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Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes!

Seems that the “Great Pushback” may finally be upon us.
‘Bout fuckin’ time aye?
As in the Corporate Retards,  meaning Females, Human Fuckin’ Resources, Retards, Morons, and General Anti-Human Fucktardians might be finally waking the fuck up.

Leastways, one can hope.
Essentially, Red Bull is an Austrian (this is important later) based… more like based company thats privately owned by my new Corporate Heeeeee-ro:  Per Wiki,  Dietrich Mateschitz (Croatian: Matešić; born 20 May 1944) is an Austrian billionaire businessman. He is the co-founder and 49% owner of the Red Bull energy drink company. As of 24 July 2020, according to Forbes, Mateschitz’s net worth was estimated at $26.9 billion, making him the 40th wealthiest person in the world.
Herr Mateschitz recently told the U.S. Social Justice Warrior Division of Red Bull to essentially “Get Fucked, Die in a Fire, and By the way, Yer Fuckin’ Fired” for pulling some social justice horseshit.
Apparently the H.R. sloots/nigs/jigs/jews and what have you were complaining to ‘higher-higher’ that Red Bull wasn’t jumping on the Burn Loot and Maim wagon.  To whit, when it came up in a board room meeting, Herr Mateschitz told them all, essentially, “Fuck you, die in a fire, yer fired.”  Shitcanned all the broke dick P.O.S. SJWs, and canned a fuckton of complaining bitches too.
Bravo… Bravo in spades sir.
THATS how you deal with those fucktards.  Now, as I mentioned before, the guy, despite being Croat, (not a bad thing) but he was/is Austrian.  You know who else was Austrian right? LMFAO.
Yep.  Hitler.  And let me tell you… the Austrians out-Nazi the Germans by a ten-to-one ratio…  Fucking went to der Volksschule in Mondsee Austria for a year when I was 14…  Lakes Region… truly hardcore people.  I went to the local Volksschule (People’s School) for a year, and there I learned basic German, taught basic 14 year old grammar, and had a blast, if you consider that a 14 year old school experience should be equated with age-appropriate Basic Training.
My Austrian Alma Mater LOL.
Seriously… these fuckin’ guys… OK… a ‘for instance’… class changes/room changes.  Done at double time.  Dead fucking run.  No ‘waltzing/walking…. a dead run room-to-fuckin-room.  Don’t waste time.  Teacher included…  Miz Hoff… a pure-dee example of “middle age cat lady in 1984” ran our asses between classes like a fucking Olympic marathoner.  
Don’t even make me talk about Gym Class…  I still feel ashamed when the fattest kid in the class took two two-inch-wide pegs, and climbed a fucking peg board wall like a fucking monkey in 30 seconds… 60 feet up, 20 feet over, and back down.  In like 30 fucking seconds.  Yeah, I was like always the lamest motherfucker in class… who the fuck knew or could be prepared for that level of crazy at 14?
Then… Art Class…  Oh… you mean ‘religious art’ with (can’t remember her name but she was an intimidating old Nun) Sister Mary Elephant showed up every Thursday to have us re-create a scene from the Bible… now here’s the hysterical part… I was raised and Baptized Roman Catholic thank god… these Krauts might’a burned me n’ FedBro at the stake otherwise… but Parental Units weren’t too hardcore about it… so I learned (by beatings from Sister Mary Elephant) how to do the Lord’s Prayer auf Deutsche before I knew it in English…  To give you and idea,  Political scientist David Art of Tufts University notes that Austrians comprised 8 per cent of the Third Reich’s population and 13 percent of the SS; he states that 40 per cent of the staff and 75 per cent of commanders at death camps were Austrian.

So yeah, The Nazis, the really reelz hardcore of the fuckin’ hardcores?


Period fucking dot.
And now?  They told the Social Justice Warriors to pound sand.
Need to get the mixer for Red Bull…
Red Bull and Raz… a great combo….
Seems that the Austrians have allies however… Seems Trader Joe’s, after a lot of feedback told the SJW’s to fuck off and die in a fire as well.
Seems the SJW’s got a bug up their collective asses about “Trader Ming’s” and “Trader Jose” and some such shit by a 17 year old wannabee dumbslore who hasn’t figured out yet that real life is a bitch.
Seems Briones Bedell, 17, of Oakley doesn’t understand that, at the rate it’s going, she’ll never hold a job anywhere, anytime.
Why the fuck would you ever hire a ‘woke’ asshole?
She’s a prime example of it.  
Buh Bye Briones… hope you enjoyed your 15 of fame, ’cause you sure as fuck ain’t ever holding a real job in real life as not a single employer on the planet could afford to hire a fucktard like you.

Enjoy poverty.
Til Later, I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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