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I took today aff, as I’m having issues with ye old guttie-whuts.  Something I ate, and I’ve been off my feed all day.  Ugh.  At least I didn’t barf on the KB like I did a few weeks ago.  IT was not amused to have to drop ship me overnight a new KB and mouse.  Ah, such is life in the fast lane.  But, because of this, I’m a bit more refreshed as the rest was needed.  Just hope things didn’t go too sideways at work, seeings that I’m a key player on the team, and I’ve been told by higher-higher my absence is noticeable in that more shit gets done better when I’m around.  Makes for job security, but these days, I’m just another brick in the wall, a cog in the machine, easily replaceable, and I’m not letting any amount of happy smoke blown up my ass counter that opinion.

So, a quick look over the various funny pages, i.e. the “news” or Izvestyia… better known publically as CNN, Fox, CBS.. the usual suspects… Daily Mail i.e. the “Fail” is always good for a few laughs.  They’re the equivalent of the National Enquirer by Brit standards, but they have a LOT of news and stuff that the ‘Murican Ministry of Propaganda tends to stay ‘hands off’ of.

Now, the Mail leans heavy on celebutard news.  Major player in TMX-esque gossip and shit… latest on which retard is spouting what bullshit… and the trend of ‘teh gayness’ and faggotry thats busting out alllll over.  Now it is hug a fag month… why a month is beyond me… Hug a Monkey Month for February, followed by March being all “Female Empowerment Month”, and March to April gets (March 13 to April 15) is National Deaf History Month, although, no pun intended, I didn’t hear much about that one.<rim shot>

Now that June is Fag Fiesta month, seems lots n lots of Celebs… especially over-the-hill loser celebs are jumping on the bandwagon so to speak.  Now, in all fairness, Ellen Page, now Elliot, was waaay early on in the “becoming trans for fun and profit.”  I did an article about that sad fucking sack back then when (s)he done jumped on.  Seems lately, (S)he -did- go all in and had her titties cut off, as ‘he’ has been running around topless a lot… problem is, he ain’t getting the work.  -She- was a ok actress… problem was she peaked early… child actors’ll do that.  Soooooo….

He is now a niche actor… a poster ‘boy’ for fucked up lifestyles of the thirsty and desperate.  Most of the Hollyweird folks are completely fucked in the head… another more recent case in point: Demi Lovato… another kid actor, who managed to cling to fame for a while longer… a Disney Kid apparently… which in itself is another whole story there vis-a-vis the amount of the kids who were on Demon-Maus, who went on to ‘bigger and better’ but in the process seem to be profoundly damaged and sexual abuse objects… MKUltra Program anyone?  Things that make you go hmmmn?

But yeah, so this chick has been ‘full psycho’ for waaaaay longer than a minute, and her relevancy is expired a while ago, til this month when she ‘came out’ as ‘they them’ or some shit… pansexual, dualsexual?  whatever the fuckual?  I figured out what she really is:

Apparently any press is good press no matter how fucking deranged you sound.
What’s worst is that soooooooooo many young impressionable not-raised-by-their-parents kids out there who consume and consume the TV, the Phone apps… they’re ALL being programmed to be good little MKUltra Clones like this miss crazypants.

I mean it’s called television programming for a reason.
They literally figured out how to re-program people.

Most of the sanest and normal people -I- know, (for the ratings of sane and normal) are the folks who have minimal interaction with pop-culture, television, and avoid the news like the plague.  Now, my definition of normal ain’t.  In fact, DSM10 would categorize me as ‘crazy as a shit-house rat in a fecal storm’.  Badge of Honor in me eyes Aye?

What’s really fucked up too, is it’s pathological.
Even when they win, or are on top they –still– fucking do crazy shit to stay in the limelight.
Case in point, Claire Boucher, a canuck so-so musician better known as “Grimes”
Techno-synth pop headcase music.  Not my taste.
Better known as Elon Musk’s babemomma.

Not that attractive IMO…But, the female hamster is gonna hamster

It’s a disease… in particular it affects the female faaaar more frequently than the males.  The male-fame addicts?  They just tend to use the power and money to abuse the fuck out of whatever sloot they can get their hands on.  Most are sexual predators at the same level and heights of Ted Bundy, ‘cept without the happy ending Uncle Ted liked so much…  and even then, some of the rumors about some of the stars out there?  Jesus on a Pogo Stick.

Fame Culture is what we’re going to have to ALSO erase.  Talented folks are talented, but when we keep elevating the most obviously mentally deranged and incapacitated motherfuckers, judge them to be ‘our betters’ and it’s literally putting the lunatics in charge of the fucking asylum.  

Culturally we’re fucked
Politically we’re fucked
Economically we’re fucked
Hell, even Spiritually we’re fucked, as long as the Antipope is running around loose.
Man, I should have joined The Legion….Too bad they don’t open up an “Old Farts Brigade”… easy on the extreme PT… make sure we get plenty of fiber, lots of ammunition, promise a HUGE payout to our families, and cut us fucking loose to rage hell on the opposition… after all, those of us who’ve made it -this far- into our dotage made it by being the meanest, maddest, hardest, evilest motherfuckers in the whole fucking valley, period. fucking. dot.

Why not use us?Forget “The Expendables”… make it the “Grumpy Old Men Part 3: Shit Just Got -REAL-” Movie.I could be the “2nd Grumpy old man who gets shot twenty minutes in next to Ahhhnuld in the big finale”  It’d be a hit.  
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid ReporterBig Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. “…when we keep elevating the most obviously mentally deranged and incapacitated motherfuckers…”

    We aren’t doing it. Those who are doing it, are doing it intentionally so it will not stop.

  2. My only problem with clown world is that my size 24 rainbow Air Colons get in the way while driving.
    Comrade kommissar Musk will improvementate driving for the good of the collective with the new unicorn fewments powered Zil Trabant.
    Forward to Wakanda, yes we can!

  3. GruntPa LOL,
    As I fellow Contractor I can relate , Things are in pretty adverse shape when the so called younger guys are in worse physical shape then you as a 60 plus year old. I think things started to really go to hell in this country on Nov, 22 1963 and have really accelerated like a UAP in overdrive.
    Then the rot set in the late 70’s stopped for most part in the 80’s (some fuckery was still going on then) and returned in the 90’s .
    I agree its totally gone Bat shit crazy (BSC) as of late, your spot on
    Holly Weird is the poster child for a programed resident of the Distopia called FUSA.
    and people think I am weird for not having a cell phone
    (personally I think things really went to shit when the M-14 was replaced with the M-16A1)
    head on a swivel this will not end well .
    Stay well my Friend .


    Ps . to avoid pissing off IT , keep a trash container near your desk for Emergency Ejection Purposes (EEP), Your lucky they didn’t ask you to ship the keyboard back with that new industrial extra-strength coating . .gov IT would .

  4. When I encounter this psycho-sexual clown world thing, which is not often, I’m reminded of the der Israelites waiting for Moses to return from conversing with The Boss. You might think they were being careful to be good, but no, they were worshipping their own sexual ferocity, a form of Idolatry. And if thee has no regard for the 1st Commandment, the rest don’t matter, so you can see why the emphasis on deviancy. In the same way, the left attacks the Constitution, with an eye for sweeping it all away, to be replaced with what the left deems appropriate. All of the left’s moves can be predicted with the use of logic, something the left inverts to get where they’re going. The purpose of the left’s propaganda is humiliation, not to convince, or educate.

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