EMP and the ‘Kraine

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Middle of the day…
About 13:00 EST
You’re working, either at home Or in “Dilbert’s World”
You may even be on the way back from the lunch break when a “real bright light” waaaaaaaaaaay up in the sky pops off like God’s own flashgun.

> poof < 
Yer cell phone?  Toast.
Yer new car?  Toast
EMP’ll do that.

Not sure how it’ll play out, but as we speak, the Fucktards pulling the strings on Emperor Poopypants seem to really be hellbent on a war with Russia over the whole fucking ‘Kraine.  Now, what’s not been noticed, nor discussed (outside of the fucktard’s Enemedia fucking Lapdogs in the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies is the troop placement.

Now I found THIS article here by Gilbert Doctorow: https://gilbertdoctorow.com/2022/02/04/look-at-the-map-where-are-the-ukrainian-military-forces-concentrated-and-where-are-they-absent/

Reading that curdles my stomach.  Anyone knowing anything about this whole fucking charade is that the Russians?  They’re essentially set up on several common borders of Russia/Belarus and Ukraine, with the Belarus Kids deciding that their butter is on Vlad’s Bread, as opposed to whoeverthefuck puppet that we installed in the ‘Kraine to keep the Emperor and his Dissolute Pervy Son out of the frying pan.

See, back when our ‘color revolution’ busted out, essentially overthrowing a Pro-Russian admin, and installing a Pro-Nazi (IRL no less!) and Pro-Douchebag (‘Murica!!!) admin that kept all of the dirt surrounding the Regime of Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den deep deep undercover.

Now, we all know that.

But the reasons for the war?  Now?  Seems the productive part of the ‘Kraine has been in ‘dispute’ and considered ‘rebellious territories’.  Whereas the Donbass folk, they tend, along with the Crimea, to consider theyselves more Rooskie than ‘Krainian.  They even did a legit voat to separate from the ‘Kraine.

Voating.  LMFAO.  Keep Voating harder.  See what that gets ya.

So, the reason that it makes me nervous that the ‘Kraine has essentially put all their little pathetic marbles in the places they have, is it’s one small spark away from igniting World War Fucking Three, or at least putting ‘Murica back to the 1900’s Plus or Minus.  The fucktards -think- that Vlad won’t go all in when the shytte hits the fan.

Let me tell ya, be a hell of a thing for him (Vlad) to do a “…’merciful EMP’ as opposed to frying the Americans  historic capital and other innocent cities, no matter how deserving they, the criminal politicians and their masters are.”

I can hear that particular press release right now.
And >foom <50 Megatons, in the upper atmosphere, smack dab in the middle of the country,
And man, it becomes on like Donkey Kong.

Got Preps?

Don’t forget the razor wire and fixin’s for Punji Pits, as well as tanglefoot.’
Cos for damned sure, with a rollback to 1900, De’shonn’te and Laqueefa are going to try and roll hot to where the food is, thinking that the ‘banger lifestyle’ is going to support them.

Did I forget to mention quiklime?  Have about 100 pounds on hand… keeps the flies down and assists in making sure the ferals do their part in fertilizing next years grains and veggies.

Jes’ Sayin’

Also, rope
Gotta clear out the asshole liberals in your area who allowed this to happen.Pre-2001 vehicles -should- be good.
The Putt-Putt is a 94.
Barely any computerization AND, I have a grounding rod, and battery cutoff installed.
IF it looks like ‘go time’, I’ll unplug and disconnect ye olde battery, and link in the grounding cable. Nightly if’n I have to.

“So simple, even a Rakkasan can do it.”

So, eyes open, head on a swivel.  Keep stockpiling.
Palmetto State has/had? a deal on $125 complete AR lower.
The ‘blemished’ upper (M-4, 16 inch barrel, with complete BCG) was like $275?
Free shipping.
$400 for a basic, bare bones no bullshit MilSpec M-4.The car payment can be late.

Jes’ Sayin’

More Later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. On life after an EMP (or, learn how to make a “clean” ground, use aluminium foil, and zip lock bags) (and also, see FL; “angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection”)

    –One Second After (A John Matherson Novel, 1) Paperback – November 24, 2009
    by William R. Forstche

    On Ukraine
    Don Surber’s write up:
    (or, the 4Chan autist IC boyz ain’t got no narrative to run with)


    “That poll in Ukraine shows only 33% would “put up an armed resistance” to a Russian armed intervention in their settlement.”

    21% would “resist by participating in civil resistance actions — such as demonstrations, protests, marches, boycotts, strikes, civil disobedience.”

    24% would leave either to another country or another area in Ukraine.

    Nearly 19% would do nothing.”

  2. I have two vehicles in the garage. Neither receives Sirius signals when parked in the garage. I wonder if the EMP could fry everything under the roof. Maybe so.

    If you think a 1994 vehicle is limited on the circuit boards — uh well good luck. EMP will cook it if it’s outside. Unless you got some voodoo shit.

  3. Your capacitor discharge ignition and the voltage regulator are two items I’d be stocking as spares in an ammo can, along with the tools to replace them.

    If it’s suddenly 1850 again but without the horses or the morals, things sure could get interesting.

    Say, how far did the Rooskies get with the fractional orbit bombardment system? And did anyone else get it working?

  4. EMP will fry everything you got. I think you need to be like pre-1980s on that stuff. I don’t think they need to do EMP, tho- just use the hack backdoors to turn off all our infrastructure so they can always offer to turn it back on when we get smart enough to see what’s what.
    Ever read Cyberstorm? Great online story out there somewhere. Stock up on garden seed while you can.

