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Well now… so I do some work in the healthcare industry.  The what and why isn’t important.  That being said though, the observations I have tell me that better to die balls deep in brass, surrounded by my enemies, than to cash in in a care home or even at home without family.

DeadDad cashed surrounded by FedBro, his wife-of-the-time and MomUnit.  Home hospice.  Not cool but cool if you know what I mean.  Comfortable passing in familiar surroundings.  Peaceful.
Me?  No idea what the future holds.  -HOPEFULLY- something similar to DeadDad.  If not, then brass/dead enemies would be my choice.

ESPECIALLY in light of the trends I’m seeing.
Hospice Care?
Home Health Workers?
UNSKILLED Home Health Workers (in particular dis fukkin’ group)?

Oh. My. God.

I take calls about medical claims.  Two groups I practically want to hang up on instantly are the voices of the Hindus, and the Haitian/Jamaicans.  And honestly, it’s not a racial issue.  It’s the ability to understand what the fuck these marble mouthed fuckers are saying.  The worst are the New Delhi call centers.  Something like 60% of -all- providers offices have outsourced to what they probably think is a US based billing office, but in reality?  The fucking workers and callers are all Apu calling from overseas.

“But Big Country, you magnificent bastard of Lore and Legend, how can you be sure?”

Easy my friends.  The fact that there’s a significant delay on the phone, and an echo usually gives away the distance factor, as well as background noise, where I can hear the other marble-mouthed Apu motherfuckers babbling in the background, as well as the insanely-hard-to-unnastand accent. 

BUT The Haitians and Jamaicans?  The issue with me is the whole “don’t trust/can’t trust.”
Muh diversity.  
“The Other” 

Dunno about -you- but no fucking thanks
I’d rather do the real deal, find a volcano, and jump into that motherfucker.  Better that than be tortured to death by some HooDoo VoodDoo motherfucker who purely hates whypeepo, but’ll take yer monies.

Ahhhh yes…The Good Old Days…That’s from an archive of Heavy Metal Magazines…  I remember that story from when I was a kid, Give me the old-old stuff Aye?

Of course… Just to show what happened to Grandpa tho…

Anyways… The Mad Cohorts of Corporate and Political nature, who BTW will never be in the hands of some ‘weird assed’ VooDoo woman, is MOR than willing to import these folks to be the caretakers of our elderly and infirm.  Three guesses as to how that’s gonna work out.

First two don’t count.

Been reading a lot of anecdotes about the Haitians especially.  CNAs no less…that’s a Certified Nurse’s Assistant.  Your ‘umble host -was- one waaay back in the day.  Worked in a nursing home, wiping asses.  6 months.  Ugh.  That was a nasty job that no one really wants to do, but nowadays?  The pay supposedly is pretty good.  BUT: it means your competing against the Haitians, who by all reports I’ve been seeing are more than happy to go all tribal and sheee-it with machetes in the parking lot over Overtime Hours…

Now that I think about it, frame #3 of the above comic might be more accurate as far as the care delivery systems of the future.

Hate when I’m unintentionally ironic.
But, I’m seeing the future, and it’s a 300+ Pound Haitian Female with attitude beating our elderly for fun and games.  If not out-and-out robbing them.  The news stories are endless unfortunately.  Muh Diversity! takes the literal shitty jobs that people don’t want.  And gets paid shit for it usually, mainly because the nursing homes, for the most part, are part of Super-Global-Medical-INC and are giant transnational, if not global megacorps who’s entire existence is for profit over all other considerations.

Like Big Pharm, Giant Med does not give two flaming fucks for you.
Unless it’s in the pursuit of draining your $$$ to them and their shareholders.

Long gone are the days of the Doc doing housecalls.
Although, some medical systems do have it.  Costa Rica does, and it’s a socialist sorta-kinda… they have the DotGov mandatory healthcare, but you only pay based on income, with 7% to 11% on the high end, and the low being nothing.  The private based healthcare, which I used one time, is far more efficient and cheap by a long fucking shot compared to our shit here.  I tripped and really bashed the shit out of my knee badly enough that I thought I’d fractured something.  My knee swole up to soccerball sized.  We called the doc, who was a Nurse Practitioner, and a friend of the family.  He showed, did the once over, gave me some anti-inflammatories, and a needle for the pain (the goooood stuff!) and I think I paid, in total, for a house call $60?

Tell me again how this’s the greatest healthcare system in teh woild?Yeah, intentional misspellings.
More to ponder on.  As well as More Later
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter 
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  1. Why do you think the Boomers are so angry??? They know what’s in store for them if they didn’t take the necessary steps for the kids to care for them because they cared about the well being of their kids…

  2. I remember reading an article last year at the beginning of the scamdemic. A doctor wrote about being offered a large amount of money to go work in NYC. He turned it down because of the Haitians and Jamaicans who make up a large part of the health care work force there. His reason was past experience with them. Said they were lazy, and spent their entire shift on their phones. Plus, he said he saw first hand how they banded together to blame an on-call doctor for a mistake made by one of them.

  3. Being a Hospital Services Consumer, and having been a Pre-Hospital services PROVIDER, you have a few generalizations that are-=-=-=- uhhhmmm, rather broad brushed.

