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So the mailbag came yesterday, I actually didn’t get the mail until this A.M. as I had overlooked it.  Too much going on at the house, and if mail-dood doesn’t knock at the door and drop large boxes/packages off, I sometimes forget that it comes and gets delivered.  Might actually be a self-defense mechanism against bills maybe?  God knows the summer power-surge (i.e. pricing) has kicked off here in Central Florida.

Last months, and the monthly average is about $100-120 per month.  3 adults, running a ‘regular’ life of Central AC, washer, dryer, and dishwasher, plus about 5 computers 24-7, and TVs.  Every spring/summer, the cost doubles though.  The ‘surge’/gouge for money that we get hit with.  Now?  This month, doubled.  $260 for this coming bill due.


So, anyways, besides bitching about bills, I got a gift in the mail from an anonymous reader/sender.  From Jolly Olde England no less.  It was a largish soft envelope with “Royal Airmail” on it, no return addy, unless you count some weird Brit PO Box I believe.  -Whoever- sent this didn’t want to be revealed.  Now as to the contents?

An M-40 Waffen SS Totenkopf Softcap.  Made by the company in England who makes ALL the reproductions for WW2 movies… they did all the uniforms for “Fury” and man… it even fits.  The note inside was a bit on the cryptic side.

“Embrace it”

Huh… Gets the old thinking meat cogitating, that’s for sure. I’m pretty sure whoever sent this risked a hate-crime or 10.   Gets me to realizing the message too.  It’s essentially, that since the Powers-that-be have essentially declared war on us, that we should embrace the very names they call us.  If it offends their sensibilities, so much the better.  The symbols as well.

God Knows they’ve painted us into a corner, and we’re running out of places to go to avoid conflict.  I mean they Gestapo’d Giuliani yesterday…fucking Hunter Child-Rapist Biden gets to be a Visiting Professor Emeritus at Tulane, but Rudy gets hustled off to jail for doing his job per the Commander in Chief?

Clownworld INDEED

They’re no longer even trying to pretend that there is some equanimity to be gained in trying to get a fair shake so to speak.  CNN and all the Ministry of Propaganda has essentially condemned all Whypeepo (under a certain income bracket mind you) as deplorable Ray-cist evil Nazis.  The lack of understanding is that personally, I get what my benefactor is saying.  

EMBRACE the names.  
EMBRACE the symbols.  

By doing so, leastways for now in this country, it’s not illegal to wear such paraphernalia.  It purely takes the piss out of their accusations.  They Don’t Matter.  Make Irony Great Again.  I mean hell, the SS Uniforms were by Hugo Boss anyways, and sharp as hell IMO.  Make NAZIs great again Aye?  

Makes you wonder what the general reaction on High would be from our (((masters))) in the media IF everyone who’s being accused of being a Nazi started wearing a Party Membership Armband?  It’s one thing to write off the 400 pound third grade trailer-park white-trash drop out wearing a makeshift Hitler-wannabe outfit, drunkenly screaming about “Goddamned Jews! and ZOG!”

It’s another thing entirely when a nice, middle class guy like moi, a 25 year veteran of the Psychic Wars with a full understanding of the symbolism behind such attire to willingly go out and proclaim himself aligned with the very elements that which he stand accused of being. And the more people who are willing to do this, the more it undercuts them AND their entire argument.
After all, why not?  If they intend (and they’ve made it abundantly clear that they are) to culturally and ethnically cleanse the ‘stain’ of ‘whiteness’ from the land, then we should, by God, fight back and to hell with niceties.  And if they continue to ramp up the rhetoric, and violence follows?

Well, those pushing so hard for this have never been punched in the face.
Quite literally.
They have no concept outside of a narrow view from Hollywood what a true and meaningful application of selective violence really means.

Which means, all joking aside, that it’s going to be horrific.

Sort of like I discussed with Sapper.
IF someone were foolish enough to come to this house to fuck with me and mine, the last thing I’m doing is calling the Polizei.  I mean hell, the current Zeitgiest is “Fuck da Police!” so why would I bother them over something so minor as a harassment and trespass issue?
Not when I can take care of it myself.

I need the exercise… been a while since Abu G and Guantanamo.

But as far as reaction to a Pro-Nazi Movement, not that we are but if the shoe fits Aye?  I can see (((them))) Oye’ing and kvetching to make the symbols here illegal under hate-crimes laws, and that’d be awesome.  Because to MANY on BOTH sides see the Star of David as the same thing, an emblem of Oppression and Genocide of the Palestinians… First Amendment Aye.. it works both ways, and if it weren’t, well, welcome to the “Awokening” as it’s being called on GAB.  Normal folks who jumped on there are going Awoke as to the reality of race, diversity, forced segregation, and the calls for open support of White Rights. 

