Early Afternoon and Not Much Happenin’

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes
Jeez… and we gotta stay in until the end of April?

Gonna have to call some people I know…

‘Cause booze alone ain’t gonna be able to keep this head together in the long run.  Although I HAVE started a bit of a project.  Gourmet Mushrooms for the house. 

Seems Sappers grown spawn, now SapperSpawn, is a hipster of the highest order.  Except he’s aware of his shortcomings.  He gave us the idea in that he’s doing “Gentleman Farming” at his casa in Ohio.  And when I say “Gentleman Farming” I mean raising some really obscure food substances for cash.  Full Time he’s a guitar salesman normally.  Has a band… the usual.  His ‘at home-part-time gig’ is raising Morel Mushrooms and other variants, as well as quails for quail eggs, and other really random but rare ingredients.  He’s a “micro-farmer” in this, but making really crazy good $$$ apparently with the local shi-shi frou frou chefs lining up to get his stuff…

Sooooo boredom being what it is, and looking for another potential income stream, I got some media for the spores, some spores and in a few weeks, we’ll see if these things work.  I doubt there’s a market locally right now, BUT in a month or two when I’m ready to harvest, hopefully there’ll be one, and if not, I can at least add another “Done that” notch in the belt.

Hell there’s a whole subculture apparently of people who grow these things for fun, profit and pleasure.

Never mind the ‘other’ “Shrooms”.  Man did I find pages of that stuff floating around.

So that’s one project.  The “Gorilla Killer” was another.

Shit… I’ma gonna run out of things to do inside pretty soon.

I DO have to get the porch and pool cleaned up, but the motivation for that is at an all time low.  It’s been a ball breaking bit of a heat wave for this time of year here.  It’s 91 right now with high humidity.  Fucking great day to stay indoors.  Not so much for manual labor outside.

As far as “Body Count” here in Florida:
As of March 30, 2020 @ 15:00 is 5473

Well, guess we’ll see as they say.  Got a hunch this’s all being overplayed, but I can’t really chance it.  I definitely tick off too many boxes:
Over 50
Prior Lung Issues
to include Lung Cancer
and I get pneumonia at the drop of a hat.

Fuck this shit.
Until Later when I explore the current flights in and out of the country, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Since you are in florida, I won't say get vitamin D, I assume you get a bit (15 min) shirt-off sun,
    Does your wife? If you are low in Selenium (Se) the easiest is 2 brazil nuts /day, if not, well
    it's OK food. I haven't been tested, but….I can see it killing people, it is rather unpleasant.
    And it may come back, nearly as bad. I did attack it more 2nd time, any other advice may be (likely)not

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