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Well… lets see… Lots to unpack.

Soooo to start off, apparently the Love Boat –again– is in the news, THIS time for more motherfuckers getting sick despite the “plan”.  Apparently State fucked up and now there’s more folks sick.  Considering just how State IS  “The Deep State/Swamp” I’d say it was 70% probability of intentional and willful fucking up just to ding Trump.  The bullshit HERE:

ANd anyone who thinks that they are not capable of intentionally letting a plague loose here in the States to cause political issues for Der Trumpinator, you got a ‘nother ting comin’ man.

The ver y fact that CDC has now been caught trying to relocate a bunch of sick folks to a small California town, well HERES the word on that.

So in a small roundup, CDC sez only 14 cases Stateside.
And Yet, 11 MORE from the Love Boat… if -some sources- are to be believed, its actually all 38 pax who are now slammed/infected.
Add on the 50 more that CDC was to maneuver are ound Cali?
That totals up to on the High End of 72 Infected.
And thats just in the instances we know about.
Apparently in Hawaii, where Joe Chink went while infected (and has subsequently died) and visited with friends.  When the friend went to the Island Infectious Control Group or whatever they call it, they essentially said “You look healthy, go home and call when and if you’re not.”
So, off he went home, and now?  Well the reason they haven’t tested him, or anyone else is that they don’t have any fucking test kits available.
In fact, thats going to be the New Tee-Shirt:
Let me know if this WORKS

Other than that, we shall now get down to the nitty gritty DoublePlus UnGood BadThink Numbers
As of February 22, 2020 @ 20:30 hrs
Infected: 78630
Dead/KIA’d: 2460

Yep.  What can I say?  I mean it’s blatantly obvious that the Chinese have been lying to us since day Zero/Patient Zero… and now?  Our own CDC and State Department are playing games.

Notice to all Y’all Dot Government Workers out there:
China gets away with lying to its citizens because they’re UNARMED YOU FUCKTARDS.
If’n y’all –really think- that the way to run a ‘resistance’ to Trump is to undermine him, fuck him over, and/or maybe let a Highly Communicable Disease into the Good Ole U-S-of-A to score points against him, you gotta ‘whole ‘nuther thing coming.  If -anyone- dies unnecessarily, I’d say its high time y’all die… quite intentionally.

We the People, will undoubtedly hunt you down, kill your families and all who are even –remotely- related to you.  And after we destroy your families?  We’ll force feed you their corpses to keep you well fed BEFORE you make your appointment with Madam Guillotine.

Yeah… I’m fuckin harsh like that.  Better to eliminate the genetic stain of anyone who feels it necessary to play God/games with ‘regular folks’ lives to score points against their political opposition.  People like that, whelp, dey ain’t pee-pulz in my eyes… just rabid genetically inferior animals that need to up the chimney.  Period fuckin dot.

More later, I gotta make empanadas dammit… Got a show to go to tomorrow and the Band’s Lead singer is a good friend of the Ole Lady, so I got tasked with the food LOL.  I’ll report about the show later.
Until then, I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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