I myself am by NO MEANS a ‘supremacist’.  I’m, as I’ve said before but will reiterate for the newbies here, I’m a race realist.  Means that I acknowledge the various contributions of all races, no matter what skin color, but also acknowledge that some races are better at shit than others.   White People are the best at civilization.  Laws and Warfare.  Orientals, mathematics.  Arabs as well, leastways before they went Muzzie.  Blacks tend to be mad athletes.
Unfortunately, there are negatives… Whites, (((self identified until called on it))) whites, tend to be shifty and underhanded in their business dealings… Blacks tend to be impulsive and base in their action/reactions, hence a higher than normal crime rate.  To each race there are pluses and minuses, however, none of that currently is being discussed with an eye on reality… I call out everyone for anything… if your people are being shady then get them to stop doing shady shit.  Ain’t my fault for pointing out your deficiencies.  I’m an equal-opportunity bigot.  I hate everyone equally, until such time as they proven themselves to be worthy of my respect.  Telling me to respect you by dint of your melanin count?  Go fuck yourself.  Honestly, my standards ain’t that high… look at the people here that I let in amiright?  (Speaking of Shady, anyone heard from Cedric lately?  He’s not been around as of late)

Anti-Asian hate crimes?  How is it that criminal niggers beating on old Orientals the fault of White Supremacy?  Don’t know.  But didn’t stop them from organizing another anti-white pogrom.  I mean how many does that make now?  I can’t go a week without hearing somewhere, from some member of the Elite’s Ministry of Propaganda that white people are the source of all evil, and that they need to protect us continually.

So, I say fuck it.
Leave them behind.  Leave them flummoxed.  Let them wonder exactly how they can deal with something like that.  Be the NAZI that they accuse you of being, and when the time comes act like the Germans rolling into the Soviet Union.
Leave not one blade of grass standing, nor the leftist untermensch. 
Root and Branch,
The North Korean 3 Generations.  
5th Generation War to the Knife.


We’ll finish it for them.
So, more pleasant subjects:  My other hats.  I got started as a wee one.  My Grand-da, MomUnit’s Da, spent a lifetime Globetrotting, and brought me back hats as souvenirs.  A real leather Gaucho hat from Mexico, a Greek Fisherman’s hat from Greece… I wore that poor thing out when I was a kid… LOVED that hat…   

Ball caps, ‘operator’ caps, DotMil caps, now a German M-40, and the packing list inside that package, it took me to the website where they guy/gal? bought it… ooooh boy… I might be in trouble there… they even have a German Mountain Troop fez that the SS apparently wore back in the day… a for-real red, tasseled FEZ.  I had a fez that I used to wear when drinking in Iraq… someone stole it dammit… such as it is with hats…
But my winter hat, that’s a neat one:

Pashtun winter cover… May not cover the ears, but here in Florida, damned thing keeps you warm-warm in the winter months.  It’s also just neat as I know it’s not from some fruity fashion-house or stateside bullshit, but bought off a pushcart in Kandahar.

So, yeah, think on what I said.  Tell me your thoughts?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Enjoyed this one a whole bunch! My motto has been “if you are going to be accused of something you might as well live down to it'”….Hugo Boss did design great looking uniforms. I could see myself(back when I was young slim single and handsome) wearing such quite well. Alas I am too old to model such a striking uniform now..Thanks for the great blog.

  2. I don’t have one of those, but I may start wearing my old, sweatstained, Afrkakorps cap again

  3. Company:

    “At The Front”
    (Re-Enactment Gear)


    “TEXLED German WWII Low Boots”
    — Sizes to 15EEE. $380.00

    Hobnails & Heel Irons


  4. Embrace it indeed.
    A lot of people have recently woken up to the fact that the MSM lies to them. The next thing they realize is that it didn’t just start yesterday.
    For 90 years now, the media have lied to us about what the NSDAP was all about, what they were trying to accomplish, and that many of the things they were accused of never happened.

  5. I’ve always told people to not make me into something I’m not. Because if you want me that way, I’ll be the best one I can be. And you might not like the results.

    Neat hat. I’m a bit of a collector of head gear myself. Nothing like yours, from what I’ve seen. One of my favorites is an East German Border Guard Officers cap. It was a hard find, especially one that fit me. I need to look back at the collection and see what I got and get back to collecting again. I had to stop, to many things came up eating the funds for collections.

  6. The last place I rented before buying my present house was a trailer with poor insulation (but I repeat myself) and bad skirting. It had electric heat & an old, very inefficient central air unit. Most months the electric bill was about $125-175; in winter about $400/month, summer (in Middle Tennessee) about $300.

  7. I’m racist. There’s one race: Human, and I hate all of them equally, unless they’ve otherwise proven themselves to me.

  8. BCE, yours is the most interesting blog on the net and I love your spirit. Reading your stuff always makes my day, thanks.

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