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I’m doing the full-time work thing these days, working from home, doing contract work.  Phone stuff.  Mostly inbound.  Doing things that I won’t go into much detail aboot, as I don’t want to get fired.  However, I’ve taken to noticing deficiencies in the program.  Like serious issues.  Now, currently I’m at the bottom of the totem pole so to speak, being a call-center-monkey.  However, in past lives I was a Call Center Supervisor for the company that held this exact same contract before.  

Until they completely screwed the pooch and lost said-contract.  
Cut to years later, and I’m back in the same old saddle

And I’m seeing the same exact mistakes being made again

Which is really what my POV and writing is about today.  I’ve been practically screaming at management about these fuckups.  I mean nominally, ‘lower enlisted’ don’t have a view on the bigger picture, but to me, I see myself as a former Brigade Commander reduced to the ranks so to speak… and I see the fuckups happening in real time, and am trying to head them off before it nukes the contract.  This’s a DotGov contract of course as are all my jobs… hate the civilian world donchaknow?

So, the Management, despite me accumulating a pile o’evidence of just general shitty performance and errors that were not only done at the VERY beginning of our interactions with the clients, but compounded by the fact that there were at least 4-5 others who had their greasy, grubby dickbeaters on the intakes (we contract with outside DotGov to sub out ‘stuff’) and everything from wrong numbers (can’t call w/out doing goolag research, adding to time spent) to wrong addresses, (making sending work to them impossible if we got the wrong addy) to just about anything and everything wrong that makes my job that so much harder.  At no time were these blatantly obvious fuckups found, nevermind corrected nor addressed… probably everyone is just too damned lazy to follow up and/or check it out.  “Ain’t mah job” is the thought process more n’likely.

Then, Upper Management, when showing the ever-increasing list of absolute fuckups?  

They put the blame on the Subs

“They haven’t followed up”

“They gave us bad information”

“It’s their issue, not ours”

I was actually told this in a Management Town Hall.  That it wasn’t our contracting/networking team, or the careless attitude displayed by the rest of the staff.  I’m not even touching the disparities in the particulars of the folks who’re fucking up epically… It’s all their fault.
To the point where then during the Town Hall, during the Q&A I got shut the fuck down.  “Meeting over, that’s all the time we have for today!!!!”


Apparently, the Management team is taking the approach that if they don’t know about an issue, then there’s nothing wrong, nothing needs to be fixed, and everything is Unicorn Farts and Rainbows out the Aforementioned Unicorn Anus.

Until the fucking contract implodes

And this’s another example of how the process of shit at the top, causing rot to the bottom.  Fucking management is going to stunned and horrified when evvat’ing detonates in their faces.  And then?  Well, they’ll bail.  To the next company  that picks up the contract from the ruins of this one and wash, rinse, repeat.

Leaving poor fuckers like me on the sidelines.

Which is exactly what the entirety of the Executive Branch and it’s Deep State Puppetmasters are doing, have been doing and will continue to do.  I no longer think it’s a ‘grand plan’ per se… Never ascribe to evil what general stupidity can explain.  I think they’re ALL in ‘action/reaction’ mode, and that they aren’t in their own minds, in their “own truths” (what a great con-artist phrase that is) they’re righteous and brave and on the right side of history.  They are.  From their point of view.  Which now is encapsulated, completely isolated and disconnected reality that the rest of us have to live in.

That disconnect, both in the DotGov and my managerial team shows that the rot is complete and throughout our society.  The damage downstream isn’t put into the calculations.  Only the right here/right now instant gratification:  Bob the manager, if asked by the Contract Director or CEO if the contract is doing well, and are there any bumps or problems that they should know about?  And Bob, because he muzzled my ass and shipped me off to the Gulag before I could give my presentation on the accelerating breakdowns in communication and, well everything else, he can honestly say with a straight face, that everything is Dandy and Peachy and how about my raise now boss?  Bob doesn’t want to know as it gives him plausible deniability.  Keeps him from catching the blame, should I find, shall we say, other means? to spreading the alarms about these issues.  Of course it means my head is on the block as far as Bob is concerned, but considering the evidence I have, to include the public disavowing in front of at least 100 people on the Zoom call that “Everything is fine!”, Bob’s toast.

But these are the things also that I see in the DotGov as a whole now.  They’re living inside the DC Green Zone, completely self-isolated, believing theyselves to be surrounded by a Trumpian Army of Eeevil Whypeepo Supremacists that’re just waiting for the opportunity to charge in and kill them all

That mental-disconnect shows how deranged they all areAnd the shocked look on their faces when people really decide that it’s go time is going to be epic.  Because at this point?

Orange Man Bad is gone

The Derangement Remains

And must be fed

So we’re it’s next targets.

However, Unlike OMB, we as a group do and can have lots to lose

We don’t have the huuuuuuuuuuuge bank accounts and properties and whatnot that OMB has to fall back on.  We don’t have the luxury of escaping to our New Zealand Bolt-Holes or multi-million dollar Kansas Nuke Luxury Bunkers.  We’re the ones that, when presented with a ‘no-win’ Kobayashi Maru situation, say “Fuck it, Let’s Roll!” and do just that.

Spit on the hands, and start slitting throats.

We’re not there yet

But the time is near(er)

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. I agree with your assesment, it does feel like we’re close.
    … however, Bob, he may have friends, or info, or, who knows, maybe a big dick, but Bob may not be as simple to burn as you think. You may get the word out to the higher ups, but as you noted, these peeps DGAF! Gimme gimme gimme as long as you can, then fuck it, burn it down, and deflect the blame onto somebody else. Kick the can down the road a ways. Thats how it happened in the past right? Whats changed?
    There is a mental disconnect. They are living in another world. An echo chamber of their own construction! Don’t let it get you, it is bigger than you and will swallow you whole, no bones, no burps.
    As Sun Tzu once said, do not get in the way of your enemy destroying itself. Let the rot kick in and roll the organization, save your get out of jail free card for that day, and milk the damned thing fod all you acn get, legal and otherwise!

  2. Enjoying your posts of experience, wit, and wisdom.

    Here, what you describe is deliberate failure. Churning of companies. Something like a shell game. Who profits? Better question: What kind of people profit?

    The same is done with corporations that get caught after they massively pollute and kill people. Company gets bought, or split in two and then bought. Liability is squashed in the transactions.

    The same with banks. Each time a “crisis” hits, they just churn a few corporate bank names, liability is quashed, same owners — same kind of people — carry on.

    100 years ago, Henry Ford published extensively about this kind of people. 25 years later, Gen. George Patton Jr. “woke up” to this kind of people. Patton said we killed the “wrong enemy.” And they killed him.

    This time, let’s kill the right enemy.

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