Damn…100 Posts Already?

Gooooood Afternoon to the gang out there… its a continuation of this mornings rantings and ravings, albeit prolly a bit shorter as I still got shit to do.  And a quick mention… 100 Posts since I restarted this whole fucking thing… who woulda thunk it…  so, onward to offensiveness!

Found that particular one on my feed this morning after I had done my “Bomb-bomb-bomb Iran” post… i.e. “Two Dipshits VS the Hellfire Missile”.  I saw it and LMAO as the normal one is this:

…which in itself is great as I love to cropdust a bunch of motherfuckers… takes me back to the old days in the days when I was on the gun in the old M998…

Of course the payback for such vile behavior was usually what we called a “TOW Bath”…  the driver and T.C. would look for a particularly LARGE pool of rain/swamp water… the more nasty, the better.  Once found, the driver would usually gun the truck balls-out at the water… namely to hit it at speed

Due to the flat face of your standard HMMWV or Humvee, the water would invariably splash WAY the fuck up into the air like a curtain, and provided the driver was good, would plow right through the suspended water, drenching the Offending Gunner with a good thick coating of the aforementioned nasty assed swamp water and slime and whatever the fuck was in said water.  Since we (the gunners) were usually strapped in, we had to sit there and take it…One time I actually found a fucking frog clinging to the Mark-19 looking at me like all sorts of “What the fuck dude?”

But yeah… the good old days…
Until later, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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    1. Yeah Phil…. many thanks.(sarc)
      Now I have to do my daily-daily or I feel like I'm letting down the audience.
      Seriously… thanks for re-lighting the fire under my ass.
      Now lets pray for war so I can get back over there and REALLY start writing!!!

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