.  The Medical Examiner takes care of the Carcass REMOVAL, but it’s our job to clean up the gruesome goodness and juiciness that may or may not have been left behind after Granny cashed her chips.

So yeah, 14 hours.  about 4 of them doing admin work on the computers.  Did pretty good… good training and all that.  Still got soaked tho as it was raining off and on all day.  Mostly ‘on’ when I was outside… go figure.

At this rate I’ll be 20 to 30 hours ahead in OT which I will take thank you very much.  I missed going to the Gym, mostly b/c I’m like working nonstop…  I started Friday, did Saturday and Sunday, and a full deck today and then some.  Tomorrow is scheduled to be the same, and I even drafted the Sapper to come on board.  He starts tomorrow.  Yay!  My first official Minion!

And yes, yes I -am- tooting my own horn, but Goddamn if I ain’t proud of myself for managing to do this shit… I’m one month shy of 50, and broken as fuck what with all the damage sustained over the past few eons of service.  So yeah, I’m pleased with myself for not collapsing on the job.

So… time for me to drug myself and collapse into the bunk.  I got a 0700 Report time and I’ll be on after the fact.

Nighty Nite!
The Intrepid Exhastamated Reporter
Big Country

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  1. So back to the world of the working stiff… see what I did there? Glad you are gonna be busy earning the big bucks with O/T and all, I can see you buying a new pop gun with that.

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