Ephemera and Guantanamo

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Last week was her birfday to turn 3, and when she got here from OtherRent’s house, she had a pile o’gifties waiting, so think “Christmas Eve” levels of play and no sleep.  She’s loving it, but I just went in and told her to nap, Or I’d skin her ass raw.  Hopefully she’ll get an hour or three, as tonight we got a bonfire at Cowboys.

So, Da News:  Latest Outrage in 3…2…1… <throws dart> –thunk- “Who had Guantanamo Bay Prisoners?”  Yup, Amazing how for the past 4 years, no one said a thing about Gitmo when Orange Man Bad was in charge?  ‘Cept for the ‘millions of sealed indictments’ and refurbing Killary’s jail cell, the press pretty much left it alone.  Apparently, people are all sorts of bent out of shape that the “Detainees” (never ever call them ‘prisoners’.. I got my ass chewed by the Admiral ’bout that, no shit) are getting the vaccination for the Bogus Beijing Boogers.  Link to the foolishness HERE

Now, despite all the hubbub of the claims of ‘torture’ and ‘waterboarding’?  

Don’t know, don’t care.  Wasn’t my job.


What my job actually entailed was monitoring the overall scene in Gitmo, 12 hours at a time, in the command center.  Mind you, 2006 and I sat in Mission Control.  An entire WALL of like GIANT plasmas (back when they were ‘new’ and cost a pallet load of cash) with the cameras, thermal, night, day, shit, some stuff ain’t ever seen and still can’t talk aboot looking at every. square. inch. of the base.  My real time job was the hourly radio checks, or I should say insuring the jarheads and squids on the radios were doing their jobs, as well as monitoring boat, aviation and ground transportation for the whole fucking Area of Operations. 

As for those questioning the veracity?  This’s me overlooking the bay on the way to work…

I know, hard to tell, BUT, yeah that’s Gitmo Bay.
So, Talk about Hi-Speed.  Now I know that’s easy these days, but in 06, there wasn’t shit like we have now… but the stuff we had for the period was OMFG cool (leastways to a geek like me).  Didn’t have flightaware

although it was like the DotMil precursor of it.  Ours tracked the boats and planes.  Our biggest Be On The Lookout for was surface contacts… couple of funny stories about that… more later if I have time


Point is, despite all the shit about the fucking Haj, (which is for the sake of brevity is what I’ll call those locked up there), the fucking Haj were actually better treated that, well, fuck, anyone I’ve ever seen.  Yeah they got waterboarded maybe, but once they were back in the cells?

Case in point, now I have no idea why we treated them like the Crown Jewels.  Well, then again, I do know, and interacted with a bunch of fucking lunatic lawyers who were ‘representing’ these ‘poor oppressed folks’… yeah… fucking these were the ultimate libtards man… like waaay out there stupidly naïve.  One chick actually got put away for HELPING these assholes… look it up… but yeah, retarded levels of naivete.  (Actually had one insanely hawt female lawyer try to bed me while I was there… that was when I was a ‘good boy’ and didn’t screw around on the X… alas… she had great hooties… lost opportunity there)  But yeah, because the fucking Haj had their mouthpieces on the Island full time, Amnesty International, all the Hoomun Rights Groups and other fucktards involved, we had to tread very carefully.  After all, it was, to be fair, like shortly after The Abu Ghraib Scandal, and yeah I was there for that too.  Fuckin my resume read like “Torture INC” for a while… no wonder I had issues getting new gigs…

Jes’ Sayin’

As in one night I had the duty.  Call comes in, “HVD issue, (High Value Detainee) needs a run to the ER.”  Shit.  There went my quiet night with a book.  So, first I had to ‘rally the troops’.  Call the hospital.  Now mind you, the hospital there?  Because of the HVDs, it was by far the most advanced and well equipped hospital on, no shit, Planet Earth at the time.  We are talking a stone cold half a billion refurb and upgrade?  I really might be off on the numbers, but holy fucking dogballs… this thing was insane.  So, I alerted them to expect an inbound for ‘head pain’, by far the most common ailment that the fucking Haj would have, and then set up a fucking Heavily Armed Convoy to transport the HVD to the Hospital like the 5-6 miles up the road.  

THEN I had to scramble the Helos.Yep.  Get a gunship and OH-58 Observation bird to run air cover.

Like 3 gun trucks with full complement of Shooters, a WHAAAmbulance, and Overhead cover.Plus alert the Gunboats to move up the defensive posture in the Bay and outer areas.  Oh yeah, and get the SEAL Team out of bed, just in case.

Like I said, so much for a quiet night.

One the trans was complete, the hospital went into full lockdown.  No one in, no one out.  Better not have been attacked by Iggy The Iguana (yeah, MOAR funny stories there, Gitmo is overrun with insanely HUGE aggressive Godzilla-Iguanas) cos the Hospital was a no go zone til this’s shitfestivus was over.

Once inside, The HVD was given, no shit, a full physical, an MRI, a CT scan, a Brain scan, and then 2 aspirin, and taken back to the cell.  I swear these fuckin Haj would pull this out of boredom, just to get out of the cell, and cause a ruckus. 

Now, whilst this was going on?  Out at Camp Delta, a National Guardsman up in one of the Towers wasn’t feeling none-too-good.  Called in a few times to his CO and told ’em that.  He was told he could go on sick call in the AM.  Suck it up and drive on.  40 something overweight dude with really bad chest pains apparently, and he TOLD ’em that.  Tough shit, probably heartburn, suck it up and go on sick call after your shift.  Now, I didn’t have contact with that part of the ‘net.  I was the ‘higher echelon’.  So, from what I heard, dude missed a check in, they figgered it was a radio issue.  The next check in, they sent someone to the tower.  Where they found dude damned near dead… like barely alive.  Apparently it was a stone cold bitch to keep him alive AND get him out of the tower, to which they transported him NOT to the state-of-the-art fucking Hajji Hospital as it was known as, but  to the Troop Medac, which is about as advanced medicine as Ace bandages and Aspirin.  Even though the fucking Haj was back in his bed, they still didn’t take this guy there.  I was off shift by the time the word got passed up that this’d happened.  They ended up getting a charter Medical Evacc out on a Lear to Miami, and dude -did- survive, but no thanks to the usual bumblefuckery of the DotMil.

So, as this story illustrates, OF COURSE the detainees get the shot first.

What did you think was going to happen?

When you have to move heaven and earth to get a fucking Haj to the Hajji Hospital at oh-dark early, run god knows how many expensive tests, and then end up giving him two fucking childrens aspirin (yep, childrens aspirin, can’t have the fucking Haj’s stomach get upset by the ‘hard stuff’… I shit you not, I read the AAR on that too).  Whereas a overweight 40 something guy who smokes with a bad ticker and a history of arteriosclerosis (found that out too) sez “Hey, might be having a heart attack here!” (AAR info) and is told to suck it up, you know the DotMil is fucked.

Now worse than ever apparently.  New regs letting the splits wear makeup, long nails, jewelry and long hair?  

Fighting Trannies from the sky
Fearless ? who jump and die (I can only hope)
? who mean just what they say
The brave ? of the LBGTQIA Beret
Oh my aching ass….

So More Later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter

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