    As a patient of the Cleveland Clinic I’m not seeing these kinds of issues.

    My bride having worked here in the FLAGSHIP cardiology department AT the Mother Ship I had access to information on how and what got done here, and benefitted from the guy who invented a total Ankle Replacement when he piut my foot back on my leg with plates-pins-and screws.

    While both my bride and I worked over with Case Univ Hospital, I had the job of bringing in patients from outlying local (affiliated) hospitals who had patients that those docs DESPARATELY neede dto die in the Mother Ship, so I got them admitted, transported etc. I also dispatched a couple choppers.
    At the time my bride was ExecAsst to the boss of one of the nation’s best comprehensive Epilepsy programs.

    And oh as far as cashing in in a SNF, bride spent time as the execAsst of the CEO for the local Kindred Facilities. Kindreds being Long Term Intensive Care Facilities as well as having on site SNFs.

    OK. MY experience may be biased because I live in one of THE most hospitaled towns in the country, but you REALLY should shrink the breadth of your brush JUST A TAD!
    (PS, YES there are some of what you describe here in Hough or Norwood, East Cleveland, etc.)

    Night Driver

  4. Would hate to end up in a ‘care’ home slowly fading away. Just seems such a sad and long way to go. For me when (more like if) I get to that age I am going to take up base jumping and learn the ways of a wing suit and go out in style. Terminal Cancer? Well I would get umm lets just say involved in the international banking cartel so to speak. One way ticket. Die in service to humanity 😉

  5. Make friends with your health care providers and NEVER lie to them…I have self diagnosed a bladder infection (kind of rare for guys but it happens) and a couple of other things…called them up told them what’s what and meds were waiting for me at the pharmacy…and a follow up a couple of days later…and this was in Commifornia….YMMV

  6. There is SOME truth to this rant. I do agree with the gentleman above, whose experience in Cleveland area hospitals is similar to mine. Locating your retirement home requires taking a good look at what the hospital situation is – a poorly run medical center can shorten your life by quite a bit.
    Probably even more important – get your health advocates in place before they are needed. Someone willing to “make some noise” will often be the difference between life and death (or, a living death).

  7. well, the KEYS are Nurse Managers and DONs (Director of Nursing) for the facility. I was well and truly doped to my eyeballs, think it was dilaudid or something equally savory, so I MIGHT have missed the explanation of what they were going to do for me (40% COMPRESSION of L-1. HURTIN DUDE!! NO such thing as a comfy position) [don’t ask it aint HSLD nor neither sexy]
    As I say I MIGHT have missed the explanation.
    Looked at wife and she went to see the Asst DON. REAL nice lady who walked into the transfer procession and said “STOP! I’m blowing a whistle RIGHT HERE until we get this sorted out!”
    Surgeon came up to my floor and explained what we were going to do. I spent a bunch of time apologizing for dragging him up out of his crib.
    HE and the A-DON asked me once more each and I said nobody explained it and they BOTH turned different colors. (kinda sure that cost someone a prime strip of flesh later)
    But I’m in general up n about, but I don’t try to lift 100 pound sacks anymore.
    But sorry for the digression. Ya gotta KNOW the TO&E of the facility, and understand about this fucking WALL that NURSING enforces between MEDICINE (Docs, PA’s, and such) and NURSING (RNs, LPNs, NPs (though they been known to cross lines now and again), Respiratory Techs, Rad techs, Medics like me and such tend to live on the NURSING side of the line.
    So MEET the DON, have your care assistant (wife etc working with the nurses to get you back n yer feet)meet him or her and get to know them (usual 4, 1 per shift with rotations so it’s gonna be a bit to know them, just so that when your care assistant decides that it’s time to et LOUD he or she knows whom to get LOUD WITH.

    Night Driver

  8. Ten years ago I had come up with loose ankles. Went to two doctors and both wanted to go in and $titch them up tighter. Already experienced that you never are the same after invasive procedures. And the horse you rode in on too. Quit my cushy job sitting on my ass and went to working on my feet. Haven’t had a trouble since. Had back pain from the same do nothing job a couple years before. Herniated disc making life hell. Doctor came in a set down all relaxed, shot the breeze about this and that then tells me to do nothing because his experience was that people in my situation quit coming in about the time they get to the age I was approaching. I had come in wanting surgery the pain was constant enough. Didn’t get around to a second opinion and over the next few years it actually went away. Healed itself but there’s a slight permanent lean to that side I didn’t even notice for a long time. Got him an effusive handwritten thank you letter few years later. Saved my ass. A stereotype is an informational repository about a group of people which may or may not be true on an individual level. Remember too, half of all doctors (etc) graduated at the bottom of their class. Persistence and competence don’t necessarily travel together.

  9. My mom broke her foot last summer and was in a facility for rehab for four months, during which she wasn’t allowed visitors because of the plandemic, after she left she told me she was afraid that one of the CNA s were going to do her harm.
    She told me that several of them were down right racist, but one was flagrant about it.
    They seem to resent the patients, the people who are really responsible for their imcome,
    And this was a facility run by a faith based institution.

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