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Good Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes
Tonights PhonyBaloney DoublePlus UnGood BadThink Numerical Roundup:
February 12, 2020 @ 20:30hrs
Infected: 60329

The Long March so to speak of Bullshit seems to be significantly different tonight
This is exactly 24 hours since my last update
LAST NIGHTS PhoneyBaloney Numerical Count:

February 11, 2020 @ 20:30hrs
Infected: 45182
Dead/KIA’d: 1115

Thats a 24 Hour Difference EXACTLY and THIS TIME its a Difference of
NEW Infected: 15147
NEW Dead/KIA’d: 254

Those are the single highest numbers on both columns thusfar… and I’ve been shall we say religiously tracking this shit.  Wonder what changed?

Good think I gots -no plans- to visit China.  I mean it’d be pure horrorshow to make it to the First Sovereign Emperor’s Tomb, the one with the Buried Terra Cotta Army…

Mom-Unit went there to see it in person in China waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day and bought me a set of the small versions of the Soldiers… a Swordsman and an Archer.  Now, there -are- reproductions of them out there, however, Mom-Unit bought them from the Farmer who apparently dug them up ‘back in the day’… the ones that are out there for sale on Ebay and others are repros of these… These are -the real deal- and apparently they are now illegal to sell over there… Mom-Unit said these were the small models that were made before the BIG ones were made, and considering the detail in mine, and that they have a cert of authenticity signed by the farmer and the Regional Official, They’re the real deal that I can tell.  Might be illegal to have ’em, who knows?

So yeah, afetr all this “blowing of the bullshit whistle” methinks if lil olde Oi Me-Boyo showed at Beijing International, they’d be snatching me up for Crimes Against the State… So no plans on visiting anytime soon.

Last night for Shits N’Grins I downloaded and tried to get on to the Chink Social Media Site WeChat.  Apparently that was a no go… “Unidentified Proxy” came up b/c I was running with shields up and proxied from Alpha Centauri.

Also, Update on the Personal Side:
I’m now doing all the background checks for not one but two jobs.

Job #1 is a work-from-home gig.  Not a bad idea IF the CoronaChan goes bananas in spades.  Make money while hunkered int he bunker?  Oh yeah, thats MOR than doable.
Job #2 is a dream job however… Overseas deployment ‘back in the shit’ as a Weapons SME Gunsmith for some -dark and sinister- types.  Tuning repairing and building/refurbing ALLLLLLLLL sorts  of ‘bang-bang’.  Literally that is not work… it’s pleasure AND tax free… but it’s dependent on my clearance being OK and I’ve got -no idea- where that stands after the XBitcho fucked up my life.  The offer is on the table off-fish-shully so, if things are cool, you fuckers may be getting some more, shall we say interesting posts in a few weeks.

So prays, hoodoo-voodoo, and anything else up to and including small animal sacrifice (make it a bukkit of KFC… lets not go crazy) would be welcome.

Sooooooooo What changed?

I mean –all of a sudden- we get a 15 THOUSAND Carcass increase in infected?
AND a 254 Carcass Body Count of Freshly Dead.  Choir Invisible.  Dirt Nappers.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Theres only a couple things I can see happening.  One is the basis of a report that a LOT of the Peoples Liberation Army, i.e. the Militant Joe Chinks who keep Leadership Joe Chink in power have suffered, according to some webactivists, some serious casualties.  Apparently one of the Joe Chink Nuke Subs is fully quarantined and and infected, as well as 2000+ ground troops, who the Leadership oh so kindly bundled off to the Joe Chink Variant of NTC (National Training Center) in Outer Mongolia… no joke.

Any of you prior service folks know, NTC is a desert hellhole we trained in regularly… if they put the PLA kids out in a wasteland out in Outer Mongolia, it’s pretty much a death sentence being in a training area, with minimal medical services and located on the ass-end of Nowheresville.  THAT cannot be sitting well with the rest of the troops.  In fact, I’m sure the enlisted members of the equivalent Spec-4 Mafia have gotten word out, and the Leadership of the PLA must be pissed, nevermind any other unit they are hoping to use against the infected.  See, here’s the thing.  As a troop, you expect to be sent to shitty places and do shitty things.  That being said tho, while you are STILL on active duty, the military SHOULD move heaven and Earth to take care of you IF you are a casualty.   If THAT compact gets ‘broken’ (like in this case, being exiled off to a remote desert area to essentially die quietly) the REST of the troops start thinking BAD thoughts.  Like “We got all the guns, fuck them.”  and “Who the fuck do those bureaucrats think they are?  Lets shoot a few!”
Hence why, on active duty, they go out of their way to be all sorts of helpful.

After yer out?  Not so fucking much.

And Two:  They’re realizing that the jig is up.  Not that it matters, but hey, the WHO (the org, not the band) is enroute, Minus anyone from the USA to -look in- on the scene.

Anyways, More tommorow.  I gotta get a day of Uber in as I do have bills to pay.
I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Good morning, I'd add a 10x to the numbers, because I have no trust in the commies, as you do, they have no reason to be honest until it bites them in the ass.

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