    I think our leaders know they can’t actually fight a peer or near-peer power and will back down in some way that saves them face while still trying to appear tough. They can’t fight Russia and they know it.

    I wonder if Vlad will use his own nuclear option and just leak all the details FSB and GRU have collected on US politicians and leadership? It would be a shame to let all the truth leak out about everyone. Can you imagine the absolute shitshow if the FSB as a service to America and the world at large just leaked all the info they have on us? GAWD, that would be hilarious. EVERY * SINGLE * POL and WEASEL outed and heading for cover.
    A fellah can dream, can’t he?

  5. One thing people always seem to overlook when talking about an EMP. We have over 100 nuclear power plants in this country. They all require grid power to operate and to cool down, and they only have about 3 days or so of fuel for the backup generators.

    If only half of those are hot enough at the time of the EMP to melt down we will have over 50 “oh shit” situations going on. You may recall similar incidents at Fukushima and Chernobyl. At eacg of those sites a large scale, coordinated, effort was made to mitigate the release of radioactive materials. There will be no such efforts here in a complete grid down situation.

  6. The truck is a 2014. Gonna see if I can find the computers for it and bag them.
    The antique in the barn(running well) is a 73 Olds convertible. Points and condenser ignition with an electronic waiting. That should run no matter what. Tractor is a 20 year old small Kubota diesel. Pretty simple , nothing fancy, should run.

    If you can’t get quicklime, chicken manure is pretty darn “hot”, and we have a lot of chickens around here. Good layer of that stuff is supposed to break down everything organic and the smell…

  7. Russia would destroy the Ukrainian army and any NATO troops stupid enough to be there with standoff weapons and tanks..The war wouldn’t last a week, so hard to believe it could go nuclear…

  8. I have. Been prepping since a certain wakeup call in the late 80’s. I live on the top of a small mountain with 60 foot cliffs on 3 sides, water cachement with physical purification off a 40×60 foot shop roof into 6000 gallons of storage and wood stove with 20 acres of 80 plus foot trees around. I almost welcome an EMP. 50meg boron casing EMP 200 miles over Kansas oughtta do it. No more 4473s, no more internet, no more tater and his alphabet stasi… Almost feels GLORIOUS to me. I should own stock in black hole bags… I’ll miss ya Big Country!!!

  9. I personally have been exposed to over 100 EMPs. No known affect on me or my family.

    This was done with a 1 farad capacitor.

    I’ve seen sparks jump from fin to fin on radiators. It fried every transistor in every radio we owned.

    It was strong enough to fuse the off/on switch on our TV from of to on and then burn out every tube in the TV. It fried a mil issue hardened short wave radio.

    And people don’t understand this stuff.

    Years later my team was tasked to replace some computers at a test site. As we drove up I made a comment about the EMP test rig. Spent the afternoon with security explaining why I recognized the rig.

    Seems the really smart scientist found the trailer to hot to work in, specially with the doors closed. So they had moved the computers out to the picnic table while the did their tests. The computers stopped working after a couple of hours of testing.

    They were using much smaller EMPs

    Learn to use a faraday cage

  10. Wouldn’t need 50mt to do it … two smallish 10kt detonations a few hundred klicks over 85°W and 120°W would be enough to do the job. This is one reason TPTB shyte brix when the Norks or Iranians shoot off a rocket that can put a satellite in orbit.

    Any connected to long wires is at risk, and a lot of unhardened small electronics with sensitive components might be fried. Throw a few small radios and things like that into one of those padded aluminum tool boxes and you’ll still have comms of some sort.

  11. “Did I forget to mention quiklime? Have about 100 pounds on hand… keeps the flies down and assists in making sure the ferals do their part in fertilizing next years grains and veggies.”

    Gators gotta eat, too…

  12. Aint happening. Dont believe the hype. Crimea was the winter getaway from Moscow for the leadership it is and always was Russia. This will be resolved without issue unless someone in this regime completely screws the pooch at the behest of the (((controllers))). When my Cossack forefathers call me, I’ll let you know, until then go about your day.

  13. Bodies of looters are easy peasy, road haul them home, cut em loose as you go by. Future problems get the message fast, tag em with “your snap bennies, bon appetit” for bonus style points. Nuke emp? I doubt anyone is stupid enough to think retaliation in kind wouldn’t be the cost of playing that game, Asshats in charge know that throwing that on the table is a good way to get hunted down by your own pissed off surviving people. If we do get a ride on the magnetic wave of digital doom I fire up the old diesel and dig out the cb and old marine radios. Buddy of mine is just itching to go mad max on his ancient Detroit 471 powered skidder, that kind of old iron could shake off a near burst and the bastard can hit 35 easy. Run what you brung may be back soon.

      1. A thousand pardons Smitj, an ill advised caffeine fueled bit of transient insomnia coupled with an inherently excessive tangential thought process. The results are often disorienting even to those who know me and tolerate my presence. The smart ass part of my personality can also aggravate things.

  14. As I said, I feel like Br’er Rabbit when peeps start talking about Roo-Sha nuking all those leftist lib shithole cities… But the EMP freaks me out. Don’t even need a big one, a couple little guys launched from containers on ships headed into Baltimore Harbor, LA, and Coprus Christie would do it. 4.5 min flight time, and the Compton effect covers all of the US, and parts of Canada and Mexico. Easy day.

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