Dr. Seuss…. REALLY???

Greeting Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Fuckin’ Aye.  These wankers never seem to slow down.  The ‘gas’ on the fire of going after the best childrens book writer ever IMO is fucking appalling.  I mean REALLY?  I dig that the Left is a voracious critter as a whole but Dr. Fuckin’ Seuss?

The Babylon Bee did it best with the above…What kills me is that they’re so uneducated… these theoretical fuckin educators”

Dr Seuss is a raaaaaaaaay cist!”


Because Niggers can’t even read at that level?


Green Eggs and Ham are indicators of poverty I guess… old, aged food apparently which reminds the darkies that they only eat dumpster food.  


Seuss was one of the best writers for simple, easy-to-learn and fun books

I still have mine from when I was a kid

Hell, I even have a modern retrospective of his War Drawings from World War 2

I got that one on the bookshelf Aye.

He did a LOT of anti-Hitler and calling out anti-semitism.

He banged on alllll the bad guys in World War 2

And you know whut?

None of those ‘supposed’ educators have probably never heard of these parts of his work.

Fucking ig’nint Motherfuckers

Fuck Your Feeeeeeewings.





I hope they all die, falling under a Mac Truck, tasting their own blood as it rushes up their esophagus and chokes them as the weight of 20 tons crushes the very life from them, leaving only a quarter-inch paste of human meat, staining the ground like bad roast beef.  Serve ’em all right.  Let the buzzards scrape ’em up.
Make of it what you will.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. They are not after Dr. Seuss per se. They are out to wreck education and replace it with indoctrination. Simple rhymes are a great tool to teach young children both concepts and reading. Can’t raise darkie up so must dumb whitey down. It’s the reason private, church based schools have grown at such a fast pace in south Florida. (Yes, I live in the “blue zone”.)

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