Evening One and All…

So good evening me Droogs n Droogettes

Florida Count: 563 @ 20:00 on March 20
Yesterday:        432 @ 19:30 on March 19
Fuckin’ OOPS.

Last days to get yer shit straight.

If you even had any shit to straighten out to begin with.

Not that there IS shit to be found.

…and this was taken a while ago.

It’s like that like –everywhere- now, although a buddy of mine put up on FB that one of the local grocery stores has a pile o’shytte… whether or not it does after he posted about it that is.  Probably gets cleaned out…   Publix around the corner is looking very ‘war-torn’ and out of stock on a lot of shit, but the majority of folks still don’t get it.  They’re buying ‘quick-made’ foods like Instant Mac n’Cheese, Ramen and other perishables, like the meat, bread, eggs and milk.

Now, granted eggs do last a while.  I’m heading over tomorrow to a local farmer who sells fresh-fresh outta the chikin’s ass fresh eggs for $6 a flat.  We have 2 full 30 count flats, and one partial, but I want more.  Milk, I got a case of #10 Cans o’Moo Juice.  Might get some more.  I also have some -other- stashed stuff for long term eats.  What I -really need- is some cheese.  Think I’ll head over and get me a brick of mozzarella.  Thats what I used to do in Iraq.  Buy the whole 5 pound deli loaf, chop it into 1/4 pound bars, and freeze ’em.  Even if they defrost they have some -staying power’ as I found out.  That and canned tomater sauce.  And some more Flour.

Yeast I got fer days, if only to facilitate the need for likker if’n everything goes –completely- to shit.

The skills learned hard in Eye-Rack are coming back rather well now.  Got to be thankful I was there and was part of it from the beginning.  That being said however, I was relatively safe on base the majority of time.  This one here?  Well, IF and only IF there’s no cure or meds that can be utilized, and worst case scenario breaks loose, then I’ve been-there-done-that, got-the-t-shirt-and-shrapnel-scars to prove it.

People who run around screaming “Hoarder!!!” are usually the first ones to show up at yer door begging/demanding a fair dinkum cut of the boodle, despite not having prepped or earning any of it.

I got 62 Grains of “Fuck Off” for them.

In Iraq, it was the religious nutbags that generally rousted the locals into doing stupid things.  Here it’ll be the usual suspects of Mass Media, followed by Socialist Leaning Politicians, and then “Community Organizers” who would be better called “Community Snitches.”

The way I think it’ll play out (IF and only IF the worst case scenario happens):

The Media, (which is ALREADY ‘naming and shaming’ people) will begin hyping shortages and blaming PREPPERS for aforementioned shortages… blaming the intelligent folks who SAW the approaching train wreck and got off the fucking tracks, as opposed to the retards who didn’t…which will lead to in turn:

Socialist Leaning Politicians will make great Thunder and Lightening (and political points) demonizing and passing laws proclaiming that they’re going to seize and redistribute the supplies that we so carefully gathered and that we paid for with our hard-earned and already taxed money.  
My reaction to this of course is thusly:

The fucktards OF COURSE will proclaim this to be righteous and proper and that eee-vil preppers should be stripped of assets and prosecuted.

The “Community Organizers” will be your local Snitch.  The Stasi Informer.  The fucktard who didn’t prep but somehow knows you have shit.  Odds are, and the way it happened in Iraq, was a scumbag like this shows up at the door, and does the standard shakedown… “Hey… you got a lot of nice stuff… be a shame if the authorities hadda come and get it all, but for a share of it… (1/4-1/2, depending on how stupid/greedy they are)…” THESE motherfuckers are why you’ll need a heavy tarp at the front door and a pre-dug hole in the side yard, unless you got a good dump site.

And then, it’ll be on like Donkey Kong… or maybe more like “Modern Warfare”.  It’ll only take one or two publicized “incidents” where a family decides to ‘take a stand’ against governmental overreach via whats illegal and unconstitutional Executive Orders, and politicians in general, as well as their “Johnny Law” minions will be on the extremely endangered species list.  

Because once you ‘flip that switch from “Peaceful Coexistance” and try and steal my shit, it becomes “Fucking Kill Them All’.

Posthaste I might add.  Got me a hunch the fury thats been building is going to lead to a general slaughter of anyone or anything reeking of dot-gov and civil dot-gov.  Right Wing Death Squads?  More than likely the first time some of these neo-Socialist fucktards try to actively institute some power-crazed scheme.

In fact I’m counting the days until some of these power-mad Mayors get whacked.   The idiots saying “You can’t buy a gun?”  Fuck that.  Buy one and fuck them.  DARE them to come for you.

None of them get it.  The Bundy Ranch episode scared the ever-loving SHIT out of the feds and dot-gov.  Its why you -never- hear about it.  The last thing the Overlords want is the Slaves to realize that they can not only tell them (the Overlords) to get fucked, but we’re going to kill you as well, and ain’t no one nor nuthin’ gonna stop it from happening.

We are Legion.   We are Armed.  Y’all don’t Stand a Fuckin’ Snowballs Chance.

Quit while yer ahead, stay cool, and lets all get along.

Don’t try to take advantage of the situation.

Play nice.

You DO NOT want us to “Not be Nice” anymore.

We’ll purely curbstomp you, take your shit, and move on.

Until Later I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. "You can't buy guns or ammo. AND We're not enforcing the Law. Suck it, Bitches!" Said Mayor/Governor as he/she/it slams the mansion doors behind the legion of security guards.

    This is the message even the average lemming-class democrat voter is hearing now.

    The fucking exact damn reason we were fortunate enough to have really smart and savvy guys writing our operating rules, otherwise known as the "Constitution and Bill of Rights."

    Government says, "NO!" We say, "Fuck You!" Or in Ancient pre-Greek, "μολων λαβε, κουτάβια!"

    Big, middle, or little Government not supporting the RULE OF LAW? Game fucking on, man, game fucking on!

    Touch my shit, I shoot you.

    Touch my shit and run away, I shoot you.

    The authorities just declared there is no law. There is no protection coming for you. There is nothing. So what do you do?

    This, this is how you get a situation like that stupid "The Purge" movie. What the Purgers don't understand is there are a metric sagan-load of 'Rule of Law' people out there who these troubled times have just pushed to the edge, or farther.

    Bitches, this is my booom-stick.

    (Sagan, a pseudo-scientific-mathematical term for a fucking crapton of something, as in "Billions and billions" (especially if said in a snobbish, Bostonian, leftist-jackwagon snobbish voice just like, well, Carl Sagan.))

  2. Chuck you took the words out of my mouth. That is literally what I was going to post. So I will just add "Praise the lord and pass the ammo".

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