Erection Day!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

May it be boner-riffic!  I got wood at the thought of festivities!  Fuckin mahogany.  That being said, Methinks it’s gonna be quiet.  A new commenter commented on the Ferals ’round in Tampa! Hi and Well Met Neighbor.  Without too much of Ye Olde Doxx, I’m waaay south of the city Proper-Proper, so I’d have to travel, though we do have out own groups of ree-rees here.

Let ’em come.

Ain’t worried.
‘Cept for having to clean up on Aisle 9…
And having enuff boolits.
I’m still working… the work from home gig is definitely a plus.
Ain’t gotta leave the house.
Freezer(s) full, Fridge too.
First world problems amiright?
Reality:  Not going to be a lot of shit.  
Far too many people like meselves at the ready.
Hair Trigger Mode.
With working from home, I usually use my first 15 minute break to wash my ass and get meselves dressed.  The daily uniform is –usually- new gym shorts and fresh tee.  Today?  Gonna suit n’boot with the multicams boots and fireproof vest tac-shirt.  MIGHT need to slap on the vest later IF shit gets froggy.


BTW: Someone let Phil know I found this flag.
I get no kickback from that link BTW.
And yeah, if and IF Orange Man Bad wins, we’ll slide even further into the Abyss IMO.   After the Obamamessiah, we were pretty fucked up as a country.  Weaker, not as proud.  Trumpism restored a lot of that.  Not that he’s going to solve the long-term shytte we’ve got on out plate… I mean really? Ain’t no turning around… especially the Economic Looting that the Federal Reserve has allowed to go on, the bullshit Stonk Market… ALL that shit…
IF Trump wins, it’s only going to increase the acceleration of the scumbags to try and “burn it down”
Think of his re-election as gasoline on an already smoldering pile of red-hot coals.  Shit’ll eventually explode.  If’n you’ve ever been dumb enough to do it (like when we were all 14 years old… what 14 year old -didn’t- do this?) but when you pour a LOT of gas on hot coals, there’s a -pause- while it steams and cooks… the exothermic reaction isn’t instantaneous.  In fact, the steam is what generally explodes first and then it blows the fuck up.  
And then, yer looking like a mutant while you wait for your eyebrows to re-grow.
Ask me NOT how I know this.
But yeah, the election of Grandpa Stinkfinger is going to be a regression, but it’ll be tempered.  The diaper mandate has shown them that No, a LOT of fucker’s “will not comply.”  Here in Tampa and around Florida in general, despite the ‘attempted terror’ that they’ve been spewing, no-one outside of the soft-heads have kept up with it.  
Haven’t worn a mask since the end of July…   that was when I did my mea culpa here… I mean hells yeah I initially fell for it.  Almost 90% of the world did.  And then we woke up.  LOTS of folks did, have and have said ‘never again’.  
THATS what’ll keep Grandpa Stinkfinger in check.  He doesn’t have the juice.
The Feds in General no longer have the juice and they know it.
Feds are gonna Fed and keep trying to fuck over the small guy.
Hell, FBI, (Feds Be Incompetents) launched an immediate investigation over some assholes in Texas playing bumper tag on the highway ’round Grandpa Stinkfinger’s campaign bus…  Blowboi Bidens Lappie O’Doom?
Not so much.
In fact a good start would be to metaphorically burn the local Fibby Orificers out once things get spicy.
NOT physically like with fire mind you but with the cleansing fire of social shaming.
BURN them publicly.  
Verbally abuse them within the law.
Shame them.
On finding out that woman in your store is married to a Federal Agent?
“Oh…I’m sorry, I can’t help you today and I hope you’ll leave my store before I have you trespassed.  Please don’t return.”
When questioned why, tell them “We don’t serve traitor or deep state puppets.”
Fuck them.
THAT kind of shit will wreck them quickly…. nothin’ like shaming and blaming Publicly.
Why do you think the Stocks in the town square were so effective?

Might cause a bit of trouble, but man, on the horizon I can visualize them eventually pulling out and running back to the centers of power. 
This country is too damned big to rule in the fashion that they think they want to.
And eventually, we’ll fracture.  
Hopefully on OUR terms and NOT theirs.
So, I’ll Update as we got today.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. National Guard has already started rolling into some big cities.
    Stockpiles of bricks have been dropped off at strategic locations in many cities as well.
    Shit's gonna go down tonight. You can smell it.

  2. Yup.

    But you sound optimistic (long term). Me, too. I think that if the left really tries to force things they'll end up like Ceaușescu.

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