August 24, 2014 


I figure since everyone seems to be giving their two cents on your threats and attempts to intimidate the United States into some form of capitulation, I figure that it might be time to give you guys a “reality check.” Call it a public service, call it what you will. I, for one, welcome you AND Direct Action here on our home turf, if only because the $1200 roundtrip ticket, cost of a passport, and the ‘Baksheesh’ to get to you guys is a bit much in this economy. Let’s face it, I have a 40 hour a week job and my wife works at least 30 hours a week, and damned if getting vacation time these days is a bitch…. But I digress…
What with all the oil and ransom money you guys are awash in, you can afford to charter a Gulfstream here to Florida… (trust me… Customs and Border Patrol rarely if ever look at privately chartered $2.5 million dollar aircraft… different rules for the rich amiright?) You’d be able to bring your favorite beheading knife, and maybe even a few AKs and even some friends. Seeings that during my 10 plus years contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan, I know you won’t come alone. Rarely did I EVER see a ‘lone terrorist’ over there… Having only one pair of balls to share means you have to travel in a group I suppose. Keep in mind however that I get to bring MY friends too…
Just be aware… Here in the ACTUAL United States, things are a bit ‘different’ from what you see and hear on TV. You’re going to be in for one hell of a shock I assure you. I feel I have to warn you to be fair… I don’t want you showing up all ready to party, and then feel as though you weren’t fully briefed on the sit-rep (situation report) here on the ground in the REAL America. 
Your current lack of “Real Time” Intelligence is caused by multiple reasons, first and foremost what you see and hear on the TV. You think our leadership weak, corrupt, and opportunistic, and you’d be right in that. However, that being said, where you think that on the people are ALSO like that, on the whole you’d be incorrect. Most Americas play hard, drink hard, fuck hard (we love our women like you enjoy your goats and tea-boys) and fight hard. We like a fair deal, and for the most part are Honest and Hardworking. It’s in the American DNA. Most of your current ‘on the ground intel’ comes from British Islamics and the VERY RARE US Expat Islamics. Unfortunately for them, they only see things through “Muslim Colored Glasses” (pardon the pun) and really have no CLUE how we Americans REALLY are.
Like the Australians, we are descended from the rejects of the world… no one else wanted us… like unwanted dogs… Mutts… Junkyard Dogs… More on that in a bit. To explain a few other things first: Is our government corrupt, lazy and relatively weak? Unfortunately the answer currently is yes. It’s what we get for having the “Baby Boom Generation” take over. A bunch of vapid, self centered, dope smoking, Hippy wannabe, ‘precious snowflakes’ who were never told “No” in their lives. Personally I’ve never seen a more spoiled generation of people. High on the fumes of their own Godhood, Hubris, and self righteous in their beliefs that THEY know better than anyone else… well, if your beef is with our Politicians and our Government, let us, the average Joes here in the states know, and we’ll get out of your way. Kill ‘em all and leave us to clean up the mess. That being said, you unfortunately seem to be targeting ALL of us, and well now Abdullah and Company, we can’t be having that…. Targeting the source of your ire, our Politicians, is well, fine, and dandy. Targeting Me, my family and such? Not so much. 
But you say “You are the ones who elected them! It was the people’s choice!” EEERRRRTTTT! Wrong answer ISIS. America hasn’t had a true “people’s mandate” (i.e. honest elections) in about 40 years… I mean really? You think that we elected the same two families (Bush, Cllinton, Bush ectectect) continually in fair and open elections? C’mon guys… you’re from the Middle East… look at Saudi Arabia… We have pretty much the same level of political honesty they do… hell ours is even less honest. They at least refer to the guy in charge as the King.
But I’m getting sidetracked… My main point is that our Government is as out of touch with the “REAL AMERICA” as you are. They live in a bubble if you will. They routinely pass laws and do really stupid shit we don’t agree with, and piss off a lot of people in doing it, both here and overseas. My apologies if any of your family was hurt or killed by an American. My most sincere condolences if it did in fact happen. However, I, and my family have about as much say in what our government does as a Turkey does in how Thanksgiving is going to go… (Google ‘turkey the bird’, not the country, and Thanksgiving if you don’t get the reference.) 
In fact, lets explain Thanksgiving for a minute. It’s a holiday that we celebrate the founding of the United States. In some circles however, it’s a day that also marks the annihilation of the Native American population. That means the folks who were ALREADY here in the US when the majority of our European Reject Ancestors showed up… See, when we first started settling here, there were already about 100 MILLION people squatting and living here. In less than 200 years, we “NEW” Americans whittled that down to about 2.9 million people… and herded them onto the nastiest ghetto properties left over in the United States. 
Think on that one… we did that using 17th and 18th Century Technology. We SLAUGHTERED upwards of 98 MILLION PEOPLE… Imagine if we REALLY decide to get pissed off. All these people did was own the land we wanted… and for it we destroyed their culture, and erased their heritage. We weren’t even really MAD at them. They just happened to be in the way.
Ask the people of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tokyo and Dresden about what happens when we get angry…
You Arabs think you have the market cornered on violence? On terror? On cruelty? 
As it’s been said before by others… there are 21 million combat vets CURRENTLY alive and well in the US… AND unlike the rest of the world, we’re generally armed to the teeth. We have ZERO tolerance for bullshit, either from outsiders or even our own government… Use the Bundy Ranch as an example… a perfect case in point of our own Government thinking it could go all “third worldy” on us, and they learned that, uh NO, there IS a line that they do NOT want to cross… In fact from what I hear, the Feds are still trying to clean out their underwear because they in their wildest nightmare never thought that upwards of 1000 heavily armed Americans would show up, armed to the teeth and say to the Feds “Don’t even THINK about it…”
And that was against our own. Imagine if you and yours show up and try to get all ‘medieval’ like you have in Iraq… you want Medieval? Just remember, the Iron Maiden and other fun such toys were invented during the Inquisition… where the Catholics REALLY got down and showed people how barbaric they could be. Keep in mind, you retards have even gone so far as to have the COOLEST Pope in 1000 years come out and state that fighting you assholes is cool… he stopped just short of declaring another Crusade… Tell you what… keep provoking us… you might not like the result. After all, WE REALLY DON’T NEED YOU OR YOUR CULTURE OF DEATH. Your oil? Yep. That we need. Your culture and religion? Not so much.
One neutron bomb on the Ka’aba and that’s all she wrote. Keep it in mind. 
As I said, we Americans are for the most part junkyard dogs, kept on a short leash. With that stated, that leash can be dropped at a moment’s notice, and if it is, well, then as they said in the Old West, “Yer gonna reap the whirlwind.” Let’s face it, you guys are good at propaganda, great at raping little girls, and killing scared, unarmed civilians. I Double Dog Dare Ya to go to Texas and try some of that shit. You might get one or two shots off before every concealed carry bastard in the place ventilates you into a pile of hollow point pulped meat. 
So I’ll be posting this to my Facebook account… whether or not you read it (if you CAN in fact read) and hopefully you really try to understand that the Average American could give two shits about you, your country, or your religion. Be smart and keep that shit in your own yard, and we’ll be just fine. “Live and Let Live” as the man says. Bring that shit into my house, and you’d better pack a lunch, “…‘cause it’s gonna be an all day affair”… (which means we’ll whup your ass again and again and again.)
Best Regards
Big Country

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Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.

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  1. After the CIA cut funding to those ISIS clowns and the tiny car they rode in on, they changed their name to WasWas.

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