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More shit from the front lines of the meltdown thats the USSA these days.

More people broke, no money out there.  Been getting a shit-pot ton of cancellations service while on the job.  Don’t want to doxx myself too hard, but needless to say, the company has residential and commercial accounts ALL OVER the country… MILLIONS of accounts.  Think Giant ALL-Encompassing Behemoth Worldwide Company… dirty lil fingers in everybody’s pies.

And I’ve been on the front lines observing the fracturing of shit for the past 6 weeks…

It’s so bad, that the cancellation team added “COVID-19 BUSINESS CLOSURE” as one of the pull downs in our software when a company calls in and sez “Yeah, we’re fucking done.”  For a while, like 4 weeks ago, the companies were just putting a stop on the product delivery with the intent of going back ‘live’ in June or God help us, July.  Now?  They’re closing down, settling accounts and bailing from the whole fucking program.

At first, they started setting up a “deferred payment” program as we don’t wanna lose customers.  Now?  It ain’t working.  Most of the people I’m seeing who are quitting is, frighteningly enough are private physicians/dentist offices/’other’ medical professionals… they can’t afford the rent/electricity and they sure as hell don’t have the scratch to get our products regularly…

Yeah… its a big sammich and we all are gonna have a bite or three before this’s over.  All the private docs are going to fold tents for now as it seems the retards in the dot-gov can’t get their collective head out of their fourth point-of-contact (you Airborne fuckers’ll know what this is) and because of it, our healthcare system, while somewhat fucked up, is really gonna bite ye olde big fat pink weenie hard.  I mean shiiiiiit… motherfuckers in Canada, England… fuck almost everywhere world wide came to the states for premium medical care.  You never hear about a motherfucker going “I’m going to Zimbabwe for my heart stent!”  Fuck no!

Even the fucking Saudis come here when it’s crunch time, as does anyone with half a brain.  And it’s now all fucked up.  For good probably.

Sort of like the food sity-atchoo-way-shun.  Not good.. I found this chart tonight:

It’s the gestational chart.  Which for y’all under edjumahcated motherfuckers means the “how long does it take to make an animal?”  Answer: Too damned long for the most part.  Especially moo-cows.  Got me a hunch beef is off the menu for quite a while, unless you win the fucking lottery or some rich Uncle dies and pays off.

Soooo that means the Boogaloo, long postponed is surely stepping closer.

Ain’t gonna be long now.  I mean Fucking Wendys is out of burgers man!!!!   How in the fuck does that happen?  Wendys Baconator…  Thank GOD I had one less than a week ago.  Dunno why the craving was there but I normally don’t ‘do’ the Redhead Bitch Burger Joint.  Good burgers, but pricey.  I’m more the rat burger kind of guy….I’ll sell my sister (if I had one) for a batch of McRibs…

So yeah.  Thats a sure sign things are starting to go sideways when the third largest burger franchise in the Nation runs outta burger because they can’t source the beef.  Now, that being said, locally here in Flor-Ree-DUH! we got a LOT of beef processors and beef farms.  Read somewhere once that FL actually raise more beef than any other state in the US, ‘cept maybe the Dakotas?  Dunno.  Either way, OUR processing plants from what I heard, ain’t shut down, so’s we should be good.

Other places?  I’m sure yer fucked.

Sooner, rather than later, I suspect.

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